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Gravity Feed Spray Gun Reviews

Spray painting is the easiest way to paint a surface with an even coat. Spray guns produce even, uniform, fine finishes which are flawless in a very short period of time compared to brushes and rollers. Basically, there are two types of spray guns; Suction-feed and gravity-feed.

Suction feed spray guns use that air which passes over the coating to draw material through suction cup’s tube as well as the nozzle. They are easy to use. Since they automatically have the correct atomization air pressure set by a pressure high enough, you lack the power to control the atomization like you can in gravity feed spray guns. Besides this, many people have noted that suction feed spray guns do not allow for quick colour changes so easily. The finish is not so fine since it requires larger fluid nozzles and it is difficult with heavy-bodied coatings. Suction feed spray guns are best when used in adhesive applications for less viscous coatings or in paintings where finish quality isn’t such a huge concern.

Gravity feed spray guns on the other hand are quick and easy to clean up. Best in painting smaller batches of coatings, they are known to provide fine atomization and can also be used with all types of spray guns (HVLP, Conventional etc.). The main downside of a gravity-feed spray gun is that it requires material to be able to flow on its own. This means heavy body coatings will not spray well with this type of gun.  A gravity feed spray gun has a myriad of advantages over a suction feed spray gun.

  1. It is easy to disassemble and clean
  2. Gravity feed spray guns are very affordable compared to suction feed spray guns
  • You easily achieve a fine finish with these spray guns
  1. Can handle slower fluid amounts which are ideal for touch up work and other smaller projects
  2. Can change colours easily with a disposable insert liner
  3. Has better control of atomization of air compared to suction fed spray gun
  • Offers less air pressure which reduces overspray and results in less

They are commonly used in automotive painting, wood finishing on smaller projects (like painting individual cabinets or other furniture pieces) touch up painting of metal fabrications and colour matching in high production facilities or inserts like Dekups.

As you can judge by yourself, a gravity feed spray gun is the best if you need the best results. However, each design aspect has some advantages over the rest, which makes settling on a given gravity feed spray gun more complicated. What do you consider when buying a gravity-feed spray gun?

  1. Prominent features. One of the things you need to look out for when choosing a gravity feed spray gun is its prominent features. These include its design, the mix system, trigger adjust flow and its feed type. The design enhances or reduces the final outcome. Ensure its construction is solid, has a vast customization since you do not know which details will be needed in the different works you will be doing.
  2. Mixing system can in a gravity spray gun can install either internally or externally. If you are looking forward to detail works, then the best system to go is the internal mix. However, if you don’t need much effort especially for the small areas then you can go for the external mix. Another feature is the trigger of the gun. It can be dual action or single action. A single action trigger automatically pushes down and pulls away when paint auctioning while with a dual action trigger you do it yourself, which makes a single action trigger a better pick.
  • An adjustable flow makes spray painting so easier. Due to this, you should go for a gravity feed spray gun that allows fluid adjustments as you might be required to paint slowly for perfect finishing while in some instances you only need to cover the surface with paint, nothing more.
  1. The cup size. Gravity feed spray guns come with cups. While many people believe that having a big cup hinders maneuverability and tires your hands sooner, you should not forget that it allows you to cover a large surface in a single application without having to go back and forth adding more paint. Most advice on a 600cc cup which is neither too big nor too small. Check the spray gun’s filters as they prevent dust particles from mixing with ejected paint, this ensures a smooth coating.
  2. This is a consideration in every purchase we usually make. The market has very many gravity feed spray guns at varied prices. Once you have checked out all the gravity feed spray guns, you should now look at the cost. A newer and more advanced gravity feed spay gun will cost more. You however need to know that the most expensive spray gun isn’t necessarily the best for you, since some other cheap basic gravity feed spray guns might be offering what exactly you are looking for.
  3. Well, reading through the descriptions of an item you intend to purchase will give you the information that is likely to make you buy. Reason you should not trust everything said by the seller. However, you can fully rely on buyers who have bought the item before you. It is advisable that you read what they say about an item, the complaints and the applause they give. That is the best way to see what you should expect, then weigh on the options.

Here are reviews of the five best gravity feed spray guns to help you as you shop for one.



  1. DeVilbiss 802342 Gravity feed paint sprayer

Are you looking forward to some detail work matters painting? Well, DeVilbiss is the best gravity feed spray gun for you. This is a high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer that is likely to help you highlight your work with a flawless finish and fine details.

This is the top choice when it comes to DIY projects. That’s if you need it to paint your car or are a hobbyist who won’t need to use it day to day. It comes with three tips that will cater for your painting demands. Besides, it weighs only 6 pounds, making it easy to handle for long.

However, it works best when used occasionally and not on a daily basis, and this makes nit not the best choice for professional painters. The design however is solid and functions quite well but unlikely to stand up to some heavy wear and tear. It comes furnished with plastic cups and plastic joining gaskets.

You ought to be careful with the connections as there is a weak point where the cup and the body of the spray gun join. If handled without care the cup or the gasket might break and repairing this is quite a task.

With these paint sprayers being mass produced, you are advised to test yours with a solvent once delivered lest you get a lemon. You install the cup and slightly tighten if it leaks then adjust the air to as low as 10 psi. This should help you learn if it is okay or has any faults. See which kind of pattern you get by spraying against a cardboard, adjust the pressure fan width and volume.

DeVilbiss comes with a nice chrome finish.


  • It is light
  • It is solid and functions well
  • Will help you get fine details and a flawless finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a nice chrome finish


  • Devilbiss cannot withstand heavy day to day use
  • It is prone to wear and tear if subjected to heavy works


  1. Central Pneumatic 47016 Spray Gun

This is a general purpose gravity feed spray gun gives you high out with low overspray. That means it is not only a better option for the environment-minded but also saves your money on material costs. Central pneumatic comes with the amazing feature of adjustable fan pattern and volume control. With this gravity feed spray gun you can use any material, from lacquers, enamels, urethanes to metallic paints and this is great versatility for both automotive and hobby projects.

Central Pneumatic spray gun enables you control fluid and adjust patterns so that you can enjoy superior finishes. This spray gun is ideal for base coatings as well as primers. You won’t get tired easily when using it as it is pretty light.

You ought to be careful when cleaning out this spray gun due to its internal components. Besides, if you let the spray gun air dry, then you risk corroding it. To avoid this you should ensure you have completely dried it after cleaning. The working pressure of Central pneumatic ranges between 50 to 70 psi with an average air consumption of 6 CFM. It has a nozzle size of 1.5mm and has a cup whose capacity is around 20 oz with an output of 250 CCS/minute.

This is such a cheap tool that should be considered a throw-away. Of importance to note is that you can’t use this spray gun immediately after buying it. Most customers have intimated that on the first time of use, the spray gun is clogged. It comes packed in a silicon coating aimed at protecting it from any destruction, and failure to clean it (the spray gun) with standard mineral spirits is likely to cause sputtering and clogging.


  • It is general purpose
  • Low overspray
  • Comes with an adjustable fan pattern and volume control
  • Lightweight
  • Gives you great finish
  • Can work with any material
  • Central pneumatic is pocket friendly and environment-friendly too
  • Cheap


  • Comes already clogged hence you need to clean it first


  1. Fuji 5175G T75G Gravity feed spray gun

If you are a professional painter, what you need is a heavy duty spray gun. In this case, Fuji is quite outclassing. This spray gun comes with a convenient side pattern knob which you can use to adjust the fan pattern from small to large and vice versa. The new lightweight design is among the best HVLP spray guns for latex paints.

Fuji offers high efficiency with its Air cap feature which enhances atomization while reducing the overspray. All the parts of this spray gun are made of stainless steel hence it is strong, durable and cool throughout. It has a 600cc cup, which is the basic ideal size for small and medium projects, coupled with its sleek lightweight design.

This is a non-bleed spray gun with less blowing around of dust and has an ergonomic stay-cool handle.


  • It is heavy duty
  • Comes with a convenient side pattern knob for fan pattern adjustment
  • Has high efficiency
  • Is among the best for latex paint sprayers
  • 100% made of stainless steel hence strong and durable
  • The Air cap feature reduces overspray while enhances atomization
  • Has a 600cc cup which is ideal for small and medium projects
  • It is sleek and lightweight
  • Has an ergonomic stay-cool handle




  1. PowRyte 2-Piece HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun Kit

With this classic gravity feed HVLP spray gun you enjoy a high transfer of fluid with very low overspray and bounce back. Powryte has three in-built knobs which include fluid regulation, pattern control and air adjustment. Besides, it comes with a suspension hook that enables easy storage.

All the three features work together by regulate the fluid properly, controlling air flow and adjusting patterns to enable flawless results. A filter in this gun will also filter all sort of dirt particles and help you get the best results. The package includes one small gun and one large one, the former allowing you to continue with detail work while the large one will help you cover large surfaces.

This is a spray gun you can use in refurbishing your car, or industrial as well as woodwork. The HVLP increases transfer efficiency while reducing paint consumption. The gun also features a filter, a suspension hook and a stainless steel needles.

The package includes two spray guns, a multi-wrench, a cleaning brush and fluid filter. The large gun has a fluid nozzle measuring 0.055mm while the small one has 0.038. The former has a 30-45 PSI working capacity with the latter having a 20-30 PSI. Moreover, the large spray gun has an air consumption of 9.4 SCFM at 43PSI and the small one an air consumption of 3.1 SCFM at 30 PSI.


  • Has a high fluid transfer but low overspray
  • Has two spray guns
  • Comes with three inbuilt control knobs for easy adjustments
  • Features a filter to ensure a smooth finish
  • Can be used in any project, like refurbishing your car or woodwork
  • The mini gun makes detail and touch up works
  • Low paint consumption due to the HVLP
  • It is light


  • Customers have complained about its quality, claiming that the wrench bent and the fluid tip was over-tightened


  1. Campbell Hausfeld Handheld Gravity Feed Canister

This is another gravity feed spray gun which you need to consider purchasing. Its HVLP design prevents leaks hence you don’t need to worry about any wastage. Moreover, any material waste from overspray is reduced thanks to the design. You can adjust the spray patterns from circular to oval and vice versa, thanks to the flow and shape regulator.

Its body is polished and made of stainless steel needle which is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. As a result, its maintenance is easy especially after the job. If you need the best results, then combine the Campbell Hausfeld Quiet air compressor and air hose.

This spray gun is designed to provide optimal optimization and particle size, something that helps you get consistent and high-quality finishes on any project, be it carpentry or automotive. The stainless steel fluid needle and nozzle are compatible with even the most advanced coatings.

You’ve got to love the features of this spray gun, which include the adjustable fluid and pattern control not to mention an in-line filter which removes dirt from coatings preventing any defect.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The HVLP design prevents bleaks hence saves material
  • Reduced overspray
  • Flow and shape regulator help you adjust the pattern from circular to oval and vice versa
  • Provides optimization and helps you get consistent and high quality finishes
  • Made of stainless steel hence is durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Compatible with most advanced coatings
  • Has an inline filter to remove dirt from coatings hence no defect in the end result
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Comes at a good price
  • Comes with a one year warranty in case of anything


  • Customers complained that despite its make, it is fragile and breaks rather easily

With the above information, we hope we have narrowed everything for you and now you are better equipped to make a purchase.

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