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Best Work Boots For Flat Feet

For one reason or the other, the arches of your feet might be touching the ground whenever you stand up. While some people are born this way, for others it can occur for different reasons like injuries which are caused by standing for long periods on hard surfaces or age. The former is a reason that can be rather problematic to most workers since they have to work.

Usually, this condition is painless and seemingly harmless, but they can actually be a big problem after a while. The pains start to grow to an extent that you can’t stand on your feet. There can be pain in your heel or a swelling along your ankle. At this point the first thing to think about is going to see a doctor.

However, you can avert all these problems immediately you realize that you have flat feet and things aren’t as they had been before. So you need an easy, cheap and quick way to not only stop the pain but also keep it away. Getting the best work boots for your feet is the best bet. A right pair of work boots can completely alleviate any issue associated with flat feet.

Best work boots for flat feet have some special features that make them help alleviate and keep away the issues aforementioned. These include;

  • Quality Sole Support. Flat feet need boots with strong, thick and firm sole which provide flexibility for every movement that you need to make whenever you are standing. This will also ensure that you don’t experience any pain anywhere, in the soles of your feet or ankles. So you should go for a boot with a thick shock-absorbing sole.
  • This is not just for work boots for flat feet but a feature to look out for when buying anything. You want something that will overcome the test of time and protect your feet no matter what. Low quality work boots will serve you for a couple of days and you will have to go back to shop for new ones again or expose your feet to the harsh environment that will deprive them of the security and care they should be given. Most of the work boots in the market today are made of rubber or leather. Each of them is different but you need to look at what will help you get rid of the pain for long.
  • This is the most important thing to look at when buying work boots if you have flat feet. Your comfort means lack of pains and possibility of alleviating the pain that you have been feeling due to the flat feet. This is reason enough to choose a quality work boot, then the other features follow. How do you get the comfort? There are other features to consider so that you get the comfort you require.
  1. Purchase boots with a good arch support. This support usually comes in form of an insert that is in the shape of your foot sole. Having an additional arch support will reduce the fatigue on the tendons of your feet.
  2. You are buying boots to support your flat foot and to achieve this you should get something comfortably fitting your feet. Getting a small size will deny you the comfort and painless experience you need while and oversized work boot just can’t work. As a result, you need a perfect size for your feet. Online shopping is the in-thing right now and once you buy, you might be disappointed and in this case, feel free to contact the seller for a return and exchange. Also, check whether the seller has a payback guarantee or warranty before making a purchase.
  • Break in. Work boots have a tendency of being stiff the first few days of use. Some take long before they take the shape of your leg while some take a little period. Once you buy the boots, you can wear them and walk around your home, walks your pets while wearing them so that you easily break in to them as soon as possible and avoid any problems when you start using them for long periods
  1. Now, try looking for work boots which are neither too high nor too low but mid-sized. Too high heels will be set in an awkward position hence uncomfortable while too low will reduce the effectiveness of the arch support.
  • Arch Support. This is important for those with flat or wide feet since they ensure that your arches are molded to resemble the normal foot. A work boot without an arch support will not be able to support your feet naturally as the latter will act both as the weight and the shock absorber.
  • Quality of the material. What is the material used to make the given work boot? It should be of top-notch quality that is likely to be stable, supportive and long-lasting. Most of the best work boots are made of leather since it is rugged and tough.
  • This also should contribute to what you decide. Check out the style of the work boot and compare it with others. There are plenty of styles in the market, some boots go to the ankle, others higher with more support and protection. You need to make a choice based on which style suits you best.
  • The rule of the thumb is, quality products cost more. While this is entirely true, you should still consider the price of what you are buying, as some other brands might be offering a better work boot at the same price.


  1. Merrel Men’s Moab Rover Waterproof Boot

One of the best and most outstanding feature about this work boots is its sneaker-like design. You will wear this pair of boots and people will assume you got yourself some new sneakers, if especially you intend to hide your flat feet issue.  Apart from not looking like a boot, this boot has a shaping which provides stability and arch support during your stride.

These work boots for flat feet comprise of leather, fabric and synthetic leather. This is a perfect mix with an overall sense of comfort. The exterior has also been treated to withstand any worksite and weather conditions. They feature an oil leather upper that has a die cut rubber for durability. The mesh lining is treated with M-select fresh that naturally prevents odor before it starts for your fresh smelling feet. The heels have an air cushion that absorbs shock while adding stability as a compression-molded EVA foot frame cushions.

What makes them good for flat feet is that they have a molded-nylon arch shank which provides great support for people with flat feet. To add on that, the cushioning inside the work boots is more than enough and provides great overall comfort during long work days. Merrel Men’s Moab Rover also feature a removable EVA foot bed and an outsole that is made of Vibram.


  • They are abrasion resistant and all weather
  • They feature a bellow tongue to keep debris outside the boot
  • Shock is evenly distributed throughout the boot, thanks to well cushioning
  • The boots have a lining made of mesh hence breathable
  • They naturally and organically control odor


  • They are a bit heavy, weighing two pounds
  • Most clients complained of getting smaller and narrower versions of the sizes they asked for
  • They are noisy due to the thumping sound they make as you walk
  • The soles are glued on
  • They run very dark in coloration


  1. Wolverine Men’s W04821 Bucaneer Work Boot

This is another pair of boots that you can use whether you are in routine tasks or hard work activities. They provide premium feet support and that makes them ideal for anyone with flat feet issues. The boots have a removable full-cushion insole as well as a rubber outsole meant for maximum comfort, thanks to wolverine MultiShox system. Additionally, a flexible contour welt adapts to each of your movement.

Wolverine designed these athletic work boots to move with your body in any environment. Besides, it is durable, with a slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsole.  The outsole has compression pads that absorb shock wherever you need it and return the energy in every step. For flexibility and maximum comfort, the boot bends and flexes.

Another bonus is that these boots come with a 30-day comfort guarantee, which adds confidence about these boots all together.  During this period, you are allowed to wear the boots as much as you can and if after this period you aren’t satisfied with their efficiency, then you can return them for a full refund of your money.


  • Provides premium feet support for any task
  • Has removable full-cushion and rubber outsole for maximum comfort
  • There is a flexible contour welt that adapts to each of your movement to enhance flexibility
  • They are durable with oil, slip and abrasion resistant outsoles
  • Inside the boot is a mesh that wicks moisture away
  • The outsole has compression pads that absorb shocks
  • It is flexible and very breathable
  • A rubber lug on the outsole allows more traction
  • Provides your ankle with so much support and comfortable fit
  • Comes with a 30-day payback guarantee


  • Some customers complained about the lace hooks, saying that they fell off after some time
  • The out soles do not last
  • They are a bit heavier and will feel big on most feet
  • The inside edges can rub and hurt
  • Not 100% water proof
  • They take time before fully breaking in


  1. Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6” Soft-Toe Boot

Timberland’s Pitboss work boots have become so popular in many a workplace that, despite their long break in period, these ones have everything else that a good work boot for flat feet should have. They are tough, safe and most importantly comfortable.  This pair of boots provides so much durability, with a strong steel toe complying with the ASTM standards and is abrasion-resistant.

The Pitboss soft-toe boot has a contoured sock liner which provides so much arch support. Additionally, the sole that is made of rubber also provides a sufficient amount of mid-range height for arch support. The inside of these boots is quite cushioned and shock absorbing which is something needed to support the fallen arches. As if that is not enough, it is so spacious.  The toe and steel toe assembly is so wide and spacious.


  • These work boots are slip and abrasion-resistant.
  • The steel toe is ASTM-compliant
  • Have the comfort suspension system that supports flat feet
  • The steel toe is large and best for larger feet
  • The midsole is made of polyurethane which adds more comfort
  • The sock liner is removable
  • Collar is padded for extra comfort


  • They usually come a little bit small and narrow
  • They take a while before full break in
  • Aren’t insulated
  • Eyelets can be a bit flimsy
  • Not fully waterproof
  1. Under Armour men’s Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots

If you are looking for a quick-to-use work boots for your flat feet, this might be your ultimate option. These are those work boots you slip into immediately after buying, with no break-in time whatsoever. Although they are made of synthetic leather, they feel pretty comfortable for daily use. They are so light and the UA ClutchFit technology with which they are fitted supports your ankle for an all-day comfort.

The upper part of these work boots is formed by a fusion of synthetic leather and textile materials and protected with an abrasion-resistant welded film. A TPU shank provides stability and flexibility besides the supportive feel that it offers you throughout the heel and mid-foot.

An improved surface contact is guaranteed, thanks to the low profile lug soles while a TPU-reinforced toe cap ensures you stay cool no matter how long you stay on your feet. The Ortholite sockliner that has PU base and a memory foam top will lend you superior comfort with a generous arch support.

Unlike some other orthopedic work boots, Under Armour Valsetz are true to their size hence you do not have to be afraid of purchasing them online. The ankle to toe support is great as well for anybody with flat fee. The only undoing might be that these boots do not do really well in cold or wet conditions.



  • They are so lightweight hence can be worn for long working periods
  • Inside the sock liner are antimicrobial features
  • Have reinforced TPU shank which provides gait protection
  • There is a TPU toe wrap to protect your toe
  • UA ClutchFit patented system supports your ankle
  • Comes in a very attractive design


  • Not the best during cold seasons as it doesn’t keep warmth
  • When wet it is very noisy
  • It is not waterproof as such
  • The synthetic leather used doesn’t feel like real leather
  • ClutchFit can feel constricting on the ankles
  • With extended use the sole can come off


  1. Carhartt Men’s 6” Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt is a brand known for its quality and ergonomically designed products for working people. These boots are packed with handy features that help your flat feet feel good. They feature Rugged Flex technology which make mobility easy and comfortable, plus an enhanced protection from its composite toe.

Carhartt Composite Boots boast cement construction with a rubber outsole. A combination of Ortholite insole, PU Strobel and an EVA midsole give the boot multiple layers of cushion, support, flexibility and comfort. This seamlessly synchronizes with your bodily movements hence when things get slippery, you will appreciate its oil, chemical and slip resistance. The rubber outsole is shock absorbing hence ideal for any work environment.

Ortholite insoles offer the shoe cushioning, excellent comfort and odor-fighting abilities. The outsole, on the other hand, has ladder lock channels and gripping lugs that will grip different surfaces you are to encounter at work. The upper is full grain leather which is water resistant, soft and durable that it won’t impede any work you will be doing on watery grounds.

It is important to note that these boots are made of a hundred percent leather with a cement construction that makes them very versatile and durable. Besides, they are chemical and oil-resistant.


  • These boots are constructed from 100% pure leather
  • Thick sole with shock-absorbing traction
  • Composite safety toe cap
  • The cement-constructed flex outsole makes the boots versatile, durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to oils, slips, chemicals, abrasion and impact


  • The laces do not stay tight

Getting the best work boot for a person with flat feet is not the same as getting work boots for anybody else. However, this should not make it difficult. You just need to know which one will fully get rid of the pain and keep it away. The information and reviews provided above have made it even easier for you to make a choice before making a purchase. All the best!

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