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Best Waterproof Work Boots- Moist, Mud and Oil Proof

One of the most disgusting things we experience when wearing footwear is water getting inside. Water getting into the boots will cause discomfort, your feet will be wet and it might cause problems to your toes. As a result, one of the features we always look out for when buying a work boot is whether it is waterproof or not. The disparity between the prices of waterproof boots and those not waterproof is so minimal. But still, some people opt to waterproof a work boot they have already bought, for one reason or another. Might be allegiance towards a given brand or prioritizing some features besides waterproof.

However, buying a brand new work boot to water proof it later doesn’t really add up, does it? There are a number of reasons why you should buy ready-made waterproof work boots. Here are some;

  • The boots are made by professionals hence guaranteed to be waterproof. Some manufacturers offer 30-day money back guarantee deals where, if you are not satisfied with what you get, you give it back for a full refund of your money.
  • Since the boots are made with waterproofing in mind, most of these boots have breathable inner materials to ensure proper circulation of air in your boots. The materials allow only air and no water to pass through, keeping your feet dry but cool.
  • Most of them are constructed using an insulated material such that if you will be working in cold environments then your feet will be kept warm.
  • If your job requires you to wear waterproof boots, then there are standards to be met, in most cases. Your little DIY might not achieve this.

It is widely believed that to have a waterproof work boot you need to compromise comfort. That comfortable flexible work boots are not water proof and vice versa. This might have been true year ago but not in this century, thanks to technology. With breathable materials, this is now possible.

We took time, sampling the best waterproof work boots and sampled the best five for you. Check them out below;


  1. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

This boot needs your attention, it is among the highest rated and the most reviewed. Timberland White ledge is rugged and durable, but still stylish. Besides, it is so affordable! The low-profile, less gum-booty-looking waterproof work boot has full-grain leather uppers that are also abrasion-resistant. To make them even more waterproof, they have seam sealed joints. Joints are always a weak point for water entry into boots but with seam sealed joints you are very safe.

There is a removable dual-density EVA footbed inside the boot that provide extra comfort and for you to wear them really fast, they have a rustproof D-ring with a speed hook lacing. Any debris that might be seeking to make way into the boot is kept away, thanks to the anti-debris tongue that is fully gusseted.

This work boot has no composite or steel toe, which might be a turn-off for some people. The major safety feature that this boot has is the outsole whose outsole’s traction is very superior, multi-directional and lugs give you great traction in any surface.

However, the biggest selling point of this boot is water resistance, which is the main focus here, then comfort of course. The collar and tongue are well-padded for more comfort. Besides being waterproof, it also is breathable and the footbed will wick away any moisture on your feet hence leaving you dry yet cool. As a brand, Timberland has a reputation in the footwear industry. Their first waterproof leather boot was in 1973 and their boots have proved great workmanship, protection and durability.

This boot features B.S.F.P, Timberland’s signature system that stands for Break, Support, Flex, Propel. What this simply implies is that whatever you are doing while wearing the boots, whether hiking, running, walking in any surface even a slippery one, you are assured of safety, protection and above all comfort.


  • Features Timberland’s BSFP system
  • It is fairly priced
  • 5 layers of cushion and flexibility for comfort
  • The interior plus the collar and tongue are comfortably padded
  • The full-grain leather upper is seam-sealed
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • The outsole has some great traction
  • Multi-functional
  • The boots have a removable dual-density EVA footbed


  • There have been complains from some owners about size issues
  • The boots slightly have a long break-in period


  1. Timberland PRO Direct Attach Steel Safety Toe Waterproof Insulated Boot

This is the perfect example of a top-quality material combined with great craftsmanship. They are equipped with a protective steel toe so as to make sure that your feet are safe and under no circumstances will they get hurt. To add on that, the work boots offer electrical hazard protection. Then their water-proofing ability is top-notch, thanks to the leather upper that is seam-sealed. The boots are made of a waterproof material which can keep your feet safe in any wet condition or watery environment.

Timberland PRO Direct Attach was constructed with your comfort in mind. The boot comes with an attractive padded top collar to provide you with more content from the moment you put them on. There also is a mesh lining that comes along with an anti-microbial treatment whose purpose is to eradicate any unpleasant smell from the boot’s interior. Besides, the boots also feature a nylon shock diffusion plate to offer your feet more support in every movement you make as you do your job.

When it comes to comfort these boots are at the top. Although they run a bit narrow, they boast superior support but they won’t bruise your feet or cut off circulation. The soles are so thick, giving you like two inches. They have a tight grip on any type of surface, from slick pavements to dead leaves.


  • Has safety steel toes for protection
  • Protects you from any electrical hazard
  • Leather uppers are seam-sealed ensuring durability and comfortable dry feet
  • The top collar is padded for extra comfort
  • The boots feature a mesh lining that has an anti-microbial treatment to control odor and ensure comfortable feet
  • The nylon shock-diffusion plate ensures torsional rigidity and gives you enough support


  • Many complains on the boots’ sizing, you need to order a size up


  1. Chippewa Men’s Insulated Waterproof Boots

This is another top waterproof work boot. It is built to last with a Goodyear leather welt construction and will stay sturdy and have unified leather uppers, a soft lining and rubber outsoles. The uppers have an oiled waterproof briar leather with a durable leather that has a brown finish. The boot’s waterproof leather combines with a moisture-wicking nylon material, Dri-Lex, which is also breathable, durable and soft.

The rubber midsoles and steel shanks absorb shocks and provide arch support. Removable cushioned orthotic footbeds on the other hand offer padded protection against any hard surface underneath. The insoles are made of Flexwet, a memory foam which gives your boots a perfect fit.  Thanks to the heavy duty waxed Sta-Tied laces and the antique, non-tarnishable nickel hardware, these boots will securely hold on to your feet. From heel to toe, Chippewa boots will keep you warm. The 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation is lightweight, weighing about 400 grams, and durable that traps warm air in the boots inside those microscopic pockets.

Chippewa Men’s boots have Vibram outsoles that provide heat and oil resistant being Alpha-Plus yellow plug. This design has grooves in the boots’ heels that scatter fluids with their superior traction and a raised ladder grips which keep your feet stable. They will also keep your feet dry and they come with a one year waterproof guarantee. Which means if their waterproofing does not satisfy you within the said period, you can give them back for a full refund of your money.


  • They are rugged and durable
  • They are breathable but still provide some great insulation
  • Offer great traction
  • Well-oiled waterproof leather
  • It is lightweight
  • Keeps your feet warm and dry in any work environment
  • You get a one-year moneyback guarantee
  • The boots grip your feet securely


  • No sign of any steel toe


  1. Carhatt Men’s CMF6371 Rugged Flex Six Inch Waterproof Work Boot

This is another reputable brand with plenty of reviews and high ratings. The composite toe work boot is made using an oil tanned leather and a rubber outsole. Its workmanship is exceptional made using sturdy materials and the waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry all the time. You will be safe in your workplace since the boot’s composite toe is ASTM-rated. The outsole also is chemical, slip and oil-resistant.

One of the things that most customers seem pleased about this work boot is its durability. This pair of Cahartt Men’s rugged flex six-inch water proof work boots features cement construction and is made rugged and tough. You can best rely on the cement construction to last for several months of harsh treatment and tedious work but with proper care you are likely to enjoy having them for years.

In most cases, shoe manufacturers look at either durability or comfort. One compromises the other. However, this boot has you enjoying the comfort for long. The waterproof work boot boasts Ortholite insoles that offer five different layers which give the boot enough cushioning and flexibility. Regardless of what you are doing, whether standing, hiking or just walking, you will be very comfortable in these boots.


  • Made of 100% leather
  • The composite to meets ASTM ratings
  • It is chemical, oil and slip resistant
  • Ortholite insoles added for extra comfort
  • Waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry always
  • Features sturdy cement construction
  • Durable


  • There have been issues with the boot’s sizing and fitting


  1. Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men’s Premium Leather Work Boots

These boots are constructed of quality materials which ensure that they bare entirely waterproof. This includes the leather that is used and the stitching which is meant to protect your feet from any water getting into the boots. Ever Boots Ultra Dry boots are versatile and designed to keep your feet dry whatever the time, dominating cold weathers too. The upper is made of a waterproof full-grain leather. It also has a waterproof breathable membrane which provides a barrier impenetrable by liquids but allowing moisture generated from your feet escape. A mesh insulated liner will wick away moisture and sweat from your feet keeping them dry and giving them room to breathe.

Ever Boots Ultra Dry work boots also use a Seal-Direct Attached Construction which has a superior weather-proof bond with the uppers. The outsole of the boots provides superior traction due to the tread pattern. It also absorbs shock on the heel and arch points of the foot, which also creates flex points that allow you to move freely, unlike most of the work boots in the market. It is light-weight, flexible, bending and made of rubber.

Talking about comfort, the boots come with polyurethane midsoles that are designed to prevent your feet from fatigue. The midsoles are equally durable and can sustain you all day long. These boots are multi-purpose and can be used for landscaping, heavy duty construction, gardening, outdoor hiking or even farming. If in 30 days you are not satisfied at the boots’ waterproofing capability, they come with a 30-day money back guarantee. It is advisable you buy half a size smaller since these boots run half a size large.


  • They are comfortable and durable
  • The outsole has superior traction and grip
  • The boots. Electrical hazard protection is ASTM-rated
  • Provides some great arch support
  • Has a wide toe box which is great for big feet


  • The boots in most cases are bigger in size


Water is the biggest enemy of footwear. Expose a weak work boot to water more often and see how soon it breaks down. In this case, waterproofing is our main focus, but that doesn’t mean that we overlook other factors. We earlier said that there used to be a believe that to get the best waterproof one had to forget about comfort, which used to be true till technology happened. So as you go to shop for the best waterproof work boot, remember that there are other factors to consider. Some of them include;

  • The material of the work boot determines whether the work boot is waterproof or not. Besides, the material can be hard and hampering comfort or be so soft and letting water through.
  • How long do the work boots last? Consider buying boots that will not give in to harsh weather conditions, especially since water is known to be the biggest enemy of footwear. You do not want to buy a new work boot every now and again.
  • Steel toe. Your safety is everything. A waterproof work boot that does not guarantee you safe is not the best purchase. Check out whether a work boot has a steel toe or composite toe. These protect you from any hazard, in case of any heavy falling object that might injure your feet.
  • Traction of the outsole. The outsole should be treaded and having a high traction. Looking for a waterproof work boot means you are likely to be in a work environment where there is water or other liquids around. These can easily make you slip and it is advisable that you pick a work boot that is resistant to oils and slips.
  • Electrical hazard protection. Still on safety, a good boot should protect you from all types of incidences. In this case, you are likely to encounter an electric connection or still, you are looking for waterproof boots because your environment is wet, which is even more dangerous when it comes to electricity. These boots should protect you from any possible case of electrocution.
  • As vague as it might look, most of the shoes purchased online have sizing issues. It is a complaint most people bring forward after buying a given pair of boots. Ensure you are right about the size of boots that you are going for lest you buy something that is either too small or too large for your feet.
  • Let nobody lie to you that all the best waterproof work boots are expensive. At your own budget, you are likely to get a good pair of boots. All you have to do is compare boots within your desired price range. But still, be ready to spend.
  • Waterproof work boots will not let water or any other liquid in. But these are boots you intend to wear for the whole day, and your feet need to have some air circulation, breathe and sweat. Go for a breathable pair of waterproof work boots that will let some moisture out and have linings that wick the sweat away.
  • Finally, consider listening to what those who bought the boots before you have to say. In most cases, we buy boots only to be disappointed that what we were promised is not what we got.


We however hope that with the above information, we have chewed down the bone and now yours is just to make a choice, right? Great. Good luck!

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