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Best Tactical Boots Reviews and Buying Guide

Depending on which job or occupation you are involved in, safety is a priority. You will be required to wear some protective clothing or other material to stay safe from any accident as well as be comfortable. Such clothes vary from job to job depending on how vulnerable you are to potential hazards. Protective gears can be vests, gloves or shoes. Shoes are, especially, very vital in any occupation that the market has specialized shoes for different occupations. When buying a pair of shoes you need to be sure that it will survive the conditions you are going to subject it into.

There are different types of shoes out there but when it comes to the most durable and protective, then it must be the tactical boots. Tactical boots were initially created for the armed forces but have since been made available even for the public. They often come with a stack of features designed to make your feet not only safe but also comfortable. Tactical boots are sometimes referred to as combat boots or swat boots.

Just like it is with any other shoe type, you need so much prior information before making a decision on which tactical boot to buy. Tactical boots come from different brands, in different sizes and with different features that lack of prior knowledge will make it difficult for you to make a choice. What do you consider before buying yourself that new tactical boot?

  1. Durability. Tactical boots are designed for intense situations. Due to this, you need to consider if it can withstand the conditions you are subjecting it to for long. Not all boots are equal, while others take ages before they show signs of giving in, some are only durable to a given level.
  2. You are most likely going to wear these boots for longer periods in a day and less desired ones. You need to be comfortable in those shoes. Ensure that your new tactical boot is has features that are going to offer you utmost comfort, with a footbed, an insole or molded technology for extra comfort when you’re wearing them.
  • Resistance to water and other substances. The last thing you want to feel while wearing your new boots is water or any other fluid seeping through. Neither do you want to add another job of making sure you do not come into contact with water while wearing them. Besides, water is one of the biggest enemies of shoes hence you need to consider getting yourself shoes that are waterproof. Others are resistant to other fluids like oil, petroleum and lubricants.
  1. It is easy to overlook the weight of a tactical boot but once you buy it you will feel the pinch. This is because the weight will wear your feet down with fatigue after wearing them for long. In order to avoid this, go for tactical boots that are made of lightweight materials.
  2. Traction and slip-resistance. Traction provides necessary grip that keeps your feet firmly where you need them to be. You do not need to be worried about slipping while you should focus on something else. Go for a slip-resistant tactical boot.
  3. Laces or zippers. These depend on your occupation and the support you need as you go on with your work. Zippers allow you to dash in case of an emergency in case of an alarm going off for a firefighter and there’s no time to tie shoe laces. Laces on the other hand are best for the military man since they offer different adjustment options and can’t come off once tied.
  • Contoured cushioned footbeds. If your job requires you to be standing most of the time, then you should comfort and cushioning for your feet. Consider going for a boot with a contoured footbed or a removable insole.
  • Shock absorption. Your feet are constantly pounding the pavement while you’re performing all sorts of tasks that are likely to punish your feet. Shock absorption takes the stress off your feet and every step is cushioned. As a result, you won’t feel any impact when passing on a hard surface.
  1. A boot that breathes prevents moisture from building up inside the boot, which in turn prevents odor. Sweaty and hot feet can be so uncomfortable hence having air vents or a mesh lining will be a plus especially in hot weather.
  2. It is important to consider the price of a tactical boot before buying it. Why? This is because different brands have different prices for products that are almost similar. In this case, Brand A might be offering a cheap alternative of what brand B is selling at a higher price. It however should be known that the more features and strength a boot has the more expensive it is.
  3. By mere look of the eyes, you can’t tell which boot will last long or which has traction than the rest. And if you depend on the seller, he/she is likely to tell you what you want to hear which in essence is what is needed to make the sales. So it is important to read what other users have said about the different tactical boots you are considering to buy.

You see there are lots of factors to look at before you finally settle on a given tactical boot.

There are different renowned brands when it comes to the manufacture of tactical boots. If you find it find it difficult to make a choice, then the safest thing to do is going for a renowned brand. They include;

  1. One of the most popular brands, it has been in this business since 1932. It is known for producing ultra-durable tactical boots that are also comfy and reliable.
  2. This company has been manufacturing shoes since 1904 but it began manufacturing tactical boots in the year 1917 when they got an order to manufacture boots for the World War 1. The company is always using new technology and constantly innovating something new.
  3. Reebok Work. Known for creating a wide variety of shoe types, this brand has enjoyed massive success since their start in 1989. They produce a variety of footwear hence tactical boots aren’t their main focus. Despite tactical boots not being their main focus, they have brought some great quality and innovation in the world of tactical boots which have been well received with users.

In order to make your shopping easier, we decided to review five of the best tactical boots for you. How about that! Here we go.


  1. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Tactical Boot

Under Armour is among the world’s biggest sports-related gear producers. However, the company has gone ahead to produce tactical boots that have been well-received by customers. Valsetz tactical boot is one of their most successful products. One thing about this lightweight tactical boot is that it feels like a cross between a tennis shoe and a work boot. It offers flexibility along with foot-strike guidance which allows you to easily transition from impact to propulsion and vice versa. Besides, it provides some ample shock absorption coupled with some superior cushioning for your feet, especially in the forefoot and heel areas.

These boots have a breathable lining which is also water resistant. However, the boot’s exterior is only water resistant but not waterproof. A fully contoured EVA midsole which conforms to your feet and cushions it is included in the boot, and an Ortholite sock liner for even more cushioning and minimal slippage of the heel in the shoe.

The rubber outsole provides an on and off road traction and is equipped with a textured, abrasion-resistant rubber toe rand which protects your feet further. The ClutchFit technology makes these boots wrap around your ankle tightly, acting as a second skin for your ankle. This is also an incredible safety measure.  Besides, the Micro G foam added into the sole ensures not just comfort for your feet but also a great deal of padding beneath them every time you are landing.


  • Their support for the ankle is unmatched
  • UA ClutchFit technology gives your ankle awesome support and safety
  • These boots are so comfortable
  • They are very stable
  • They are stylish with a sports look
  • Slip and abrasion-resistant
  • They are light
  • Ample shock absorption
  • Breathable


  • There have been customers complaining that they wear out rather quickly
  • They are not water proof


  1. Belleville TR960ZWP KHYBER

This is one of the best and most durable tactical boots in the market right now. Made out of a leather construction, the leather used is purely genuine hence not only looks great but also is extremely durable. Along with this, these boots have a toe section reinforced with steel which makes it also among the most durable and rugged duty boots you’ll ever find. However, this also makes them a little bit heavier when compared to soft toe tactical boots.

The boots have field grade molded heel counters to lock the heel of the foot to a stable position hence give you a superior ankle support. The overlasted EVA midsole on the other hand provides comfort as well as shock absorption which disintegrates stress and shock. They come with a TR-1 high performance Orthotic insert which provides foot stability and extended arch support. Apart from supporting the arch whole day the insert also has a load-bearing capability.

Another outstanding feature of Belleville tactical boot is the exclusive Vibram Ibex outsole with a non-slip performance and a long lasting wear under even the harshest work environment. The outsole provides stable footing too.

Belleville tactical boots also are packed with Gore-tex lining which allows the shoe to be completely oil, lubricant and petroleum-resistant besides being waterproof. This makes Belleville the best choice of tactical boots for anyone who is working in an environment where his feet get exposed to these fluids.

However, the price of these boots is a bit higher compared to other tactical boots, which is expected due to its functionality and durability.


  • Constructed using genuine leather
  • They are extremely durable
  • Have a steel toe for safety
  • The outsole gives a non-slip performance
  • Have a midsole that provides comfort and disintegrates shock
  • Orthotic insert for extended arch support
  • Waterproof


  • Are quite heavy
  • Relatively expensive when compared to the other tactical boots


  1. Bates Ultra-Lites

The first thing that catches somebody’s eyes about a shoe is its look, nothing else. If you care about the look of your shoes and you need boots with a professional look, then Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites is the best for you. These boots are constructed using a combination of both high-quality fabric and genuine leather. These are two of the best materials in the market so that should give you confidence about the quality of these boots. Besides, these boots come in two colors, black and sage.

For easy putting on and taking off, these boots have side zips. The fully-packed rubber sole offers huge traction in whichever environment. All around the shoe there is a breathable lining which ensures that your feet are cool and dry no matter how intense your workload is. These heavy duty boots also feature a cushioned removable insert that is also of lightweight build an outsole that is both slip-resistant and durable.

Many users who spoke about these boots had positive comments, with the overall comfort and durability being the most loved features. However, few of them complained about the boots falling apart only a few weeks after being bought. Ensure that when you are buying these tactical boots (and any other boots), you buy from a reputable seller.


  • The boots feature a removable cushioned insert
  • They are lightweight
  • Made of high quality materials; fabric and genuine leather
  • The outsole is durable and slip-resistant
  • Breathable lining ensures your feet are cool and dry throughout
  • Comes in two colors, black and sage, so it gives you options
  • They have a professional look


  • Lower quality build


  1. Palladium Men’s Pampa Tactical Combat Boot

Some of the most vital features you should take into consideration when buying tactical boots include weight and comfort. You don’t want to buy tactical boots that will be a load to your feet and weigh you down the whole day. These are two factors with which Palladium Men’s Pampa Tactical Boots defeat others.

Palladium focused on making sure that these boots are lightweight and as comfy as possible for its wearers. Inside, the boots have EVA-cushioned footbeds which will be of great help to your feet by keeping them as comfortable as possible. Besides, the overall weight of these boots make them such a nice addition to your feet as you work.

The boots are also equipped with construction of full grain leather and ballistic nylon that increases overall durability while a zipper on the side makes the boots incredibly easy to slip into and out of, in addition to a rubber outsole that has been rated to be among the best in providing traction around.

Many users have expressed their contention at the boot’s style and comfort.


  • The boots are lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • They come with an Eva-cushioned footbed
  • Stylish
  • They have a zipper at the sideswhich makes it easy to put on and take off
  • The outsole has some of the best traction around


  • They are not as sturdy



  1. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

These boots are designed for hours of footwear, regardless of what you do, army, security officer or just an interested buyer. Even in very hot weathers these boots provide an ample comfort. They have a spider mesh lining and an Aeromesh vent which provide a moisture-wicking barrier and allow your feet to breathe. In turn this allows your feet dry during patrols especially when the heat conditions are extreme.

A combination of a composite shank and the lace-up water-resistant upper also delivers support as the compression-molded EVA cushion the shock that comes with marching on the pavement. This EVA cushion lasts longer than the standard EVA.

Magnum Men’s Elite tactical boots are equipped with a high density cradle layer which supports the heel and arch with an extra pad below the heel delivering extra shock-absorption. The insole too is incorporated with a soft top layer which contours your feet.

To ensure that you have traction and stability, the boots also feature a durable Vibram outsole. They also feature a web-like overlays at the sides with notched lace-up shafts. Purely made of leather, you won’t have to be stopped when passed over metal detectors.


  • Made of durable composite material
  • EVA cushion absorbs shock
  • Aeromesh vent and spider-mesh lining provide a moisture wicking barrier hence the inside is dry
  • Equipped with a high density cradle layer to support the arch and heel
  • Durable Vibram outsole provides traction and stability
  • Insole incorporated with a soft top layer to contour your feet
  • Water resistant upper


  • Customers complained that it wears so fast
  • The toes aren’t protected

Tactical boots are getting popular by day, and you might be interested to have a pair. While making a choice is not such a difficult thing to do, making the right choice that you won’t regret definitely is. With the information above we hope that it now is so easy for you to make a choice which you won’t regret.

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