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Best Slip On Work Boots: Reviews and Buying Guide

Slip-in work boots (also known as pull on work boots) are those work boots that do not have laces. It is so easy to put them on or pull them off. They are some of the most trustworthy footwear types currently and getting yourself a pair is something you’ll not only enjoy but also be happy to have done. There are many types/styles of work boots and getting yourself a fine pair of slip-on work boots isn’t such easy.

For men and women working in tough job sites outdoors or on industrial floors, pull-on boots are very popular. And there are many reasons for this;

  1. Slip-in work boots are generally constructed using robust materials which endure long and tough grinds. They also come with essential features expected in high-quality work boot like secure steel toe reinforcement, weather resistance and outsoles with high-grip traction besides slip-resistance.
  2. Unlike other boots that are similarly rugged, slip-on boots are often equipped with well-lined interior which make them easy to put on. They are also comfortable to walk in, especially for longer periods of time.
  • These boots are awesome whenever you are in a hurry and need to rush. If in case you are too tired, you can easily take them off. If you are having a short break, you can take them off for some breeze before having them back. They are manageable.

When having a wide range of slip-on boots to choose a pair from, you need to evaluate them properly. Why? Because the boots are not the same. They come in different sizes, prices with different features. Here are some of the criterion used to evaluate the slip-on work boots before buying.

  1. Type of work. It is very vital you consider which type of work you are going to be doing while wearing these boots because they are good for a wide range of jobs. While in general work boots are great in feet protection, there are specific types fit for specific jobs. Outdoor and indoor situations for instance may not need similar features in a boot. Outdoor workers are exposed to a large variety of jobs and different weather conditions while indoor workers are only afraid of machines and anything but not as serious as the outdoor worker. Indoor works tend to give you a flat floor while in outdoor you have an uneven terrain. Besides, if your job involves you bending down, then you need a shorter slip-on boot which can bend to that while tall water proof boots are suitable for those working in wet areas.
  2. Secure fit. A pair of slip-on boots that secures your foot in the right places secures you against any injury. Loose boots can cause incidents. Especially if you are lifting heavy objects, working around heavy duty machines or even you rely on your feet for stability, look out for slip-on boots that with elastic materials on top sides so that the openings fit your ankles. They should be elastic and flexible hence moving with the leg.
  3. Boot Length. If you are always on your feet or constantly lifting some heavy stuff, then you need a strong supportive pair of boots. Boots that go above the ankle or mid-calf are good since they are able to move around as you do. Longer boots may tamper with your circulation whenever you bend. However working outdoors in mud and water needs tall slip boots which protect not just your feet but also your leg.
  4. Extra protection. This is an important feature in every shoe, but to those who rely on their feet for a living it is everything. It is better to be safe than sorry and while nobody wants to be involved in any workplace accident, however minor, we must agree that they do happen unplanned for. It is better to look at the protective power of work boots so that you do not end up with a smashed to or pierced by nail through a low quality sole. Check out features like the steel toe, the outsole which should be thick and a heavy duty type of material used not forgetting stitching.
  5. Strength and support. Like we said before, relying on your feet to make a living means you need a supportive, strong pair of boots. Strength of a boot should be in all aspects. The boots should have a resilient, stable bottom, thick and supportive sole strong enough to handle any potential damage, a strong toe area, cushioned interior with insoles and some intricate stitching.
  6. Durable materials. Well, you do not want to be buying slip on boots each winter, and sometimes the work environment is harsh to the foot area which means you really need a strong boot. Durable slip on boots are usually from durable materials. These are thick materials like leather, water proof materials and many more. Materials which lack quality can be hazardous health-wise. They compromise bacteria control, proper air flow and comfort while some wear out allowing unwanted contact from outside the boots to get inside.

Here are five of the best slip-on work boots.

  1. Ariat Men’s Workhog H20 Work Boot

When you get this work boot, you get yourself an outstanding mix of a show-stopping cowboy classic look and streamlined modern construction. This boot has classic roper toes with a weather-proof design which will protect your feet from any harm including frost bite, snake bites, sharp rocks and ledges as well as water. The outsole has aggressive lugs which give you high traction every time you are walking in difficult and unpredictable terrain.

With this boot, you stride with much more confidence and bearing no matter how challenging the task is. Besides, the outsole is oil and slip-resistant hence you can still use it in indoor tasks. A 10-inch elaborate shaft opens in a cowboy-style stylized cuff making slipping in and out of this boot so easy, fast and effortless. Each side of the shaft has dual pulls which you can use to pull it off even with your eyes closed while an inconspicuous yet elastic gore panel at the boot’s back comfortably supports your foot into the comfy footbed.

The upper and outsole of this work boot is equally tough and lives up to its brand. Although the leather-made upper looks fashionable, it also comes layered with reliable waterproofing that can withstand any weather condition. The round toe box on the other hand is framed to protect your feet in place of a steel reinforcement.

If you are looking for one of the best outsoles in an outdoor work boot, then you have it in Ariat men’s Work Hog. The outsole is lightweight but made of durable rubber which lets you walk on uneven ground patches and precautious wet floors with no worries.

This is a slip-on work boot that is designed to be used for long hours. With a moisture wicking footbed that is cushioned by gel, you won’t hate a moment from when you slip into the boots till when you pull them off your feet. A shock absorbing EVA midsole will also protect you from constant protrusions and jolts. Whether you have a narrow arch or wide feet, you can comfortably wear this boot. Its extra-wide shank will prevent foot fatigue by stabilizing your heel better while the gore paneling and wide open cuffs leave it roomy hence not compromising the fit and feel for your arch and ankles.


  • Made of leather that can withstand all weather
  • The outsole has a high traction lug pattern
  • Looks fashionable with a cowboy style exterior
  • The Dutratread outsole is both water and oil-resistant
  • Has an extra-wide shank to fight foot fatigue
  • The interior is lined, shockproof with a cosy midsole
  • Has a wide shaft and dual pull-ups that make it easy to slip into and take off


  • Lacks a steel toe reinforcement


  1. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe Boot

This work boot should be a staple item in your wardrobe despite sporting a simpler appearance compared to Aria’s Workhog. It is straight-forward, functional and has a classic style.  Despite its looks not saying much, this is a work boot that you can rely on to use outdoor or indoor.

It has a mid-calf shaft that has a 15-inch circumference with double-pull handles meant to help you put them on. With no gore paneling, those handles are likely to help you push your foot down the long shaft. Besides, the boots have a higher arch which makes the shaft base wider and easier to get into. The upper is made of plain leather and has a round toe box that has a roomy underneath with a slightly compact steel reinforcement.

But the best feature of this boot is its underfoot. The outsole is made of aggressively rugged rubber protected with Goodyear welt construction and equipped with electric-hazard and slip resistance.  That means even in the most demanding job sites, you can depend on this work boot. It is manufactured using full-grain sturdy leather which needs a little time to break in, given its size. The midsole too gives your sole ample cushioning while supporting your arches as well. Despite the solid outsole beneath, you won’t feel any friction.

Like other features in this boot, the boot itself is straight up comfortable. It is easy to put on without much hassle and lacks the tongue plus lacing hardware that often dig into your skin sometimes when working on long shifts. Despite the fact that it lacks a flexible shaft like the one in Ariat, it comes really wide with so much room for your foot to move in and out effortlessly and in no time.


  • The boots are slip resistant
  • Has a wide cuff and shaft
  • Equipped with double pull handles which help you put them on
  • Made with some simple yet classic design
  • Electric-hazard resistant
  • The outsole is aggressively lugged rubber
  • The toes are protected with steel reinforcement


  • The shaft and arch are a little bit wide if you have narrow feet.


  1. Justin Original Men’s J-Max Work Boot

This is another work boot that gets tough work done. In very many ways, it is similar to Caterpillar Revolver. It sports a leather upper with a deeper leg opening that is so easy to slide into. It also has a wider ankle hence more comfortable compared to the Revolver. It has lining in the interior though but once you break in to them with good socks beneath you won’t have issues.

The boots feature a hard rustic touch in the distressed leather upper, with the full-grain leather coming in Bay Gaucho and Tan Gaucho variants. Both of these are stitched and reinforced at the ankle for improved foot support. Its design suggests that this is an outdoor slip-on work boot. The insole and outsole both come with a Double Comfort System that consists of a removable orthodontic insert that has Justin Jel Technology and a mesh footbed cover which is mean to keep your foot comfortable. The rubber outsole might not be too aggressive but it surely is tough and adds an additional protective layer underfoot. The leather protects your feet but one undoing with these boots is the lack of a steel toe, which might leave your feet exposed to falling rocks and other debris.

J-Max boots come quite large, so it is advisable that you buy down a size or half if you need something that will fit you.  If you get the right size, be sure to get worthwhile comfort from these boots. The footbed is removable hence you can have your orthodontic inserts if you need.


  • The upper is made of full-grained distressed leather
  • These boots are oil and slip-resistant
  • Reinforced ankles and heels
  • Double-comfort system
  • The outsole is made of sturdy rubber


  • Lacks a steel toe reinforcement
  • Lacks interior lining
  • It is a little bit narrower than most EE pairs despite running large
  • Lacks any electric-hazard protection
  • Has a low-grip traction


  1. Chippewa men’s 10” Rugged Handcrafted Work Boots

This boot boasts of quality and American heritage. It is a painstakingly handcrafted slip-in boot that can be used outdoors for recreational purposes or even a serious work. It has a 10” shaft which when combined with the spacious cuff you get to enjoy putting it on. It also does not have an interior which makes it not the best choice if you stay in colder areas.

The upper of this boot is made of a simple functional design with a low arch, large pull-up tabs and a reinforced heel. With the rounded toe box, you can comfortably flex on long outdoor walks although it misses a steel toe reinforcement. The leather upper works well against the weather and the interior is so comfy even without a lining. It feels like a walking boot designed for mild trails or hikes along pavements since its outsole is not as sturdy and bulky as the rest. The thread is narrow too.

To have a fitting Chippewa boots go for a half-size larger. The outsole are lightweight Vibram Gumlite-made.


  • The wide cuff, low shaft and pull-on tabs make them easy to put on
  • Has a comfortable upper
  • The soles are removable
  • Lightweight


  • Lacks interior lining
  • Neither slip nor oil resistant
  • It has no electric hazard protection
  • Low synthetic outsole
  • It runs large


  1. Marten Men’s Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boot

This work boot is inspired by an industrial worker who’s frustrated by high-lace boots which can be quite difficult when you’re too tired or in a hurry. The upper is made using synthetic leather which of course isn’t as long lasting as genuine leather but with the reinforced stitching that this boot has, it is likely to withstand the test of time and any workplace environment.

The outsole provides excellent resistance to any slipping with an electric-hazard protection. The upper is stoic and the material is soft and comfortable to the legs. Air Wave midsole, which is the label’s signature, is added to cushion and provide easy-wear support to your feet. This minimizes stress on your feet. The rubber outsole too has essential safety features that you need to have in any trustworthy gear. Those include a high-grip traction, slip resistance and an electric-hazard protection. It is lightweight too.

You are assured of comfort and safety in these boots since they are made of comfortable materials. If you have a high-arched narrow foot profile then this is the perfect foot for you. If you have narrower feet and a stocker build, then you might have issues with the slender cuffs and narrow profile. You should order up a size or a half to provide room around your feet. In a nutshell, this is one of the most comfortable slip on work boots.


  • Has a durable duratread leather outsole
  • Comfortable shaft and upper material
  • The Airwave insole is cushioned
  • Steel toe reinforcement is ANSI-approved
  • Has an electrical-hazard protection
  • Offers better leg support


  • The synthetic leather used to make these boots is less durable than genuine leather
  • Lightweight
  • The narrow profile is not suited for wearers who have flat or wider feet

As you can see, getting the best slip-on work boot is not an easy job. We however hope that with the information above it will be easy and fast for you to shop for that slip-on boot that will make you happy.

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