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Best Shower Panels

If you are tired of the traditional shower heads, you might be looking for an upgrade to the experience that shower heads bring. This can be by getting dual shower heads, which still remain to be shower heads hence nothing new. That’s where shower wall panels come in.

Shower panels offer a whole new luxurious experience to your shower. Not only do they bring elegance but are also classy, durable and sturdy. Can you believe some of them come with a 5-stage function.

Most of the current shower panels have horizontal water sprays, hand showers, and digital temperature displays among other things.You need to have a look. What exactly will you be looking at when you want to buy a shower panel?

-Material. This is among the first things you should check, for you should buy a shower panel that is strong and will last. Focus not only on the material but also the finish on the faucets as well as what is used to make the panel itself.

– Size. Size of the shower panel matters a lot. Your choice is guided by the size of your bathroom, whether it will accommodate the chosen shower panel. You do not want to buy a shower panel that won’t fit in your bathroom. This means you need to be aware of the measurements of your bathroom when looking for a shower panel.

– Specifications. This is another important feature when looking for a shower panel. Finer details about the features of a shower panel help you compare with other shower panels before making a choice.This also makes you aware of the safety measures with most shower panels coming with different enhancements.

– Installation and maintenance. Some shower panels are easy to install while others need more time and expertise. You need to check what are the installation needs of a shower panel so that you do not incur extra expenses after purchase.

Review of the Best Shower Panels

  1.  Blue Ocean SPA392M Shower panel

Now, if you are looking for a large shower panel with high tech additions, this Blue Ocean Aluminum Spa392M is the best choice. One of the most convenient features of this shower panel is the temperature display. Located in the center of the unit, the temperature display is powered by two AA batteries and it tells you the exact water temperature. You can always set the shower panel on the temperature that you would like. The lights turn blue or orange when the water is hot or cold.

Blue Ocean Aluminum SPA works in three different options; Rainfall, massage and hand-held shower heads. Besides, it has 8 body massage nozzles and a tub spout. All the above functions work independently so as to ensure proper water pressure.You can however have two functions working at the same time.

The shower panel’s surface is a mirror-like tempered glass which makes the panel lightweight and durable owing to the fact that it is manufactured from an Aluminum alloy. The 5 mm tempered glass also minimizes the shower panel’s breakage besides adding decor to your bathroom. Consequently, there is no rusting or corrosion for this shower panel. It is simple to install and comes with a 1-year warranty.


– Its construction is of lightweight Aluminum

– The functions work independently maintaining the water pressure

– Easy to install

– Has a temperature display

– Its performance is excelent

– Comes with water temperature controls


– Temperature display is in degree celcius only and can’t be changed to Fahrenheit

– It comes with several installation accessories which most customers said were unnecessary

  1. Decor Star 004-SS 64-Inch Stainless Steel

Comprising of 50 rainfall spray nozzles and a hundred horizontal spray jets, this shower panel provides you with the ultimate spa experience. Decor Star shower panel has four operation options; Hand shower, Rainfall, Horizontal Massage and Waterfall.That’s not the only appealling thing about this unit. Its stylish European, simple and elegant design is also something that makes it among the best.

Unlike most of the shower panels in the market currently, with Decor Star you can turn all the functions on at the same time and that won’t affect the water pressure a bit. Each showerhead has an independent valve control which is responsible for the flow of water. The unit also has a thermostatic control which is meant to control the temperature of water and help minimize scalding. There is another valve which helps adjust the shower panel’s water pressure, since each user might have a different preferences.

Decostar 004 is constructed using stainless steel, while its hoses are constructed using brass and are chrome-plated. However, most customers have complained that installing this shower panel isn’t a child’s play, it is more difficult than it appears in the ads. However, the biggest turn-off when it comes to Decor Star 004 is its price. It is not very affordable.


– It is elegant, stylish and will enhance the look of your bathroom

– Works efficiently

– Has a hot and cold functionality intergrated

– Unlike with other shower panels, this shower panel has a thermostatic control hence minimal or no scalding

– There is a pressure valve to control the water pressure

– You can turn all the functions on at the same time without affecting the water pressure

  1. AKDY Stainless Steel Multi-Function Shower Panel

AKDY is a huge brand whose products are known to be exceptionally durable and great-performing. This shower panel is no exception as it makes a great bathroom accessory. Made of stainless steel, this 39-inch multi-function shower panel is constructed featuring high versatility. It has rainfall, handheld and waterfall showers which deliver maximum performance.

You can use this shower panel as a handheld shower head. Installation is quite simple since the unit comes with an adapter and all the parts you need when installing.

The stainless steel construction of this shower head ensures that it is light, strong and durable, while the chrome-plated hoses ensure durability and body safety. It neither rusts nor oxidizes, which makes it efficient for long-term use. Besides, its maintenance is easy too.

One thing that stands out about this shower panel is its price. Compared to other shower panels, AKDY is relatively cheaper. Has a one year warranty.


– AKDY multi-functiona shower panel is light

– Brushed stainless steel ensures the unit is strong, beautiful and durable

– This is one easy panel to install

– Intergrated

– Cheaply affordable

– Great flow of water

– This shower panel is compatible with most plumbing equipment

– It features body spray nozzles that are adjustable


– The shower wand is inferior

  1. AKDY AK-787392M 52-Inch Tempered Glass Aluminum Shower Panel

The second AKDY product on this list is the 52-inch shower panel made Aluminum with a high-quality tempered glass finish. It combines eight adjustable tools that will work in either mist, massage settings or combinations.

This shower panel couples a contemporary design to its high quality tempered glass to give you a very nice looking accessory for your bathroom. Additionally, it combines a rain shower head, handheld shower head, a tub spout and massage jets that will most likely keep you in your bathroom for more enjoyment.

The surface exists too as a mirror with an LED light indicating on the water’s temperature. The LED operates on a nbattery and it gives you the accurate readinsg of your shower,s temperature.


– Made from highly durable Aluminum and tempered glass

– The design of this shower panel allows for flat wall installation

– Has atemperature indicator

– Includes 8 adjustable jet nozzles

– It is easy to install and use

– Comes with a 1-year warranty


– The LED display uses batteries which do not come as part of the package, you buy separately

– It lacks a tub filler

– Compared to other shower panels, this one is heavy.

  1. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″ Stainless Steel Shower panel

This is a high quality material made of stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Perfetto shower panel has in-built temperature controls which also feature multiple modes. Water pours down the waterfall outlet whose multiple shower nozzles gently spray your body for a soothing sensation.

The handheld function of this shower panel allows for flexibility and freedom of mobility that the body’s hard to reach parts can be easily and adequately cleaned. All these functions can be used simultaneously.

Perfetto shower panel comes with all the standard accessories for installation, making it easy for you to install it. Included are reinforced pipes with a standard plumbing connection, which means it is easily acceptable in any plumbing design.


– When used with all those multiple functions it is quite refreshing

– Comes with its own installation accessories

– If the water pressure is sufficient, all the functions can be used at the same time.

– It has in-built temperature controls

– Made of stainless steel, hence durable


– It is not secure to be mounted on a tiled wall as any more pressure put into it causes it to move.

– Its edges are exposed

As always, you don’t buy any accessory before checking its available features. You need to research and know which shower panel has what. The above shower panels are all great, but remember you have to consider your bathroom, the users-to-be of the shower panel and a lot more before you finally make a purchase. We hope the above information helps you do exactly that.

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