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Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


Also called policeman’s heel, Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition in which the thick band of tissues connecting the toes to the heel bone gets inflamed. The thick band of tissue is called This causes sharp pains in the heel especially in the mornings. Just like with any other medical conditions, the first thing that comes to your mind is seeking medical advice. But must you go to a medical centre? The answer is no, you don’t have to. Plantar Fasciitis is self-diagnosable and self-treatable as well. It is very rare to require lab tests and imaging, which if carried out will then require treatments like steroid injections and surgery. Self-treatment includes physiotherapy and shoe modification, activity modifications and RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

We always love it easy, right? Of all the above self-care remedies, you will point out that footwear modification is the easiest to achieve, albeit costing a buck. The footwear, ranging from shoes, sandals, slippers, insoles to work boots. Let’s be clear however, plantar fasciitis footwear does not cure plantar fasciitis but reduce the pain and speed up the healing process. Besides, it helps keep the condition at bay once you detect the symptoms at an early stage. If you are undergoing medication for plantar fasciitis, then you will need these footwear and if your feet are beginning to feel pain, you need them too.

What makes a good plantar fasciitis footwear?

Plantar fasciitis is common to runners and those people who do not wear proper footwear. Its treatment by footwear means that there is something special with the footwear. Which begs the question, what is it that you should look out for to ascertain that this shoe, insole or work boot is nice for a plantar fasciitis condition? There are a few factors that you should consider. These include;

  • Sizing. The size of the shoe you wear has a great impact on plantar fasciitis. Those shoes that are too large hence loose make your strides irregular hence straining your arches. On the other hand, small-sized shoes will cause your toes curl adding pressure to the ball of your foot as well as the heel. Measure your feet regularly, ensure that the footwear you buy is the right size.
  • Proper Lacing. When it comes to Plantar fasciitis, lacing makes a great difference. Shoes with more eyelets on the laces are best as they allow great control over how tight or loose your shoe will fit different parts of your feet. The laces close to your toes should be a bit loose while those ones close to your ankles are tight.
  • Sole Support. The best footwear for plantar fasciitis are characterized by a thick and cushiony sole. It is necessary to have a soft surface between your feet and the hard surfaces. Also, ensure that the soles are of great quality since some soles are prone to abrasion and wear out with time.
  • Your activity. What are you going to be involved with that will need much use of the shoes or boots? Are you an athlete or an industrial worker? This is important to consider as different conditions require different properties in footwear. If you are looking for a plantar fasciitis footwear to use in;
  • Walking, then go for a flexible sole with a smooth tread. This will allow your feet to easily bend and also consider great cushioning on the soles
  • Running, you need extra stability on the heels and a thick and flexible cushioning on the soles. Besides, the shoe should be light in weight.
  • Field activities, an extra ankle support is required with an excellent traction and of course, a thick sole.


  • Arch Support. A shoe will be great for plantar fasciitis if it has a good arch support. The design should offer enough support to your arches whether you are standing, running, walking or even squatting. This will help avert your feet from any further injuries on the plantar fascia.
  • Heel Cushioning. As pointed out earlier, the heel is the most affected part in case of plantar fasciitis. It is the most painful and thus needs so much pampering. The best way to pamper your heel is to ensure that it rests on a very comfortable footbed with sufficient cushioning all round. Heel cushioning will not only reduce pressure and shock out of walking and standing but also increase the padding that your feet get.
  • Toe Box. Your toes need enough space as you will need to stretch them a lot if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Pick footwear with enough space and wide enough toe box. When buying, try the shoes on, wiggle the toes to feel if the space will be enough while giving a thought on size too.
  • Your budget. Contrary to what many believe, the best footwear for plantar fasciitis is not the most expensive. You should go for the best footwear for plantar fasciitis within your budget. You can invest in buying many types of shoes that fit your condition.

Our feet are different and thus our needs when it comes to buying footwear for our condition different as well. What this simply means is that what the other person is comfortable in might not necessarily work for you. Different feet have different needs and you need to learn what your feet need.

If you have noted, our focus has been on footwear, which means we are focusing on all types of footwear. This will include shoes, sandals, slippers, insoles and other inserts. These do not have similar things to consider when buying them. As a result, we will look at each type of footwear, what you need to consider when buying them and take a look at a few of the best in the category.

We have already looked at what needs to be considered when buying shoes, hence we will dig into the best shoes for plantar fasciitis for both sexes, men and women. But still, there are different purposes for these shoes. If you are an athlete, the shoe you buy is not the same one will but for walking. So let us narrow it down to five of the best shoes for both sexes and for different purposes. Isn’t that cool? Great. So we start with the best shoes to walk in for both men and women with plantar fasciitis.


  1. Orthofeet Monterey Bay Comfort Orthotic Men’s Sneakers

These are the perfect shoes in case you spend so much time on your feet. They lessen the pain on your feet and fatigue. With their soft interior cushioning, you will feel like you are walking on a pillow that lacks the sinking effect. The sole is synthetic but sturdy offering you just the perfect amount of support for your feet and traction on the surface.

This shoe has padded linings that provide protection to anyone suffering from arthritis, diabetes and plantar fasciitis. This is because they have an excellent arch support that helps reduce not only foot pain but also leg and back pain. Your toes can freely move inside the shoes very well since there is enough space which also allows you to add any orthotic insert.

Unlike other shoes which slide over smooth surfaces, these shoes strongly grip onto the surface maintaining your stability. The sole is lightweight with air cushioning which softens your steps while adding spring to them. Their Ortho-Cushion System has been engineered biomechanically to lessen joint stress.

Why did these shoes come first as the best to walk in by men with plantar fasciitis? Here are the reasons;

  • You will enjoy their Orthotic support. The shoes have an orthotic premium insole with great arch support as you walk.
  • The Easy Gait Ortho-Cushion System is light and alleviates any stress on your joints
  • The design is so comfortable with different features and can be used by people with arthritis and diabetes too.
  • Offer you with the best footwear solution for foot pain, knee pain, arch pain and many more.
  • Spacious enough to allow for addition of removable inserts.
  • Great traction
  • Light in weight with air cushioning
  • Non-binding with an extra depth design

What we did not maybe like about these shoes are two;

  • They come in only two colours, black and white
  • They get wet if worn in a wet environment


  1. Men’s Vionic Orthaheel Walker

The Vionic Orthaheel Technology walking shoes can also be worn by women who are suffering from plantar fasciitis and that alone makes them one of the most preferred shoes. They come in six exciting colours which offer you a very wide range of options. Their upper is made of leather while the sole is man-made. They have a very plush look which is also one of their biggest selling points.

The man-made sole is designed in such a way that it offers excellent comfort to your feet and has great traction. Besides the upper of the shoe, the side panels are also made of leather and an addition of synthetic and mesh panels ensure that they are breathable.

Vionic Orthaheel technology helps in support of the arch and that in turn ensures you have a painless experience. With a structure that is entirely designed by a podiatrist, Vionic Orthaheel shoes ensure that you have maximum comfort once you slip into them. Support is also doubled with this, thanks to the rubber outsole and the EVA midsole.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • They come in six different colours
  • Available in extended sizes and widths
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate insole provides extra cushioning and comfort
  • The uppers are soft, made of leather
  • Very flexible
  • Breathable

What we did not like about the shoes;

  • They are squeaky
  • You need to order up one size to be comfortable


  1. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

New Balance is known to manufacture some of the best shoes for running by people with plantar fasciitis. They also can manufacture great shoes to walk in with the same condition and the MW928 Walking shoes are just a perfect example of these. The pair offers you with increased stability adding some control to your movement. Stability and motion control are greatly important for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Made of classic leather, these shoes have a rubber sole that boasts great traction. The shaft is approximately 2.5 inches from the arches and the shoes feature a very secure lace-up vamp with a thick cushioned collar. Stability is achieved by ROLLBAR technology that is used by the shoe while the midfoot enjoys ABZORB cushioning. Besides, they have a Phantom Liner that is seamlessly odor-resistant and a walking strike path outsole.

What we loved about these shoes;

  • They fit perfectly
  • Are so much comfortable
  • Cushiony soles
  • Strong and durable
  • Quite stable with the Stabilizing ROLLBAR technology

What we did not like;

  • These shoes are a bit pricey


  1. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

If you have plantar fasciitis and are looking for shoes that are made of leather but have a plush look, then look no further, these are the perfect choice! Their sole is made of a synthetic sole and that will help you be stable with the great traction.

A rear and forefoot Hydroflow technology helps make the shoe have a cushioning mechanism. It ensures that there is less stress exerted on the plantar fascia by reducing the shock you feel when running and walking. You will be surprised to learn that the MOGO midsole technology boasts receiving numerous awards due to its aid in provision of superior cushioning to the arches. This, as we said, reduces shock during movement and that means less pain on your feet. Furthermore, the S-257 cushsole provides and optimizes the comfort that you will feel. The midsole compound used is energy efficient and the shoes’ upper design of full-grain leather ensures comfort with its soft feel.

The things that made us love these shoes include;

  • They are spacious allowing feet movement
  • They look plush and classy
  • Can be used anywhere in any work
  • Very comfortable
  • Synthetic sole that has a strong traction
  • Cushioning mechanism courtesy of rear and forefoot technology
  • Renowned MOGO midsole which provides cushioning to the arches

What we did not like about them;

  • They are a bit expensive
  • Some clients complained about their durability


  1. Saucony Grid Omni Walking Shoes

This is another type of shoe that is designed for both men and women. It comes in either a black or white colour but has a very appealing look since its outer body’s design combines leather and synthetic material.

Saucory is designed with safety in mind as its rubber outsole has a great traction and grips strongly on the ground preventing accidents. The midsole is also made using compression-molded EVA and has a higher durometer. In other terms, its pronation rate is slower than that of other shoes in the market. The sole is asymmetric, a design that ensures the shoe fits perfectly both physically and bio-mechanically. Also, the shoes have a Walk Trac outsole with a patented design to help you in a smoother transition.

The cushioning mechanism of this shoe is also another thing to look at. It is offered by a visible rear foot grid system which provides stability as well.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Has an appealing look with a leather-synthetic combination
  • Rubber outsole with a great traction
  • Compression molded EVA insole
  • High durometer than other shoes
  • An asymmetric sole for perfect fitting
  • Walk Trac outsole that has a patented design

What we did not like;

  • The shoes are not roomy as plantar fasciitis shoes should

The above shoes are for men with plantar fasciitis. How about women with plantar fasciitis, what is their best when it comes to shoes? Let’s take a look at five of them.


  1. Vionic Orthaheel Walker

We featured this excellent brand of shoe among the best to be used by men with plantar fasciitis and we mentioned that there is also a version of it for women. The shoe has all the classic features that one might expect to get in any supportive shoe. To start with, it is wide and that alone provides you with more stability. Apart from that, the width also means the toe box offers more room to your toes to spread out.

Another outstanding feature of this shoe is the removable orthotic that it comes with. This one adds support to your arches and heels and helps in providing motion control. Besides, it will correct your stride hence you won’t have to place all the weight and impact on your heel while walking.

That the orthotic is removable is also something to be happy about since you can remove and keep it once the pain goes away.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Has classic features that all plantar fasciitis shoes should have
  • Stable since it is very wide
  • Offers additional support to your arches and heels
  • The wide toe box gives room for the toes to spread out
  • Comes with a removable orthotic
  • The EVA midsole is shock-absorbing

What we did not;

  • Some clients complained of the outsole not being durable


  1. New Balance W1540

If you are a lady with plantar fasciitis looking for the best shoes with maximum support, then you need to consider these shoes. They are especially ideal if your heel is at its worst and you need to walk without feeling the impact on your feet. This is because they are designed to provide maximum arch support and so much cushioning all around the shoe. The cushioning gently cradles the feet in a precise position that it is needed to be.

The shoes also feature the New Balance’s effective roll bar technology which help in correcting your stride. With a 10 mm high heel drop, your heel is protected from any shock as a result of walking impact. You ask how? Well, the heel drop evenly redistributes the shock all across your foot and adding this to the cushioning, you have excellent comfort.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Excellent arch support
  • So much cushioning and comfort
  • Use of the New Balance roll bar technology to correct your stride
  • Polyurethane footbed that cushions your feet and enhances stability

What we did not like;

  • They are available in limited colours


  1. Orthofeet Verve Comfort Athletic Shoes for Women

Are these shoes meant for running or walking? Forget about the naming, these are the best shoes for ladies with plantar fasciitis to walk in. They are athletic thanks to their versatility and comfort. They also feature all the premium elements that Orthofeet products for plantar fasciitis have.

To begin with, they are quite wide, a design that is important for pronation, corns, bunions, toes, hammer, neuropathy and many other foot problems. The wide design also gives your toes room to spread out. Additionally, their soles are very light in weight, making them so suitable for walks.

The interior of these shoes is lined with soft and breathable linings that prevent your feet from sweating and eventually smelling. The design too is quite outstanding as they look like normal regular sneakers, nobody can suspect that they are plantar fasciitis shoes. You will find them in two colours, fuchsia and turquoise.

These shoes can also be used by diabetic women.

We liked these shoes because of the following reasons;

  • They are very light
  • So versatile and comfortable
  • Wide and spacious enough to offer room for your toes to spread
  • Interior has soft and breathable linings to avert sweating and odor
  • Outstanding design

What we did not like about them;

  • Only available in two colours
  • You may need to buy a size larger


  1. Vionic Women’s Venture Athletic Shoes

These are lace-up sneakers designed specifically for ladies with plantar fasciitis. It comes in eight different colours and as such provides you with a wide range of options. We know women love fashion and that is a plus for these shoes which are so trendy.

Vionic Women’s Venture Athletic shoes are not made of leather like other shoes but synthetic material. They also boast a durable lightweight mesh with man-made overlays that give you a sporty look apart from offering the shoe with breathability.

The interior of these shoes has a footbed that is made of EVA technology. Besides, it also has the 1st Ray Flexort technology. It is a removable footbed hence you can adjust the shoe to what suits you, you can remove it and replace it with an orthotic if you have one and of course, you can remove it for storage once your condition gets better. The outsole as well is made of rubber but very durable too. With these shoes you will enjoy a good grip on the surface you are walking on, thanks to the outsole’s great traction.

Other features include the biomechanical orthotic foot bed and the orthaheel technology. Both technologies make sure that your feet align with the foot bed automatically and optimize comfort. Besides, they reduce pronation hence reduced pain.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • They come in eight different colours, providing variety
  • Quite trendy
  • Come with EVA technology-made removable footbeds
  • Incorporate 1st Ray Flexort technology and biomechanical orthotic foot bed
  • Made of synthetic material
  • Great outsole traction
  • Reduced pronation
  • Breathable, thanks to the lightweight mesh overlays

Of the reviews on Amazon, no user complained of any issue with these shoes yet!


  1. New Balance WW928

This is another shoe with a great level of support which makes it ideal for anybody suffering from plantar fasciitis. Around the collar and at the tongue, the shoe has a padding which keeps your ankle and feet in place. Inside the sole of these shoes is a cushioning that absorbs shocks and protects your feet from any walking impact.

New Balance WW928 walking shoes have a very effective roll bar technology which will correct your stride. The correction ensures that you do not walk in a way which worsens your pain. The shaft measures 2.1 inches from the arch and the shoes have a C-CAP midsole.

This shoe is made of leather with a Ndurance rubber outsole and ABZORB cushioning with a ROLLBAR support system.

What we liked about these boots;

  • Great support
  • Padding at the tongue and collar
  • Interior cushioning to absorb shocks
  • ROLLBAR technology to correct your stride
  • C-CAP midsole

What we did not like about them;

  • They are quite pricey
  • You need to buy a size larger than the standard one
  • They are a bit heavier than other shoes in this category

But we work out, we run, we play different types of games which require so much feet movement. Runners for instance, which shoes can they use when running? Because running involves heavy footsteps which mean much impact. If you are thinking that the shoes we featured above can also be used in running, hold on. You are wrong, sorry. Let us go through five of the best running shoes for men with plantar fasciitis then go through the same for women with plantar fasciitis.


  1. ASICS Men’s GEL Kayano Running Shoes

What a runner with plantar fasciitis needs is not just shoes but shoes with excellent comfort and support for their feet, more especially their knees. In provision of these two, ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano deliver perfectly. The shoes feature popular Gel cushioning that pampers the back of your foot. As if that is not enough, the shoes also have very durable rubber soles that are designed to absorb shocks.

The Asica Men’s Gel-Kayano Running shoes are preferred for neutral and overpronating. Besides, Asic’s Flytefoam midsole technology is used to provide superb cushioning for your entire run. How? This technology allows the shoe to bounce back to its initial shape after every stride you make. Besides the shoe’s comfort and support, you will be impressed by the stability this shoe will offer you.

These shoes’ midsoles are made of organic super fibers which are extremely durable and as a result, you will enjoy outstanding cushioning throughout your runs. The mesh upper too ensures that you have an adaptive fit whereby the Heel Clutching System offers superior support all round, more especially in the rear of your foot.

A rubber material that is high-abrasion is used besides a DuraSponge outsole which complements the shoe’s cushioning and durability. You can find these shoes in regular or wide sizes hence there is much room for addition of wide orthotics and those people with wider feet. However, these shoes are a bit pricey compared to the rest in this list.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Excellent provision of comfort and support
  • The shoes use Asic popular GEL to pamper your feet
  • Absorb shocks
  • Durable rubber soles
  • Flytefoam midsole technology offers excellent cushioning
  • The shoes provide you with stability
  • The shoes bounce back to their original shape after every stride you make
  • Extremely durable midsoles made from organic super fibers
  • Mesh upper with an adaptive fit
  • Heel Clutching System for superior comfort
  • Shoes can be found in regular or wide sizes hence addition of orthotics easy

What we did not like about them;

  • These shoes are quite expensive,


  1. Brooks Ghost 9

This shoe comes with a 12 mm heel drop which will not only shift the pressure away from your feet as you run but also offers your foot with a lot of support. Additionally, the shoe has superior cushioning which is in the tongue and around the corner to help you to hold your foot in place.

For any man with who is suffering from plantar fasciitis, this is the best place to begin your healing process. The shoes provide your arch with an amazing neutral to underpronation support. It also comes with high energizing cushioning.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Has a 12 mm heel to offer your foot with support
  • Shifts the pressure away from your feet
  • Boasts superior cushioning around the collar and the tongue
  • Provides your arch with amazing support
  • You can insert custom orthotics

No client has made a complain about these shoes yet. What does that say about them!

  1. New Balance 1080V6

This is an attractive shoe which offers more than just plantar fasciitis relief but also a great performance. This can be attributed to the many features it has, like the asymmetrical heel counter which ensures the feet are kept locked into place, a breathable lining, a removable insole, a lightweight frame, an ABZORB crash pad, a N2 heel cushioning and an arch-securing FantomFit quarter.

After all these features, little room is left for anything else. It is made of synthetic fabric and has a rubber outsole. The synthetic upper features a bootie-like mesh while the padded collar and tongue ensure more comfort at your ankles. Add a lace front to other features of the shoe, like an ortholite sockliner and a fresh foam midsole and you have a great shoe.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • They bare attractive
  • Asymmetrical heel counter
  • Breathable
  • Come with a removable insole
  • Lightweight frame
  • ABZORB crash pad
  • N2 heel cushioning
  • Padded collar and tongue for more comfort

What we did not like;

  • It has less room for spreading of toes
  • There were complaints from many customers about the shoe’s durability


  1. ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

ASICS is one of the most prestigious and successful shoe brands you will come across in the market today. This shoe in particular stands out with superb comfort and great support system. The stand-out feature in this shoe, especially, is the heel clutching system. This offers a great amount of comfort to your painful feet and some users have termed it as feel “like walking on air” when wearing these shoes.

Besides, the shoe has a great traction and grips to the surface regardless of the weather. ASICS brings this shoe in different colours and that alone is a reason enough to see why they are loved. It is made of textile and synthetic with a rubber sole while the shaft is low-top from the arch.

Thanks to the Fluiride Midsole, you will enjoy a bounce back and cushioning properties as you run in these shoes. There also are Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems that attenuate shocks during impact and toe-off phases. They allow you to move in different planes while your feet transition through the gait cycle.

The shoe also uses the FluidFit upper technology which combines multi-directional stretch mesh with reinforcements that stretch to adapt to your foot condition, athlete’s foot or plantar fasciitis. This creates a glove-like fit which is truly customized.

What we loved about these shoes;

  • The shoes are prestigious
  • They come in many different colours
  • Uses a heel clutching system that offers great comfort to your feet
  • Great traction in every weather
  • Fluiride midsole with bounce back and cushioning properties
  • RearFoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning systems which attenuate shocks from impact
  • FluidFit upper technology help the shoe adapt to your feet condition

What we didn’t like;

  • The shape changed from the previous versions and that irked some customers
  • Quality concerns, since most customers bemoaned of the shoes developing holes after few months of use


  1. Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3

These shoes were mainly made for competitions and endurance trainings. This means that for its construction, lighter materials were used so that the shoes do not weigh down the wearer while the sole was designed for an all-out shock absorption. While other shoes that provide equally great support tend to be thick and very heavy, Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3 are light and better to be worn even for a whole day.

These shoes provide more support as well as more cushioning since they are designed for longer runs. Their collars and tongues have some extra padding and they securely wrap around the middle of the foot. These features make Sayonara 3 great for your heel pain.

The material used to make these shoes is 25% mesh and 75% synthetic. The shaft measures about 3.1 inches from the arch. They are speed-focused trainers whose dual-tone uppers are breathable and have minimal friction. The outsole is made of rubber and besides the u4ic forefoot cushioning, the shoes boast a Parallel Wave technology.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • They are very light in weight
  • Very high quality shoes
  • Offer more cushioning and support
  • Padded in the collars and tongue
  • Breathable dual-tone uppers with minimal friction
  • Speed-focused
  • Maximum shock absorbing rubber outsole
  • Secure mid-foot wrap

What we did not like about them;

  • For some users, these shoes can be stiffer


What about women? Women too run, right? And as we all know, female feet are quite different from men’s. So will they use the above shoes to run? The answer is no. They should look for shoes that are specifically designed for women runners with plantar fasciitis. Which gives us another thing to look at, best women’s running shoes for plantar fasciitis.


  1. New Balance W860bp7

These shoes come with so much cushioning in the footbed and around the collar which make the pair a great pick. Besides that cushioning, the shoes’ built in structure will aid with overpronation. Now if overpronation has been the cause of your plantar fasciitis, then these shoes could be the remedy.

The New Balance W860bp7 running shoes hold your feet in a healthier position as they cushion your feet from any shock that might result from your steps. This way your heel won’t be inflamed further. Also, the design of the sole is split and that redistributes shock stopping it from shooting up straight through your heel.

Coming in different colours, the USA-made shoes have a rubber sole with a great traction hence you can run on any ground without having any safety qualms. The shaft is about 2.25 inches from the arch and the upper is meshy, offering your feet a breathable environment and keeping your toes dry and cool. The shoes are also light since no-sew materials are applied, reducing the shoes’ overall weight while keeping its support intact.

Due to the Asymmetrical Heel Counter, the back of your foot will also enjoy some lateral support. Besides, shock will be absorbed, energy displaced by ABZORB technology which will soften the impact that is felt whenever your foot strikes the ground. Additional arch support and cushioning is provided by Ortholite Premium Insole which is also very durable.


What we liked about these shoes;

  • They come in different colours
  • They have so much cushioning, around the collar and in the footbed
  • These shoes hold your feet in a healthier position
  • The sole’s split design redistributes shock hence it won’t sharply go up your heel
  • The shoes are lightweight with a mesh upper and no-sew material application
  • An assymetrical Heel Counter for your heel’s lateral support
  • ABZORB technology softens your footsteps’ impact
  • An Ortholite Premium Insole provides durable comfort and an additional arch support

What we did not like;

  • You better buy a size up your normal size as these tend to run narrow and small


  1. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2

In these shoes, it is all about shape and comfort but less style. This is clear with the shortage of colour options in which the shoes come which are only two, black and white. However, that does not compromise the quality of these shoes as far as support of plantar fasciitis feet is concerned.

Some of the great support features that these shoes boast include the Stretch Zone sections, the Walk-Trac outsole and the rear foot and forefoot HRC cushioning. The latter is responsible for pampering your heels with and offering them responsive cushioning whenever your foot steps on the ground.

The support and comfort features ensure that you are not only supported as you walk but also they fit and keep your Plantar Fasciitis-suffering heels in place. However, the tougher and tighter feel of these shoes has its downsides since it is not breathable and denies your toes the chance of spreading out and staying cool and dry. Like we mentioned, these shoes are color-limited. Of the two color options, the black color is stiffer than the white one.

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 is made of full-grain leather and has a rubber sole. Apart from being Walk-Tac, the rubber outsole is non-marking and has durable XT-900 materials in its high-wear portions while the collar and tongue are padded for more comfort. There also is a Grid cushioning unit.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Stretch Zone Sections
  • Walk-Trac outsole
  • Rear foot and forefoot HRC cushioning
  • The shoes fit quite well
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Great heel support and cushioning
  • Rubber outsole which is non-marking
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Grid cushioning unit

What we did not like about them;

  • Being so tight, breathability is unachievable in these shoes
  • The color options are limited, and we all know what style means to women


  1. Brooks Ghost 9

In most cases, women’s running shoes always have stiffer soles which make them really bad for their feet especially if they are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Reason why it is even more important to be careful on which shoes you are buying and what their consequences are. You do not want to buy a pair of shoes that worsens your condition making life more difficult, do you?

Of the running shoes in the market right now meant for women with plantar fasciitis, very few can match The Ghost 9. This type of shoe will not cause you a single problem. Why? To begin with, the shoes have soft rubber soles, not hard like most of its competitors. As a sole, rubber is perfect since it is soft and flexible enough that it won’t force your foot to a weird position, but at the same time it is solid enough to provide support.

On the other hand, the shoes’ arch support is well-designed for those having underpronation and as such the arch is lower and the sole a bit firmer. The sole also has an awesome split design down the heel from the middle and this assists in redistributing and absorbing shock hence it won’t shoot straight through the heel.

What we liked about the shoes;

  • The shoes have some great support for underpronation
  • Great shock absorption in the heel
  • Soft rubber soles which are also flexible
  • Split-design sole that redistributes and absorbs shock
  • Lower arch and a firmer sole

What we did not like about them;

  • The shoes are a bit stiffer compared to other shoes in this category


  1. ASICS GEL Kayano Running Shoes

These are solid and high quality shoes from the famous ASICS brand, made specifically for any lady with plantar fasciitis. The shoes offer extreme support and comfort. They feature the brand’s popular GEL cushioning that provides excellent comfort moreso in your forefoot and rear foot and helps in absorbing shock.

For female runners with neutral and overpronation, these shoes are a perfect pick. They are also great for women who are training for long distance races and logging high mileages. Flytefoam midsole, which is ASICS’ brand technology, helps the shoes bounce back to their original shape whenever you make a stride. Besides, it is very light in weight and has some proper cushioning to guarantee your feet comfort no matter what distance you will be running.

The upper of these shoes is made of FluidFit mesh while its sole is made of rubber. The FluidFit upper technology combines stretch reinforcements and the multidirectional stretch mesh and it adapts to athlete’s foot, resulting in a uniquely customized glove-like fit.  FluiRide technology offers a great blend of bounce back and cushioning properties that are so light and exceptionally durable.

The exoskeletal heel counter uses the Heel Clutching System Technology to offer your feet with extra support creating an improved heel fitting environment. Once the fit has been improved, the shoe will hold not only the heel but also the entire foot better with maximum toe spring provision.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • The shoes are solid and high quality
  • Flytefoam midsoles bounce back after every stride
  • They are lightweight with proper cushioning
  • Uppers with a mesh and FuidFit
  • FluidFit technology makes the shoe adapt to your foot and the it fits you quite well
  • Light and exceptionally durable cushioning
  • Exoskeletal heel counter which gives your feet extra support
  • Maximu stability, thanks to Dynamic Duomax Technology
  • Absorbs shock during running
  • Looks stylish

What we did not like about them;

  • You need to buy them in a wide width since they are narrow
  1. Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe

These shoes are so flashy, to begin with, and will hold your heels in a healthy position keeping them protected from the shock of running. Despite their stiff sole, the shoes have some lovely design. They are built with a wider toe which is also flexible and this helps minimize any pain or further injury as you further train.

Their upper is synthetic as well as the sole. The shaft measures about 2.75 inches from the arch. In case you want to transition to semi-supportive shoes, then these ones will greatly help. To achieve this you can use orthotics or a toe spreader, then remove them when you feel like you are better off. When buying these shoes you should be keen on where the letter W is placed as its position has different meanings. If placed before a number, like 5W, then the W refers to Women’s size. If. However, the number is in front of the letter, W5, then the W means WIDE.

These shoes come in many different colours.

What we liked about the shoes;

  • A great combination of arch support and flexibility
  • They come in different colors and give the buyer many options
  • Built with a wider toe
  • Great transition shoes
  • Have an upgraded premium sock liner which offers more resilience and bounce back on every stride
  • Durable with shock attenuation
  • Refined toe spring

What we did not like;

  • A bit stiffer

Running, unlike mere walking, needs special shoes because the impact of the footsteps is more intense compared to that of walking. That’s why in choosing running shoes for plantar fasciitis, the quality of the outsole is important lest it wears out quickly. You need to look for a durable pair, made of quality material. The same goes with selecting plantar fasciitis shoes to use in other intense activities, or games. Like tennis for instance.


A tennis shoe is more specialized, specifically designed for sport activities that have your feet on hard surfaces most of the time. They are not only supportive but also stylish. If you are not playing, these are shoes that you can wear and have that enviable classy look. Check out the following five tennis shoes that are the best for plantar fasciitis.

  1. Adidas CC Rally Comp

These shoes are made with an internal support which will keep your feet stable as you move while keeping the shoes extremely light. Their design feels like slippers but still your feet are protected even if you have high arches. Adidas CC Rally Comp shoes feature a medium to high arch support with a plenty extent of cushioning. For anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, this is so important as you need arch support for stability while the cushioning absorbs shock with every step you take.

Made of synthetic textile, the shoes have a rubber outsole which also boast a great traction. With great traction you will get to the ball quicker having no slipperies, adding to the fact that these shoes are so light. The upper has a mesh and there is an internal support for lockdown support to help you faster. The shoes are reinforced with adituff for more durability.

For forefoot propulsion and efficiency, the shoes come with Adiprene inserts. The shoes also come with an Adiwear 6 outsole which is incredibly durable and non-marking hard surface. There have been excitements from many people at how light these shoes are and have no break in periods. Besides, they come in many bright and eye-catching colors giving you a myriad of options to choose from. These are the go-to shoes if you have plantar fasciitis and high arches.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Medium to high arch support
  • Ample cushioning
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Shock absorbing
  • Rubber outsole with great traction
  • Reinforced with adituff for more durability
  • Adiprene inserts enhance efficiency and forward propulsion
  • Durable non-marking Adiwear 6 outsole
  • The shoe has no break in period
  • These shoes come in many bright colours

Whatw e did not like;

  • Sometimes they can be a little bit wide


  1. K-Swiss Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss is one of the biggest brands in manufacturing tennis shoes.  Their shoes are so cool that even non-tennis players wear them, which shows what a big deal they are. The Grancourt II are specifically designed for people with high arches.

The upper and sole of these shoes are both made of rubber with the upper featuring a plush tongue and collar plus a reinforced toe. The rubber outsole is very solid while a high quality K-EVA midsole and molded-foam insole add more cushioning and comfort to the feet. Due to the great traction of these shoes’ outsoles you can comfortably walk on a wet pavement as the soles absorb any shock resulting from your feet experience.

The soles are also durable and stay intact for long. Many clients have expressed satisfaction over the shoes’ durability and extreme comfort.

What we liked about the shoes;

  • Plush tongue and collar for comfort
  • Solid and durable rubber outsole
  • Superb heel cushioning from the molded-foam insole
  • Outsole has great traction
  • High quality K-EVA midsole
  • The shoes are extremely comfortable and durable
  • They absorb shocks from any foot movement

What we did not like about them;

  • Most customers had sizing issues with the shoes


  1. Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

One of the world’s all-time best tennis players, Roger Federer teamed up with Tinker Hatfield to design a shoe that would not just fit your feet but also support you as you enjoy your game. That shoe is the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour, made of synthetic and mesh. With an Adaptive Fit Technology, the shoe wraps from the bottom of the arch to the laces creating a custom fit for your feet. The shoe has ample heel cushioning which will sure keep plantar fasciitis away and despite being built specifically for tennis, you can wear it as a walking shoe that has a sporty design. The textile upper is lightweight and breathable while the heel and forefoot have great traction and durability.

Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour does not require a break in period as it is comfortable to wear from the word go. The strong points of this shoe include the heel cushioning and the support it offers for people with plantar fasciitis. If you however have wider feet, these shoes might not be the best for you. Reason? They are a bit narrow.

What we liked about the shoes;

  • They are designed by renowned tennis players, which means they are designed with a player’s welfare in mind
  • Adaptive Fit Technology helps the shoe fit your feet
  • Can be worn out of court as normal shoes with a sporty design
  • Can be worn straight out of box since they have no break-in period
  • Great heel cushioning and heel support
  • Lightweight and breathable

What we did not like about them;

  • They run a bit narrow


  1. Adidas Barricade

These are brilliant shoes that will give you the looks you need from a tennis shoe, besides comfort and support. Because of their design and construction, they have the best shock absorption amongst all shoes reviewed in the list.

Adiprene material has been used by Adidas in the heel so that it superbly protects your feet from the impact as you play. Additionally, the material is also used in the front of the shoe offer more propulsion and enhance efficiency. These are all features that are important in keeping pain and inflammation of the plantar fascia at bay. The shaft of these shoes is approximately low-top from the arch.

Adidas Barricade’s Boost! Knit upper reduces your feet’s irritation by expanding with the feet while its seamless construction provides an optimal fit. Its lace-up closure is centralized and upper has a mesh lining that is breathable. Other features include an abrasion resistant ADITUFF that wraps around your toes as well as the medial forefoot so that it protects you against foot drag and a molded foam insole. In the midfoot, support is provided by BARRICAD chassis while the ADIWEAR rubber outsole ensures you have a high-wear, ultimate traction. The shoes’ anatomical GEOFIT construction gives you a spacious toe box where your toes can spread freely.

What we liked about these boots;

  • Best shock absorption
  • Superb protection of the heels by Adiprene material
  • The upper expands with the feet to reduce their irritation
  • Mesh lining makes them breathable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • High ultimate traction
  • Spacious toe box

What we did not like about them;

  • They run small and a bit narrow


  1. New Balance 1296 V2

Last on our list are these New Balance shoes that you will surely love. They are so comfortable and stylish, containing lateral support with stabilizing technology that ensures your feet are kept in the best neutral position once you wear them. Just like the other tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis, these ones too have a great padding for your heel and the foot in general to cushion it from any impact and plantar fasciitis.

The upper is made of synthetic mesh with the Ndurance outsole being made of rubber. New Balance is a high-tech shoe that features FantomFit no-sew overlays and a glossy N logo at the sides. With a REVlite cushioned midsole and S-curve outstep support, you are sure to have the best support for your feet.  The shoes also have a long-wear drag tip and the shaft is approximately 2.75 inches from the arch.

However, some other people have reported that the shoes can come a little bit smaller than your standard shoe. As a result, you should consider ordering a shoe one size up.

What we liked about the shoes;

  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Lateral support and stabilizing technology to ensure best foot positioning
  • Great padding for the heel and foot
  • High-tech
  • Ndurance rubber outsole ensures durability
  • The REVlite material used to make the midsole is very light compared to standard foam
  • FantomFit upper offers ultra-light support and fit

What we did not like about them;

  • They come a bit smaller in size


On some occasions, a casual sneaker or running shoe is not an option because you need to look official, leaving you to a dress shoe. With plantar fasciitis, you haven’t been condemned out of the fashion world, you can still kill it. However, many dress shoes, especially those with heels over 2 inches, do not offer your feet the needed support. In fact, they insert more pressure on your already unwell feet. Is there anything extra you need to check out for while looking for a nice dress shoe for your plantar fasciitis feet? Nothing beyond what we already highlighted earlier when looking for plantar fasciitis shoes; excellent arch support, a contoured footbed, size, the price, and a deep heel cup. The latter offers heel pain relief, something 6that most dress shoes lack. Getting to pick a good dress shoe for plantar fasciitis is not easy either. But worry not, we got your back. Here are five of the best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Best Dress Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis


  1. Vionic Men’s Preston Loafer

What is the first thing you see in a man once you meet? Many will tell you his shoes, and it is true. A nice pair of shoes, like the Vionic Men’s Preston Loafer, will have you standing out of the rest. These shoes are designed to accommodate wearers with any foot condition, be it flat feet, uneven or high-arched.

Vionic Men’s Preston Loafers boast a fine, premium leather upper with a lightly padded top line whose function is to protect your sensitive feet from chaffing. The orthopedic design of these shoes is a perfect fit for providing the support and comfort that your feet need. The outsole is also rubber while the upper leather has a classic moc toe styling. Unlike other shoes that require you to spend some time tying and untying the shoe laces, these onbes here are just slip-on. They have dual elastic gores to make this easy.

The interior has a leather-covered EVA footbed which you can remove in case you want to replace with an orthotic. You also get to enjoy superior orthotic support thanks to Podiatrist-designed Orthaheel Technology which also offers relief and stability to help your feet realign to their natural position. These loafers offer you extreme support and comfort while they keep your style on fleek.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Easy to wear and take off
  • These shoes have clinically been proven to relieve various common causes of plantar fasciitis
  • Manufactured using a ultra-light material
  • Deep heel cups that help in foot realignment
  • They are very suitable for narrow feet

What we did not like;

  • There were customer concerns on the sizing
  • The shoes have some smell on the first days after purchase


  1. Comfort Men’s Leader Therapeutic Extra Depth Dress Shoe

One of the most disturbing and time consuming activities with shoes is tying laces. If they are slippery and keep coming off, then that’s even more hectic. That’s one area where these shoes are convenient, there’s a monks strap whose wrist you flick to open and close and you’re good to go.

These shoes are a timeless classic that have stood the test of time. Just a glance and you can conclude that they are nice shoes. This can be attributed to the sleek, polished leather exterior with an invisible stitch detail and the moccasin toe. On weight, these shoes are among the lightest in the market yet made of high quality materials. They also include Dr. Comfort Gel Inserts which offer more comfort.

Although made of fine leather, that doesn’t not compromise the breathability of these shoes as they will still wick away any moisture from your feet. They have a leather lining from inside to help your feet stay dry, free from friction and injuries, fresh and generally comfortable.

If you are looking for a shoe with fine quality, comfortable, sophisticated and designed therapeutically, then go for Dr. Comfort Wing-Tip Extra Depth.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Comfort gel inserts give you superior comfort
  • For easy adjustment, the shoe has a vero closure
  • There is a seamless padded leather lining to reduce friction

What we did not like about them;

  • Quite pricey


  1. Dansko Josie

Dansko is another brand popular for its products which are designed for support and comfort. Their dress shoes combine style and comfort and Dansko Josie is a great example. These shoes are great for special occasions besides fitting perfectly well in an office attire. They are easy to break in since their upper is made of a durable milled Nappa leather. The classic, neutral colour dress shoes for plantar fasciitis sit in well with a wide selection of outfits.

The leather that is used in construction of the upper is not only soft but very luxurious. The shoes have a round toe design, just like most Mary Jane shoes, which makes it neither too spacious nor too narrow. However, since the leather used is very soft, these shoes adapt very well to the contour of your feet. Instead of shoe laces, they have a closure consisting of two adjustable straps with metal buckles. Meanwhile, the upper’s heel section provides a tight grip on your backfoot resulting in great stability. Linings made of smooth and breathable leather also deliver an awesome feel next to the skin, with the interior of the shoes having brilliant moisture-wicking properties.

A comfortable dual-density EVA footbed is enhanced with memory foam to help it perfectly adapt to the shape of your leg, adding more to the comfortability and cushioning properties of Dansko Josie. Not only that, it also offers additional arch support and that makes it a great choice for any woman with plantar fasciitis. The footbed is removable hence replaceable with an orthotic in case you need to. This also leaves you with much room for customization.

The shoes have polyurethane outsoles that offer top-notch traction on any surface, thanks to their thickness. They are also very durable. With a heel height of about 2 inches, be sure of support for your arch and moderate elevation.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • They combine style and comfort
  • Can be used with office wear or casually worn
  • Easy to break in
  • Made of soft but durable leather
  • They are breathable and wick away any moisture from the feet
  • Adapt very well to the shape of your feet
  • Tight grip on your backfoot, heel, ensuring stability
  • Removable and replaceable footbed
  • Polyurethane thick outsoles that are also durable

What we did not like;

  • Most buyers complained of finding the shoes rather larger than what they had expected
  • They do not absorb shock


  1. Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Orthopedic Arthritis Extra Depth And Diabetic Dress Shoes

Suffering from any foot disease, be it plantar fasciitis, arthritis or diabetes, doesn’t condemn you to a dull look as far as shoes are concerned. You can still look great and be comfortable with these post-operative shoes that combine returning style with superior performance.

Constructed with the Orthofeet Comfort System, these shoes are very durable and take everything to a whole new level. They soothe the pains and aches from your feet with an anatomical arch support that is almost sensual. A cushioning heel pad conforms to your foot’s contours while you walk, enhancing comfort and alleviating any sort of pain. You will feel like you are walking on the clouds.

Ailing feet usually need space and Gramercy Men’s Orthopedic Shoes incorporate a deep toe design which allows your feet to relax with the toes spreading out naturally. This provides the feet with a great level of comfort and consequently peace of mind to the wearer.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Non-binding design which eliminates pressure points
  • The shoes are designed to reduce foot pain and discomfort actively
  • The shoes are super light with an easy gait construction
  • Come with a premium orthotic insole

What we did not like about them;

  • They have sizing issues
  • Some customers complained about their traction
  • There are quality issues with some reporting the stitching and lace holes coming off


  1. Naot Trendy

These shoes are from the Avant-Garde Collection, designed as dressier and for a medium width foot. Avant Garde shoes usually have an integrated shank in their soles for stability with a 2-inch heel. However, not all of them are comfortable with Naot Trendy being among the few exceptions.

This trendy shoe has a narrow-to-medium width and is constructed with a stylish patent leather upper. The nubuck collar is padded for extra appeal. These shoes are available in many versions and colours, giving you so many options.

Naot Trendy also has a hook-and-loop strap with a faux button at its exterior for extra aesthetics. This offers you plenty of adjustabilities with the heel section and the upper giving your ankle a good grip. The interior has a soft leather lining which creates a dry and cozy environment for your toes. It has a non-removable footbed but does feature an anatomically correct contour combining latex and cork elements that help it further adapt to the shape of your foot. Over time, the cork compresses and adopts a form perfectly corresponding to your feet. In addition to this, the footbed is coated with a suede lining which prevents perspiration from building up and keeps your toes fresh all the time.

The shoes have a shank-reinforced sole, with the integrated metallic shank which is adding support and stability besides strengthening the sole’s construction. This is an element which also supports a healthy and natural stride. The heel is about 1.75 inches high, resting on a TPR outsole with reliable traction and extra shock absorption.

What we liked about these shoes;

  • Has narrow to medium width
  • Stylish patent leather upper
  • Available in many colours and versions
  • Hook-and-loop strap with a faux button make it easy to wear and take off the shoes as well as adjust them
  • Padded nubuck collar for added appeal
  • No perspiration build-up in the shoes, thanks to the footbed being coated with a suede lining
  • Metallic shank integrated in the sole added support and stability
  • Outsole has reliable traction and extra shock absorption

What we did not like;

  • The footbed is non-removable
  • Stiff and take time to break in

An industrial worker needs a protection and comfort to his feet. This can not be fully offered by mere shoes but work boots. Jobs like roofing and construction need strong foot protection or else the pain will escalate. This also applies to other fun activities like hiking. In this case, we will look at the best work boots for people with plantar fasciitis.

Best Boots For Plantar Fasciitis.

To land the best work boot for plantar fasciitis, you need to take into consideration a number of factors. They include;

  1. The material and build of the boot
  2. A high-quality cushion insole.
  • Comfort level for you
  1. A shock absorption feature
  2. Safety

Here are five of the best work boots for plantar fasciitis feet

  1. Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot

Wolverine was founded in 1883 in Rockford Michigan and has been at the frontline in production of high-quality work boots. These work boots are built to last by surviving the toughest environment conditions. It uses innovation and patented technologies. If you need an attractive work boot that is both comfortable and durable, then this is it.

The boots are brown in color and their uppers are made with full-grain leather and have a classic look. The uppers are also lined with a mesh that makes them breathable. The boots’ Contour Welt Technology blends their durability with flexibility. A flexible nylon shank plus a ultra-light polyurethane midsole ensure that your feet are not fatigues by the weight of the boots.

What makes the boots more suitable for plantar fasciitis is the Multishox insole, a cushioned footbed which reduces pressure in the heel. The footbed is removable and customizable so you can replace it with your own orthotics. The boots bend and flex, they are like athletic shoes but with a support of a work boot. The support and cushioning drives away any pinched pain and cramped feeling from your feet.

The Wolverine rubber lug outsole is slip, abrasion and oil-resistant. The contour welt construction ensures flexibility and safety same as the polyurethane midsole. Standing on a concrete floor for a whole day won’t bring the annoying and throbbing pain thanks to the full-cushioned insole. These boots have enough comfort and support to completely get rid of plantar fasciitis. They have an average lifespan of five years and come with a 30-day comfort guarantee.

What we liked about them;

  • The upper is built of full-grain leather
  • Comfortable breathable mesh lining
  • Slip, oil and abrasion-resistant
  • Pain-relieving and very durable
  • Flexible
  • Come with a 30-day moneyback comfort guarantee

What we did not like;

  • They are a bit squeaky
  • Lack insulation in extreme weather conditions
  • No steel toe cap protection from falling objects


  1. Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss

Timberland is one of the most popular brands worldwide, renowned for giving its clients quality, durability and satisfaction.  The Timberland Pro Pitboss work boots are high quality and great for people with plantar fasciitis. They feature a tight-grained sturdy leather construction which makes them also very durable.

The boots come with an extra-wide steel toe protection that is meant to keep your feet safe from any falling object. Additionally, an open-cell polyurethane footbed collaborates with a polyurethane midsole to absorb shock and wick out moisture. The boots’ interior has a lining which enhances their breathability, and has an antimicrobial treatment for odor control.

Still on comfort, the boots have extra padding on the collar and tongue that protect your ankle from being blistered by the boot. They are also equipped with the Timberland PRO outsole which is oil and slip resistant.

What we liked about these boots;

  • They are constructed by genuine leather which makes them sturdy and very durable
  • Have padding on the tongue and collar for extra comfort
  • Comfort suspension system helps reduce foot fatigue
  • The boots use a shock diffusion plate so that they disperse pressure from steps and stabilize the feet
  • Thanks to an interior lining, these work boots are breathable and antimicrobial treatment prevents odor
  • Has electrical hazard protection
  • The outsole has great traction that they grip even slippery floors

What we did not like about them;

  • They require much more time to break in because of the sturdy material and design
  • They are not waterproof
  • Hard to size, with some clients saying the boots ran small
  1. Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6” Plain Soft Toe Work Boot

These boots are made for people who are on their feet for almost the whole day, working in different environments. Constructed using a durable and sturdy nubuck leather, you are likely to enjoy their services for long. Additionally, the material used is water resistant and can be made waterproof by use of a waterproofing agent.

Due to the padding on these boots’ collar and tongue, they are quite comfortable and breathable as their upper has a nylon mesh lining. Most people suffering from plantar fasciitis always wish for a thick insole, which these boots lack. However, the insole has a nice contour which conforms to the feet to maximize support and comfort. To make them even more supportive for plantar fasciitis feet, a thick and genuine rubber outsole is used to absorb shock and support your weight. Besides, the outsole has a slip resistant tread which makes the boots suitable for any environment.

Other features that make these boots worth buying are all about safety. There is a steel toe to protect your feet from any falling objects and an electrical hazard protection.

What we liked about these boots;

  • Padded collar and tongue offer more comfort and support
  • Durable and robust leather construction
  • They have perfect sizing and fit as expected by most people
  • They come in three different colors for you to choose from
  • Water resistant leather which can also be made waterproof
  • Nylon mesh lining makes them breathable
  • Thick and genuine rubber outsole with slip resistant treads

What we did not like about them;

  • Quite stiff when bought hence takes time to break in
  • The insole is too thin despite its perfect contour


  1. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

These boots are great for hiking. They are comfortable, roomier, innate with a snug fit in their heels and intuitive toe boxes.  With a full leather construction, KEEN Utility Men’s work boots can be found in different sizes, from 7 to 14. They are equipped with a detachable footbed, a padded collar and tongue with the upper having extremely breathable mesh panels.

KEEN Utility Flint is an ankle-cut work boot with an asymmetrical toe protection that is exclusively made to accommodate both feet, providing protection to both of them. They have a large toe box that allows the toes to breathe and spread. This is great for soothing your plantar fascia. It also averts hyper-flexed feet pinching as it allows room to bulge and flex. They are anatomically crafted so that they offer extreme arch support and take the shape of your feet’s natural contours.

You can wear KEEN Utility for over twelve hours a day and still feel no pain on your heels or back. Besides, they are more breathable compared to most all-weather boots and your feet won’t sweat or stink. With a breathable membrane that encourages air flow in the boots, your feet will always be cool and dry. Their wrap-around outsole is patented and covers the toe for full support.

Unlike some other work boots, these ones do not have a break in period. You can wear them straight out of the box. The soles also have a good grip hence you should not be worried of slipping.

What we liked about these boots;

  • Breathable
  • Attractive
  • Can be used for official purposes or even hiking
  • Footbed is metatomical to ease heel pain
  • Patetented wrap-around sole goes over the toe for more support
  • Detachable footbed which you can remove to clean or replace with an orthotic
  • Large toe box that allows toes to spread out
  • Anatomical craftsmanship and extreme arch support
  • No break-in period
  • Great traction

What we did not like about them;

  • They are not completely waterproof


  1. Skechers USA Men’s Verdict Waterproof Boot

Be certain to come across Skechers boots whenever you are shopping for the best plantar fasciitis work boots. Verdict boots have a waterproof upper with a natural finish. Coming in five different shades, they are wide and have a rounded toe front, making them a perfect fit for men with extra-wide feet.

To enhance comfort, the tongue and collar have a nice padding. Metal eyelets make lace adjustments quite easy and durable. Apart from comfort, they have a smooth fabric lining that makes them breathable and the insole has a light padding.

Skechers feature a steel shank to provide extra stability and support at the midsole. The memory insole is also very comfortable while the outsole is a rugged rubber lug that has an outstanding traction on every surface.

What we liked about them;

  • They are wide and fit for men with wider feet
  • Padded collar and tongue for added comfort
  • Available in five different colors
  • Stability and additional support by the steel shank at the midsole
  • Rugged rubber outsole with excellent traction
  • Seam-sealed boot with a waterproof leather upper
  • Metal eyelets for easy lace adjustments
  • Breathable
  • Stylish and versatile

What we did not like;

  • Quite uncomfortable at first
  • Upper section’s waterproof agent wears off after some time
  • Might need more inserts for adequate plantar fasciitis support to be achieved



Have you ever thought what would happen if your shoes’ insoles wore out before the shoes themselves? You’d not go into buying new shoes but rather replace the insoles. Maybe you’ve been there. Or, you bought shoes whose insoles did not impress you and you had to look for an alternative that is rather cheap. The wisest thing to do is to buy new insoles that will help your condition. If you do not have money to buy new shoes, you can always buy insoles, also called orthotic inserts, and insert them into your regular shoes.

What makes an insole a better pick over the rest when it comes to plantar fasciitis? Here are a few qualities you should look out for when shopping for an insole for plantar fasciitis;

  1. Support for the Metartasal Arch. If you are going to be on your feet for long, the balls of your feet are likely to ache. This problem will be prevented by good support for the secondary arch.
  2. Soft, deep heel cup. This is mandatory for any insole designed for plantar fasciitis. A soft, deep, heel cup will provide effective shock absorption while a gel cushion at the heel cup’s bottom will help in absorption of shock and ease pain of the heel spurs.
  • Layers of cushioning. Good cushioning keeps your feet free from fatigue, especially when spending much time standing or walking on hard surfaces for long. It also offers stability and foot alignment for you if suffering from plantar fasciitis
  1. Firm Arch Support. The key to preventing heel pains is a good arch support. When designed for plantar fasciitis, the arch support may feel high initially but it is vital to relief pressure off the heel.
  2. How easy is it to modify the given insole? Sometimes the shoes are a different shape, maybe narrow, and you have found a nice wide insole, consider buying it and modifying it so that it fits your shoe.

Here are five of the best insoles that can really help with plantar fasciitis.

  1. Tread Labs Stride Insoles

These insoles offer the best arch support that helps to ease pain and cure plantar fasciitis. Tread Labs insoles are designed biochemically in four different arch heights; Extra High, High, Medium and Low, making it one of the most recommended orthotics by doctors. Due to its design, this insole supports the foot, limits excessive pronation while promoting proper alignment.

Another great feature of this insole is the arch contour that has been anatomically proven as to best support, prevent and treat any plantar fascia pain. This is by evenly distributing weight along the arch hence reducing the stress on the plantar fascia, and keeping your feet fresh all day.

The Tread Labs Stride Insoles have an extremely comfortable and durable lifetime guarantee polypropylene arch support. The insoles boast a unique and replaceable top cover which has an antimicrobial finish that keeps your shoes fresh for longer.

What we liked about these insoles;

  • They offer firm pronation control support
  • They fit perfectly in most shoes
  • Deep heel cup allows you to use the shoes’ cushioning ability
  • Have four different arch heights which ensure perfect support for your feet at any level
  • Deep heel cups that cradle your feet
  • A 4mm polyurethane foam for cushioning
  • Comfortable and durable lifetime guarantee with polypropylene arch support
  • Limits excessive pronation and promotes proper feet alignment
  • A unique replaceable top cover with an antimicrobial finish to keep your shoes fresh for longer

What we didn’t like about these insoles;

  • As you would expect, these insoles are quite expensive


  1. Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles

Superfeet is a powerhouse when it comes to the manufacture of insoles. These are heavy-duty shoe inserts that help with heel pain, arch pain and plantar fasciitis. They have a high arch and deep narrow heel cup. These two are designed to offer superior support to wearers with flat feet.

The forefoot is resilient and made of high impact foam which enables it stand consistent pounding  hence you can use the insoles whether for walking, running, jumping or any other high impact activity. The forefoot has a shock pad too. They boast a high density EVA material construction that is rebound and a high-impact foam which adds cushion under the foot’s ball.

These are 5-inch insoles which fit in roomy shoes that have narrower heels and removable insoles. They have a reinforced stabilizer cap, deep heel cup and full-length foam layer for long-lasting support. They also have an organic odor-controlling coating to eliminate any odor causing bacteria.

Due to the biomechanical design and shape of these insoles, they are not only comfortable and supportive but do align your foot bones as well. Besides, they have a friction-controlling feature that helps prevent your feet from getting blisters. Another important feature is the antimicrobial treatment which eliminates odors. These insoles were made for people who need a little spring beneath their feet to go on with whatever they are doing.

What we liked about these insoles;

  • They are durable and long lasting
  • Deep heel cups
  • The slim and contoured shape help in foot stabilization
  • Biomechanical design
  • Friction-controlling feature
  • Antimicrobial odor-control
  • Have a natural, organic coating with a vegan composition
  • They have high arches and deep heel cups for more support

What we didn’t like about them;

  • Unlike other insoles, these ones are not so soft


  1. Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

These insoles are a good pick for those who want a comfortable and supportive insole that is reasonable-priced. It doesn’t matter whether you run the whole day or spend the day standing, these insoles will cushion and protect your feet.

On plantar fasciitis, these shoe insoles have a semi-rigid arch support to give you the right amount of support and stability. Powerstep Insoles are great for shoes that lack much inbuilt cushioning. Made of 100% anti-microbial polyester, the insoles have a synthetic sole while the topside is fully cushioned providing a great deal of comfort. Their heel cradles cushion your feet, absorbing shock with every footstep you make.

The cushioning is dual-layered with VCT (Variable Cushioning Technology) which is high quality and protects your feet whenever you are walking, standing or during athletic activities.

Their design is ultra-thin and low profile making them easily fit in most casual, dress and athletic shoes. They are easily movable from shoe to shoe without trimming and to add to that, they are incredibly cheap for their quality!

What we liked about these insoles;

  • Offer full support to the arch and feet
  • Uses Variable Cushioning Technology to protect your feet
  • Heel cradles too cushion your feet
  • Ultra-thin and low profile hence can fit in many shoes
  • Easily movable without having to trim
  • Made of 100% anti-microbial polyester
  • They come at a fairly cheap price

What we did not like about the shoes;

  • Despite the great support the shoes offer, there seems to be not enough cushioning
  • They take some time to adapt


  1. Superfeet Copper Insoles

Despite insoles being popular and effective, most people have qualms when it comes to buying a pair due to quality qualms. Most insoles tend to be poorly constructed and of low quality. This is however the opposite when it comes to Superfeet Copper Insoles. These insoles have high conforming memory foam material besides the top-of-the-line synthetic polymers, a combination that makes them one of the best plantar fasciitis insoles in the market.

They don’t just support your feet but do it comfortably. They are low-arched and have a memory foam top that is added to the already comfortable sole. Their middle layer has polyurethane foam with the outside having a natural NXT anti-bacteria coating that is latex-free and vegan. Besides, a reinforced rearfoot stabilizer cap offers support to the closed foam layers while the heel cup positions the heel naturally absorbing impact.

The insoles have a biomechanical shape which is flexible and accommodating, reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees and providing support to all types of feet. The insole’s bottom layer is durable.

Superfeet Copper insoles fit roomy footwear whose factory insoles are removable. If you have any foot problem, not only plantar fasciitis but also foot pain, arch pain, or heel pain, then you should try these insoles.

What we liked about these insoles;

  • High quality and great construction with a stabilizer cap
  • Deep heel cup that positions the heel and absorbs impact
  • They are low-arched
  • Have a memory foam top that is pressure-sensitive and captures the foot’s shape
  • Middle layer has the Polyurethane foam
  • Coated with natural and latex-free NXT anti-bacteria coating that is odor-controlling
  • Can fit roomy footwear
  • Heals and prevents future heel pains, arch pains, foot pains as well as plantar fasciitis

What we didn’t like about them;

  • Being wide, they might be problematic fitting in narrow shoes, lest you trim them
  • Some customers complained that the insoles wore out


  1. Powerstep Pinnacle Full Length Orthotic

The second Superfoot product in this list is the Pinnacle Full Length Orthotic, famous for its plush cushioning and firm support. The insoles have a plush layer atop a durable EVA foam base that is paired with Variable Cushioning Technology (which is Powerstep’s brand technology) to provide a dual layer of controlled and targeted cushioning. This enhances the comfort in your shoes.

With a firm yet flexible arch support, the insoles offer superior motion control as you walk or run, while the deep heel cradle adds foot support and stability. Like the Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic insoles, these ones too are easily movable and can be used in any shoe without having to trim them.  They feature an anti-microbial fabric that reduces heat and friction which in turn helps the feet remain cool, dry and odor free even when they are under heavy activity. This will keep the feet fresh, comfortable, healthy and free from any injuries.

These are versatile insoles, fitting different types of shoe types that have removable insoles. They also support all types of arch types, whether low, neutral or high. Still on versatility, they come with a design that includes a firm yet flexible support shell, an inbuilt support and a heel cradle that controls motion plus a plush cushioning.

Powerstep Pinnacle relieves the feet of pain while preventing further pain. This includes metatarsal pain, mild to moderate pronation, heel and arch discomfort, sore and tired feet, flat feet and many more.

What we liked about these insoles include;

  • Dual layer of controlled and targeted cushioning thanks to the Variable Cushioning Technology.
  • Firm yet flexible support for motion control
  • Deep heel cradle
  • These insoles are easily movable from shoe to shoe without trimming
  • Feature anti-microbial fabric which reduces heat and friction to keep the feet cool, comfy, safe as well as odor-free
  • Versatile insoles

What we did not like;

  • Customers voiced concerns on their quality and durability
  • Some do not have enough cushioning


Well, you can’t wear shoes all the time. After a day at work, you will have to take off shoes and wear something open and light to let your feet relax. In fact, some foot conditions won’t allow you to wear shoes. In this case, you have no option but look for sandals or slippers. Just like shoes, these too can worsen your plantar fasciitis if you do not choose wisely. While it might be difficult to tell a plantar fasciitis sandal from a normal one, it is very important to be keen and look at the design of the sandal. Look at how its make, shape, material and contour. Here are five of the best sandals you’ll ever come across for men and women;

Men’s Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals

You will absolutely love these sandals if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis because they offer you everything, from comfort to support, and they have a very stylish look. Besides, they have a unisex design which makes them wearable for ladies too.

The design of these sandals makes them multipurpose, ones that you can wear outdoors in the park or beach as well as indoors. Despite lacking back support, they have a compression-molded arch support as well as deep heel cups which will stop your feet from sliding. Besides, they absorb shock and offer lateral stability. With the excellent arch support, these flip-flops will correct overpronation.

Regardless of your type of feet, whether flat or not, these sandals will excite you. They feature an EVA construction which cushions your feet while absorbing all that unwanted shock which comes from walking or running. Their sole is non-slip, textured rubber which prevents slipping due to its guaranteed great traction on any surface. Footminder BALTRA sandals are available in full sizes and two colours; black and navy blue.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • These are multipurpose sandals which can be worn almost anywhere
  • Can be worn by anyone, even those not having flat feet or plantar fasciitis
  • Anatomically molded to support foot arches
  • They enhance lateral stability due to their deep heel cups
  • Can be worn all day due to the neoprene cushioned straps which are comfortable enough
  • They offer a stable and balanced walking motion
  • EVA midsole with a non-marking rubber outsole
  • Great traction on any type of surface
  • Unisex hence even ladies can wear them

What we didn’t like about them;

  • They are available in only full sizes
  • Their color options are limited to two


  1. Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal

The brand Vionic is famous for its motion control footwear. This sandal in particular will ease your hurting heels with style. It has a podiatrist-designed biomechanical orthotic footbed that has a deep heel cup. Due to this, Vionic Unisex Wave provides maximum support and stability for your feet.

Apart from being lightweight, the sandal is also flexible and has a durable rubber sole. You are assured of safety while walking as the sole has great traction below a very flexible midsole. The insole is cushy and shock absorbers make the sandal a joy to walk in. This is among the few sandals that have the American Podiatry Association Seal of Acceptance.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • They re-align the feet to their natural position
  • Absorb the shock easily to reduce pressure on ones heels
  • They are light and very flexible
  • Unisex hence can be worn by both sexes
  • Made of patterned sole that has maximum traction on all surfaces
  • Clinically tested to ease any pain resulting from overpronation and plantar fasciitis

What we did not like about them;

  • If it doesn’t fit you properly, might cause blisters
  • Despite being unisex, it looks unflattering on a woman’s foot


  1. Olukai Ohana Men’s Flops

These are some of the most comfortable sandals that you will ever come across. Besides, they are very supportive and as a result, very suitable for men with plantar fasciitis. They feature a upper section that is made of nubuck leather. It is water resistant and has a ultra-soft jersey knit lining backed by neoprene. The lining and backer make the sandals durable and last longer.

Olukai Ohana’s upper is a combination of some leather materials on a polyester rubber sole while its footbed has a compression molded EVA midsole with a soft ICEVA leather drop-in footbed that provides so much support besides the comfort. The outsole, on the other hand, is made of a non-marking rubber that has an appealing coral reef lug design to give it some more traction. The outdoor sole is ocean-inspired and leaves no mark on any surface, whether wet or dry.

To make wearing of the sandals easy for you, they have a Velcro closure to ensure you can customize it to fit your feet. The outsole has a coral reef lug design that makes it have some extra traction. The sandals are more comfortable with a nylon soft toe post used by the manufacturer.

What we liked about the sandals;

  • They are made of full-grain leather
  • Auto-custom fit thanks to the drop-in footbed
  • Anatomical compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Nubuck leather that is knit-lined with neoprene backing
  • Great versatility, can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Available in many colours
  • Non-marking rubber outsole that has awesome traction
  • Arch support and shock absorption by the EVA midsole
  • Comfortable and durable synthetic make
  • Water-resistant hence can be worn in different environments

What we did not like;

  • Should not be soaked in salt water for long
  • They aren’t available on half sizes
  • Still, not as durable as many people would like them to be
  • Due to the leather material, your feet might slide in the sandal as you walk


  1. OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal Thong Flip Flop

Sandals come in different styles. However, this one here comes in a very different style that looks weird at the first glance but many people seem to like it anyway. These are unisex sandals with exceptional comfort that you won’t like to take off your feet no matter how long you wear them for. They are helpful to your feet if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and on the recovery process.

Primarily, this sandal is made of high quality rubber material. It will protect your feet against any stress that might impact them on a daily basis. Besides, its heel is very thick (one inch) that it efficiently absorbs shocks. These properties make it to gradually relief your feet off pain. Oofoam absorbs an excess of 37% shock than any other material, reducing stress on the knees, sore feet and lower back. It also cradles the wearer’s arches and conforms the toe post hence eliminating toe chafing.

This is an ideal sandal for post-workout recovery. The durable OOfoam does not retain smell, is machine-washable, is moisture resistant, holds its cushion, beach-ready and is very light that it can float. The footbed is patented and absorbs impact while cradling your arches and allowing you to move naturally.

The main advantage that this sandal has over others is its arching heel. To add to that, it is relatively cheaper, making it worth to consider. Its gripless sole and the uncomfortable strap might have be a turn-off to many people.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • The sandals reduce strain on sore and achy feet
  • Specifically designed for plantar fasciitis
  • Offers enough support to cradle your foot arch
  • Durable and built to last
  • Lightweight
  • It is not pricey
  • Made of high quality material
  • Absorbs so much shock
  • Machine washable
  • They are unisex hence can be worn even by women
  • Moisture resistant
  • Patented footbed

What we did not like;

  • If it does not fit properly, the rubber strap might cause blisters on your skin
  • Over a period of time, the rubber compresses
  • The sole is a bit slippery on smooth and wet surfaces due to minimal treads


  1. Vionic Jon Men’s Slip-on Orthotic Sandal

In case you do not like the thong-styled sandals for plantar fasciitis, then we had to include the best slip-on sandal for you. The Vionic Jon Men’s Orthotic Sandal is one of the most comfortable pair of slip-ons at the market today. Apart from comfort, they also give you sufficient cushioning and support for your feet. Their upper is made of full grain and that alone guarantees you that the sandals will serve you for long before they wear out.

Vionic Jon comes with two comfortable straps which you can adjust to achieve a custom fit. Made using the Orthaheel Technology, the sandals feature a medium density EVA midsole which is ultralight and very flexible. Another vital component is the midsole which absorbs shock hence reducing stress on your feet.

The sandals offer your feet with superior arch support helping heel plantar fasciitis. The outsole is durable, made of rubber with patterned tread which has great traction on various surfaces.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • Full-grain upper section of the sandals ensure durability
  • The wide dual straps are adjustable and so comfortable
  • Superior arch support which is perfect when dealing with foot problems like plantar fasciitis
  • Medium-density EVA midsole is flexible and lightweight
  • Absorbs most of the shock, reducing stress on your feet
  • Leather and textile linings which are soft and breathable
  • Made using vionic’s brand Orthaheel Technology
  • Durable rubber sole with great traction

What we did not like;

  • Might not be very comfortable if you have wide feet
  • Comes in limited colour options

What about women, which are the best sandals to wear in cases of plantar fasciitis? See below.

Women’s Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis


  1. Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals

This sandal has a stylish look and an excellent support that will help your feet’s recovery from plantar fasciitis. Available in twelve color combinations, it gives you more options all that use different technologies for maximum comfort. Of its features, the most critical is the polyurethane upper section which is very comfortable and stylish.

The woven toe post is soft and it combines with the strap which is woven as well and very smooth to give the wearer a comfortable fit. The footbed is designed by a podiatrist and it features a deep heel cup to support and help realign your feet to their original position. It helps control your motion too. Orthaheel Tide Slide sandals have an EVA midsole that reduce stress on your feet and absorb shock.

A handmade TPR outsole with a wave-patterned tread boasts great traction.

What we liked about Orthaheel Tide;

  • After the break-in period, you will enjoy excellent support
  • Comes with a number of color and styling options
  • Stylish and comfortable polyurethane upper
  • The footbed conforms to your foot’s natural alignment hence supports and realigns it to its correct position
  • Soft woven toe post combines with a strap to ensure the sandal fits you comfortably
  • The midsole absorbs shock and reduces stress on your feet
  • TPR outsole offers superb traction
  • Available in all women’s regular sizes


What we did not like;

  • The high arches take time getting used to them
  • They are expensive
  • Sizing issues, you are advised to order half a size down what you wear


  1. Vionic with Orthaheel Paro’s Women’s Sandal

Vionic paros Sandal is easy-going and a favorite to many ladies with plantar fasciitis. Right from the start, it is super-comfortable with an amazing arch support at the sole and a cushioning all around. These sandals feature an inch rocker bottom and a slip-resistant rubber sole that provides traction on whatever surface. As you walk forward, the sandals evenly distribute weight and that helps you to maintain the correct posture and natural walk.

Interior, the sandals are lined with smooth leather and a leather-covered cork. The footbed is covered with microfiber for extra comfort. Besides, the footbed’s patented Orthaheel technology hugs your calves eneveloping them in comfort, making these sandals a darling to nurses, teachers and service workers.

The comfortable straps can be adjusted to three different positions which ensures that you have a customized and super-comfy fit. The EVA midsole on the other hand is not only shock absorbing but very light and flexible. Vionic sandals are usually made with Orthaheel technology so that they offer supportive feel by hugging your arches.

These sandals can be found in whole sizes from 5 to 11 in different colors like red, black and white pearl.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole is lightweight and flexible, reducing stress on your feet and ankles
  • The upper is made of genuine leather making the sandal comfortable and durable
  • Rubber sole offers enough traction on any surface besides absorbing shock
  • Comes in six different colors
  • Made with Orthaheel support to hug and support your feet

What we did not like;

  • Only available in whole sizes
  • They are shiny and if you do not like shiny sandals then they might turn you off
  • Actual colors do not match description colors, especially for the white sandals
  1. Taos Women’s Trulie Wedge Sandal

This is one of the best sandals you will find in the market for not just plantar fasciitis but also back problems, osteoporosis, arthritis and ankle issues. You can walk in these sandals the whole day without your feet feeling any pain or fatigue. This is because they offer incredible arch support and comfort. Measuring 1.5 inches at the heel, these sandals gently slip to the toe front and this enhances your natural gait which in turn result in your feet being less achy.

Taos’ footbed is perfectly covered in suede material and is designed to wick away moisture from your feet softly.  Besides, the sandals are contoured for your feet and heavily cushioned. The upper is made from a blend of synthetic and leather and they feature hook and loop straps which ensure a snug and secure fit. The straps run from the back to the front. At the bottom, the sandals curve so as to reduce heel pressure hence propelling your feet onward as you move.

You will like it that the sandals come in different colours hence you have very many options to choose from. With well-trodden rubber outsoles stability is guaranteed and if you are looking for a light, comfy, supportive and eye-catching sandal, then you should consider this one.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • Made of synthetic/leather blend
  • Support many other foot problems besides plantar fasciitis
  • Provide incredible arch support and comfort
  • Their design, they gently slip toe-wards enhancing natural gait
  • Hook and loop straps ensure snug and secure fit
  • Curved at the bottom to reduce heel pressure and propel your feet’s forward movement
  • Available in different colors
  • Well-trodden soles that guarantee stability

What we did not like;

  • Some customers say they run a bit small hence you should buy a size up


  1. Olukai Ohana

This sandal is popular with women suffering from plantar fasciitis for a number of reasons. The sandals are made using all-natural materials and as a result they are vegan-friendly. The upper is made of smooth full-grain high-character leather lined with Lycra while the outsole is made of gum rubber or non-marking rubber.

The non-marking outsole has razor-siped edges that add its incredible traction even on wet surfaces. Comfort and support are guaranteed by the EVA midsole which is anatomical compression molded with a smooth full-grain leather footbed. The footbed has a unique drop-in to ensure this comfort, besides making the sandals fit and feel better on your feet.

It is important to note that these sandals are multipurpose and can be worn in any environment. The dry rather quickly, have a synthetic strap which water resistant and a very comfortable soft nylon toe webbing. With these sandals, the soles won’t leave marks on the surface and some parts come with a lifetime warranty.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • They are super-comfortable
  • They support high arches
  • Some parts come with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • EVA midsole has a drop-in footbed for extra support and comfort
  • Made using durable and breathable materials
  • Water resistant and dry quick
  • They have a lovely sporty look
  • Well-built and durable
  • The outsole is non-marking and has high traction even on wet surfaces

What we did not like;

  • It takes time to get used to these sandals
  • They might not fit you if you have wider feet


  1. Crocs Capri Flip for Women

Crocs Capri are a popular choice amongst women with plantar fasciitis who want to alleviate the pain while keeping style. These sandals boast Croslite foam cushion and the synthetic sole. Additionally, they present an excellent blend of deep cushion and foam footbed hence ensuring extreme support all the time.

Another great feature is their weight. They are so light, sleek and offer a flawless fit. This fit is further optimized by the thin leather straps which are covered by a microfiber lining.

What we liked about these sandals;

  • They have an excellent foam footbed
  • Long-lasting support due to the deep soft cushioning
  • They are suitable for almost every foot size
  • They are light and sleek
  • Have a feminine design

What we did not like;

  • The strap is very tight
  • After some time, the main body tends to crack
  • The synthetic material is a bit slippery when on shiny areas

Another important footwear is slippers. We wear slippers to the shower room, we wear them when we are enjoying the breeze at our balcony, we are at eased when in our slippers because at that moment, the mind is relaxing. We don’t wear slippers when active. These moments need to be made better with a nice pair of slippers for people having plantar fasciitis. You should not let the pain take away your peace of mind.

Looking for the right slippers for your feet does not require anything different from what you consider when buying sandals. Those with soft materials cause the feet to slide on the footbed hence instability, but everything else is just like sandals. Does that sound confusing? Never mind, we are looking at five of the best slippers for men and women with plantar fasciitis each. Here we go.

Best Men’s Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Men’s Orthopedic Slippers

This is an excellent choice for men with plantar fasciitis. They are some of the most comfortable slippers on the market rated five stars by most users, designed with the users’ comfort and usability in mind. They have a leather upper and boast a premium orthotic insole for support. The sandals offer anatomical arch support with a cushioning heel pad that conforms to your foot’s contour. These help alleviate pain from your heel, knees, hips, lower back and the foot in general enhancing comfort.

Ortho-Cushion system also combines with air cushioning to soften your steps and add springs to them. This system is biomechanically made to remove stress from joints and enhance stability besides facilitating the foot’s forward motion. The upper has a soft non-binding design with an extra depth while the toe box is wide enough to protect bunions and hammer toes from much pressure. The insole’s rear part has gel to protect your heel every time.

The interior has a seam-free soft lining and is padded with foam to offer superior comfort and protection while eliminating pressure points. These are great slippers if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or neuropathy. They are engineered to provide the best footwear solution for people with any foot problem. This is clear with the innovative comfort features the slippers have.

What we liked about these slippers;

  • The rubber soles absorb the shock and impact
  • The slippers can be worn indoors or outdoors
  • An amazing lining in the interior for comfort, warmth, protection and support
  • They provide great anatomical arch support
  • Nice design with a rustic feel
  • Cushioning heel pad conforms to the contours of your feet
  • Helps in enhancing general support in alleviating other pains like back pain, heel pain, knees, hips and foot
  • Wide toe box takes much pressure from the toes hence comfort

What we did not like about them;

  • These slippers are quite expensive
  • Available in only one color


  1. Spenco Supreme Slipper

The first thing you notice about these slippers is that they look unique and are stylish. A closer look will reveal to you that these slippers are more than just the looks. Spenco Supreme are made from faux fur and leather which makes them incredibly comfortable and warm. They have a synthetic sole with a deep heel cupping to offer support and the outsole won’t leave marks on any surface. Besides, the sole is non-slip so you do not have to worry about slippery areas.

Another feature is the antimicrobial treatment which helps in eliminating odor. They have high-quality stitching which makes them durable and long lasting. The slippers offer a pleasant feeling apart from the excellent support. You can wear them almost anywhere as they do not look like the regular house slippers. For forefoot pain, Metatarsal Padded Arch Support helps in relieving.

To some people, these slippers are like shoes. This can be attributed to the sole which is ‘shoe-like’ and their support. Spenco supreme slippers also have an anatomically accurate footbed with a toe box that is wide enough to give room for tired, injured or sick toes to recuperate fast and easily. What you might find disturbing however is the faux leather/feathers which come off and can mess your carpet. Additionally, they are very warm and wearing them in a hot climate will prove a wrong decision.

What we liked about them;

  • The deep heel cupping and high arch offer great support
  • Non-slip soles
  • The soles do not leave marks on the surface
  • The shoe-like slippers are stylish
  • Anti-microbial treatment which control odor

What we did not like;

  • The slippers are too warm and not the best in hot weathers
  • The faux leather might mess your carpet
  • They are rather expensive


  1. Haflinger Unisex AT Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slippers

The first exciting this about these slippers is that they are unisex. Being available in six colors makes them even more exciting because they give you a variety of options to choose from. These two reasons make these slippers a contender for the top 5 but that is not all. Haflinger Unisex AT are made using boiled wool and their synthetic sole is waterproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a split toe seam, you are guaranteed utmost comfort wearing these slippers.

Haflinger AT offer superb arch support which will help ease your heel pain. This is one of the things that make the slippers one of the best supportive. The wool is breathable hence your feet will be cool and dry. Besides, you won’t have unpleasant odor in the slippers like it is with some synthetic slippers. The latex and double insole offers great cushioning support for the feet while managing moisture. The outsole on the other hand is flexible and steadily grips on hard surfaces since it is made of lightweight rubber.

The natural wool used to manufacture these slippers keeps your feet at the right temperature whether in hot or cold environment. The slippers absorb moisture and ensures your feet are dry all through. This is also done by the insole liner which absorbs moisture besides providing an appropriate fit and better alignment with the molded arch support it offers on a latex.

Some customers however seem unhappy with the time needed to break these slippers in, and their lack of softness. On the hand, they can easily be washed by machine.

What we liked about them;

  • They can alleviate pain
  • Come in different colors
  • Exceptional support
  • Unisex hence can be used by any person
  • Breathable boiled wool
  • Being waterproof, these slippers can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Machine-washable

What we did not like;

  • Some clients complained that the quality has reduced
  • They take some time to break in
  • They are not as soft as before


  1. Romika Mokasso 202 Men’s Black Leather Slipper

If you are looking for a pair of slippers with great support without compromising on the design, then you should go for these black leather slippers. These slippers’ upper part is made of leather while its sole is of polyurethane. With the help of a leather and cotton combination, the sole provides firm arch support.

One thing about Romina Mokasso slippers is that they are very extremely durable. Being made of high-quality leather, some customers claim to have worn these slippers for over a decade, something that is unusual with slippers. This is because they are well-built and also lightweight. To add to durability, they are easy to wear and comfortable. However, they are slightly stiff and they take some time to break in

In the recent past, some changes have been made to the slippers with the insoles’ design being updated. For chronic pain and sore feet these slippers are great, especially on tiled or concrete floors. However, the sole might be too hard for your feet if you are experiencing so much pain. Some users have suggested more padding to the slippers to make them helpful for guys with severe plantar fasciitis. Besides, there are concerns on sizing with many complaining that they are a bit narrow. You are advised to order half a size up.

What we liked about them;

  • They are outstandingly durable
  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Offer firm arch support
  • Solid, well-built and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good for hard floors and sore feet
  • Easy to wear

What we did not like;

  • They are not the best for people with severe plantar fasciitis
  • Sizing issues


  1. Crocs Unisex Specialist House Slippers

The Crocs is a brand that already many people can identify with the most versatile as well as comfortable slippers in the market today. These slippers in particular are part of the CrocsRx Relief line which are made for supreme cushioning and support.  If you are a plantar fasciitis patient you will absolutely love these.

To start with, Crocs Unisex specialist are very lightweight and very durable. Both the design and material have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, known as APMA. They also feature a soft toe box with an extremely comfortable fit that offers your toes maximum support. The outsoles do not leave any mark on surfaces and that makes them suitable to wear on any surface including sensitive floors.

On the sides of the slippers, there are holes that ensure the interior is dry and cool all the time, which also makes the slippers resistant to odor.  Manufactured from a soft and comfortable Croslite material, the slippers are a resin shoe and very light in weight. The outsoles offer superior gripping hence you can use them also for hiking, biking amongst other many activities. You can even use these slippers for casual wear, besides recreational and professional purposes. Crocs are so versatile.

The toe box is ultra-soft and that is good since it allows space for your toes to spread and move around. The air portals allow air in keeping it cool and dry while a heel strap keeps your foot tight and secure in the shoe. With a shock-absorbing custom fit that conforms to your feet, moving around in these slippers feels like wearing nothing at all.

What we liked about these slippers;

  • Great cushioning and support
  • Very durable
  • Made of Croslite material hence very lightweight
  • Versatile and can be used for any activity, e.g. hiking, biking etc.
  • They leave no mark on any surface
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Ultra-soft toe box that is spacious for toes to spread
  • Have air portals that let air in for keeping the interior cool and dry, as well as resist odor
  • Heel strap keeps your feet tightly secure in the slipper
  • Shock-absorbing custom fit
  • Easy to clean

What we did not like about them;

  • There are complaints about sizing
  • Most customers said that the slippers sweat


Best Women’s Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Orthaheel Relax Slipper for Women

These slippers are so special, with the upper part so uniquely adaptable. They are designed by podiatrists to offer suitable heel and arch accommodations, averting excessive pronation while promoting a good stride. Additionally, they can be adjusted conveniently to ensure that they fit your feet properly.

Orthaheel Relax’s upper part is made of plush polyester which provides the ultimate slipper comfort.  They are easy to put on or take off thanks to an adjustable hook and loop closure that provides a secure fit. Designed with a 100% polyester terry cloth biomechanical footbed, the slippers have extreme comfort. They reduce stress on your feet, knees and ankles with an EVA midsole that absorbs shocks. Another feature is the TPR outsole which is covered with fabric that is designed for indoor use. Tri-Planar Motion Control, one of Orthaheel’s technologies, is used in these slippers. It helps minimize your foot from rolling inwards, keeping it in its correct and natural range of motion.

For ladies suffering from plantar fasciitis and overpronation, the slippers have an excellent arch support. Apart from being supportive, they also are soft and this will help get rid of your pain quickly. Their bottom has a flexible plastic which lets you wear them and take a stroll outdoors. Besides, they are durable and will serve you without losing their structural composition for such a long time.

What we liked about them;

  • Excellent arch support
  • Their footbed is covered in Ecofresh
  • Terry polyester lining which is popular for its extreme comfort
  • Can be worn both indoors and outdoors
  • Uses Tri-Planar Motion Control to keep your feet in their natural and correct range of motion
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Odor resistant
  • Non-marking outsole

What we did not like;

  • The design isn’t very attractive
  • The toe is open hence air circulates, which might be an issue during winter


  1. Vionic Indulge Gemma Women Round Toe Slippers

You won’t be disappointed by these slippers for a number of reasons, but mainly because of their features that make them with one of the best arch support. This includes the rubber sole, their microfiber footbed, the small heel as well as the leather upper part. Additionally, they are man-made and come in 14 colors from which you have a wide range of options to choose.

These slippers can alleviate all the pain from your feet, and you will feel the difference between them and regular slippers almost immediately. Their level of comfort is outstanding. The upper is made of fabric while the sole is synthetic. Orthaheel technology is also used in the slippers offering a day-to-day support for active and closed-in styles.

Their footbed is covered in a 100% polyester terrycloth with the upper featuring an adjustable hook-and-loop closure that makes it easy to wear them or take them off. Designed by podiatrists, the arch support is biomechanically contoured with a deep heel cup helping realign your stride hence help prevent excess pronation.

To reduce stress on your feet, knees and ankles, the slippers have flexible EVA midsoles that absorb shock. The footbed is treated with anti-bacterial and odor resistant Ecofresh. At first, you might feel uncomfortable in these slippers as they take some time to adjust to the shape of your feet. Once they do, you will be very satisfied. There however have been some complaints about the durability with some customers saying that these slippers wear out rather fast.

What we liked about them;

  • Have one of the best arch support
  • Man-made
  • They are available in many colors
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for easy wear
  • Deep heel cup realigns your feet to the original natural position
  • Footbed treated with antibacterial and odor-resistant Ecofresh
  • Insoles absorb shock

What we didn’t like;

  • Could be more sturdy
  • At the beginning, they can be uncomfortable
  • Not very durable


  1. Orthofeet Charlotte Women’s Sllipers

These slippers will offer you excellent support with every step you take. This can be attributed to its premium multi-layered orthotic insole that consists of an anatomical arch support and a Gel-padded heel-seat. This means that your heel will not only be protected but kept in place with your arch enjoying superior support. The insole is removable in case you need to change it or clean the slipper. Besides, the cushioning heel pad also conforms to the feet’s contours as you walk hence helps alleviate pain at the heels, feet, knees, lower back, hips and enhances comfort.

Charlotte’s upper part can separate on the side and completely adapt to your feet since it is extremely comfortable, making it so much customizable unlike many other slippers. It is soft, non-binding and has an extra depth design. The wide toe box helps get rid of pressure on bunions and hammer toes. They include Ergonomic Stride, which is an amazing Orthofeet signature feature. Ergonomic Stride helps the foot to follow its natural gait hence reduces stress that is exerted on the foot.

In the interior of these slippers, the lining has a foam padding that eliminates any pressure points as a result improving the slippers’ overall comfort. This protects sensitive feet like those suffering from neuropathy, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis. The sole is lightweight and has air cushioning which softens your steps adding spring to your steps.

What we liked about these slippers;

  • They are extremely adjustable
  • Offer excellent support
  • The removable insole allows you to change for another
  • Shock-absorbing rubber sole
  • You can use these slippers both indoors and outdoors
  • Durable leather upper
  • Comfortable and very warm
  • Use Ergonomic Stride technology to help your foot follow its natural gait
  • Wide toe box
  • So customizable unlike most slippers

What we did not like about them;

  • They are quite costly
  • Despite being beautiful, these slippers are only available in one color


  1. Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper

Another Vionic product, these slippers are top quality and top-comfort. Their upper is plush, flexible and breathable though made of fabric. Besides, it is very convenient since it comes with a hook-and-loop Velcro element that makes it easy to wear and customize your own perfect fit. You have many options to choose from, since these slippers come in different versions and colors.

The slippers integrate EVA midsole that is designed for absorbing shock and stress reduction. Their heels are fairly thick, enough to deliver orthotic grade support. These make it perfect for conditions like splint shins as well as plantar fasciitis. Regardless of this thickness, the slippers’ midsole is very light that it reduces fatigue. The whole sole is constructed to be flexible hence promoting natural stride.

Covered with Terrycloth, the footbed boasts anti-microbial Ecofresh treatment to help keep odor away. The outsoles are made of thermoplastic materials while the treads are wave-patterned for optimal traction. Vionic Gemma Mule slippers are designed by a podistrist and have a biomechanically contoured support with a deep heel cup that aligns your stride. Also, the heel cup helps prevent any overpronation.

What we liked about these slippers;

  • Plush, flexible and breathable upper
  • Hook-and-loop Velco makes it easy to wear, adjust and customize to fit
  • Many options as it comes in many versions and colors
  • Integrate EVA midsole which absorbs shock and reduces stress
  • Light midsole that reduces fatigue
  • Flexible outsole with great traction
  • Terrycloth footbed cover with antimicrobial Ecofresh treatment
  • Biomechanically contoured support and deep heel cup that aligns your stride

What we did not like about them;

  • Some clients complained that it wore out after a short period of usage
  • Might run a bit wide
  • You might find them stiff


  1. RockDove Women’s Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers

Among ladies with plantar fasciitis, these slippers are so popular. Their construction comprises of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. If your work involves walking or standing so much during the day, they will do you good since their memory foam footbed is outstandingly comfortable, providing relaxation to tired and painful feet.

Their sole, made from non-skid natural rubber, makes them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. It has extreme traction and assures you of security on any surface. The upper material on the other hand is easy to maintain and breathable. In case you want to remove stains, dirt or any smell, you just put them into a washing machine. They are quite light that your feet won’t be fatigued dragging them all day.

They come at a fairly affordable price compared to other slippers in the market meant for plantar fasciitis. Besides, they come in different colors hence do not limit ones choices.  Some customers have however complained of the sole, saying that the sole base isn’t enough for sensitive feet. Besides, the material is not firm enough hence after a while the slippers tend to loosen.

What we liked about them;

  • RockDove Two-Tone are very comfortable
  • Due to their outsole you can wear them indoors or outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • The outsole is non-slippery with great traction
  • Can be worn by all ages
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wash
  • Have an attractive design
  • Come in different colors
  • Affordable

What we did not like;

  • A bit wide and unsuitable for narrow feet
  • Tend to be noisy on hard surfaces
  • Loosen up after some time
  • Lack enough sole base for some users


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