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Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

The most important thing when painting is getting the job done, and doing it right. However, to do it right means that you need the best tools and expertise. And as a homeowner, at some point you are required to paint a section of your house, or any other building, whether inside or outside. In this case you need a good paint sprayer to do this job. Choosing the wrong paint sprayer will lead to so much work and mostly a lot of paint wastage which is also an expense.

Maybe you’re thinking, why not use the normal brush or roller, or hire a professional to do the job? Technology has made painting easier and Paint sprayers are the in thing right now. Majorly, spray painting is fast and less tedious compared to brush painting and rollers, besides giving a smoother and uniform surface. Just think about how long you’d take to paint a whole house using a brush, then compare to how long you would take using a spray painter.

There are three main types of paint sprayers;

  1. Airless paint sprayers. The market of paint sprayers is mostly comprised of this. An airless paint sprayer works by pumping the paint out at a high pressure, causing it to fan out in a series of droplets. It works best in indoor painting, residential outdoor, shutters, fences or even ceilings. Thicker paints are best in this type of sprayers.
  2. Compressed air paint sprayers. Unlike the airless paint sprayers, these sprayers use compressed air to force the paint out into an even smooth finish. This type of sprayers are good for beginners as they require no expertise. Best used to paint furniture, these sprayers are known to be a bit cheaper although they require air compressors to work. Besides, they use a lot of paint.
  • HVLP Paint Sprayers. High Volume Low Pressure paints use a firm volume of air to let the paint droplets to stick to surfaces. The use of low pressure ensures creation of less mess and waste for your inside projects. HVLP works for thinner paints mostly.

Once you get to know the different types of paint sprayers available, it is nice to know what features to check. These four features should also guide you in deciding which paint sprayer you are taking home;

  1. The good thing about a portable sprayer is that it can complete a any project, whether large or small. If you have an outdoor project, then you absolutely need a portable paint sprayer. Some sprayers come with wheels to allow freedom of movement while others come in a backpack form.
  2. With some paint sprayers, you can adjust how the paint is delivered to the surface while some come with multiple speed settings. If you are looking for a sprayer with high versatility, then go for one with paint, varnish and lacquer settings based on the type of material you are using.
  • Power. There are different ways paint sprayers are powered. Most sprayers are hand-controlled. Some are cordless, electric or fuel-powered. Some may need more power for the air compressor and that is something you need to take into consideration during purchase.
  1. Clean-up. Probably the messiest part of owning a paint sprayer, cleaning up a sprayer takes time. Remember cleaning up a paint sprayer not only does keep your sprayer clean but also durable. Some models of sprayers can attach to a garden hose and this will make your cleanup so quick. This is a feature you should look out for when shopping for a sprayer.

Are you interested in getting yourself a new paint sprayer? You being here means you are looking for important information to help you in getting the best paint sprayer. Well, we will go ahead and review, not one but, five of the top paint sprayers.

  1. Graco Magnum ProX17

This is an airless sprayer that is very flexible, lightweight and comes with easy storage features which prove why it topped the list. It has a control knob that gives you options for applying the precise pressure settings. The settings can range from light to medium coverage.

Graco can be very useful if you are painting a large area, exterior and interior walls, decking and fencing. What will make this paint sprayer easy to use is if you master the ways to clean or set up. Its swivel nozzle is easy to lightweight and can point in any direction. With it you can quickly cover large areas.

The fully adjustable pressure gives you the ultimate control of paint flow no matter how large the project is. Graco’s stainless steel piston pump also allows you to spray the unthinned paint at high pressure, while the flexible suction tube allows you to do it directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket.

A powerflush adapter connects the paint sprayer to a garden hose for easy and fast cleaning. You can have an extra reach for your jobs since it can support 150 feet of paint hose. If in any case you are having difficulties in spraying due to clogging, the RAC switch tip allows you to reverse the tip so that you continue spraying.


  • Easy to store
  • Has a control knob for precise pressure settings
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Can connect to a garden hose for fast clean-up
  • Has a reverse-a-clean spray tip
  • Comes with a user’s manual to guide you through
  • Quick in spraying
  • It is great value for your money
  • Sturdy and durable, withstands all wear and tear
  • Produces great results with minimal effort
  • Can reach areas not accessible by brush/rollers easily
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle


  • The sprayer loses suction when you draw down to about 2” of the remaining paint
  • Cleaning and setting it up takes quite some time, longer than a brush or roller
  • You will use a bit more paint


  1. Wagner MotoCoat Complete

If you intend to paint your car then this is the sprayer. Wagner Motocoat sprayer is specifically designed for auto installers and enthusiasts. It safely applies low flash-point coatings such as protective materials as well as customizing coatings. This is the safest self-contained sprayer currently having a spark-contained motor and a 39-inch hose which makes it easy to maneuver around the vehicle. With its simple adjustable controls and low overspray it is very easy to achieve a perfect finish.

Wagner MotoCoat sprayer applies a varied range of coatings, including heavy truck bed coatings and undercoating, as well as light materials like rubberized peelable coatings and auto finishing paints.

Like we said, this is a self-contained sprayer whose system has a turbine base generating the air power that will flow through the hose to the spray guns. The package comes with two spray guns, one with the Detail Finish nozzle while the other boasts the innovative iSpray nozzle. The spark in the X-boost turbine base provides portable power for the sprayer whenever you go and great atomization. You won’t need a compressor. With a superior control, the high volume low pressure technology ensures generate the desired finish. Depending on the power needed for the material you are spraying, this paint spray has a high and low settings.

Versatility is provided by the two spray guns when spraying the various auto and motor vehicle projects that require coating, while the iSpray gun is designed with an innovative nozzle to break up thick coatings. This creates a textured finish and a full pattern which is perfect for spraying truck beds, their undercarriages and any other uneven surface. The Detail Finish nozzle on the other hand, with the cup attachment, sprays thin materials with a smooth finish and even coverage. Precise spraying for beginners as well as experts is easy thanks to the adjustability of material volume flow and pattern direction and width.

You can easily disassemble the gun and cup attachments easily for cleaning with water or mineral spirit solutions.


  • Has a 39 feet long hose that enables you maneuver around the vehicle
  • The two spray guns offer versatility when spraying
  • Is the safest self-contained sprayer
  • Fine perfect finish easy to achieve with the simple adjustable settings
  • Has two spray guns, Detail Finish nozzle while the other boasts the innovative iSpray nozzle.
  • The X-boost base turbine provides portable power for the sprayer
  • Adjustability makes it easy to be used by beginners and experts alike
  • Little overspray
  • Can spray any material
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gives you a varied choice of patterns
  • It is light


  • Some customers complained that the spray guns clogged
  • Has a short power cord
  • It is slower on larger areas
  • Can get really noisy


  1. Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray System

Amongst semi-professional sprayers, Fuji 2202 deserves a slot for a number of reasons. This is because it offers a quality and reliable service just like any other top paint sprayer, with some unique features like the non-bleed technology.

Once you take the sprayer gun, you will understand its quality. The metal gun has high quality parts and is a great entry to anyone who is a beginner. This is because you do not need immense knowledge about turbine systems to operate it, it works on quite a simple principle. To start with, you don’t have to prepare so much before you start using it. You just assemble the parts and start painting.

Fuji comes with a 25-feet long hose and weighs only 26 pounds, making it lightweight and easily portable. The hose includes an air control valve which you can use to terminate the process hence avoiding oversprays. The non-bleeding function on the other hand guarantees a professional paint job with an even coverage and stylish finish touches.

While other sprayers are likely to struggle with dense materials like acrylic and latex, for fuji 2202 this is a piece of cake. The 1400W 2-stage bypass motor handles thicker materials with ease, offering excessive power to take on any project. This feature makes the sprayer suitable for beginners as well as experts.

Also, an integrated fan control knob lets you change the painting patterns. Not only that but also it lets you regulate the paint’s concentration on the surface you bare painting. Staring with a small shape then gradually increasing the diameter to your desired size is a method that saves you much time and is more precise compared to the nozzle system.

The 25-feet long hose is very flexible and durable, thanks to the protective plastic isolation. It can help reach unusual angles, go around corners and contributes to the spray’s portability. Fuji 2202 also has a gravity cup that is attached to the pistol.  The cup is 400cc and it helps when it comes to refilling.

The non-bleed function guarantees you even coating and a premium finish, meaning there is no air trapped in the system when you release the trigger. As a result, there is less dripping and hiccups with minimal overspray. This sprayer doesn’t need so much maintenance since it does not have very many parts. You only need clean water and some mild detergent or detergents if you have been using thicker materials.


  • Fuji 2202 is easy to use
  • The spray system is fully automatic
  • The pattern control knob allows gradual adjustments
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • The hose has an air control valve that reduces overspray and bounce-backs


  • Due to its fast delivery, the volume of the spray is uncontrollable
  • The hose attachment loosens after a while
  • The metallic parts of the sprayer are prone to rust


  1. Homeright Finish Max C8oo766

Homeright finish max has a 400W motor that is located in the upper part of its casing, which is very similar to a vacuum cleaner monitor. The motor blows the material on any surface, unlike other sprays that utilized high pressure to do it. Due to the use of low pressure, Homeright finish max has a very minimal overspray and higher material transfer (paint).

You also get additional accessories to change the nozzle patterns. Amongst these accessories is the plastic viscosity cup will help determine the optimal viscosity of the paint since this paint sprayer doesn’t work well with dense paints. To determine the required viscosity of paints, the unit comes with a sheet in the user manual with time values. When you want to use a paint you first take a sample, run it through the cup and see the time it takes for the cup to be empty, then compare what is written in the time sheet.

The interior parts of the spray’s adjustable nozzle are made of brass hence they are durable. The spray pattern is controllable and you can keep the unit in the same position while doing different spray patterns. It also has a flow control knob located on the trigger, which regulates the air flow. Another accessory is the blower nozzle, which helps in finishing touches while preparing the surface for the next layer of paint.


  • The rotating nozzle has three available options
  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with additional accessories like the nozzle-blower and the viscosity cup
  • Easy to maintain as you only need clean water
  • Light and compact, needs little room for storage
  • Affordable


  • For bigger projects and large surfaces, this isn’t the best pick
  • Thick liquids like latex aren’t supported by this sprayer
  • It is rather noisy


  1. Graco Magnum X7 Professional Sprayer

This sprayer is relatively light but when it comes to painting it is a big deal as it can accommodate light stains, thick latex or even acrylics. Graco X7 might be daunting to set up and use, but the unit comes with a user manual with a set of instructions on how to go about it.

Graco has a stainless steel piston pump which ensures that, unlike similar unit, this model works harder and for longer. With the flexible intake tube, you can use 1 and 5-gallon containers. You can put bigger buckets on the pail hook just above the suction tube. Although the unit weighs a mere 23 lbs, moving it around has been made easier by a set of wheels built into a rugged frame.

Graco Magnum X7 also has a power flush adapter that can connect to a garden hose, something that will reduce your cleaning time and making it more convenient. A 5/8 HP motor puts out up to 3000 PSI through an adjustable knob and the 50-feet hose. This helps you tailor it to your needs and get the best results. If you need the paint to reach further, trust Graco Magnum X7 to push a paint through 100-foot hose.


  • Graco is able to spray on almost any coating
  • Has fewer parts hence quicker cleaning
  • It is affordable and lightweight
  • Wheels are included for easy transport
  • Works with 1 or 5 gallons
  • The piston pump is made of stainless steel, which is long=lasting


  • Thicker materials easily clog this sprayer
  • The hose could be longer
  • For beginners, overspray might be a problem

The market has many paint sprayers, you only need to decide which type of sprayer you need according to your project. You however have to choose carefully. To do this, you need to divide them into types, then decide which type of paint sprayer you need, then go for it. We hope the above information helps you arrive at the best conclusion.

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