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Best Massaging Shower Head

A good massage can get rid of the day’s fatigue, cause relaxation and improve one’s moods.  If you haven’t tried a massage yet, you do not know what you are missing but if you have, then you understand what we are talking about.  What do you do if you can’t afford money for a massage spa and your better half is equally tired as you?

One of the most sought after features in a new shower head is its massage spray. Likewise, this is the second most priority in a shower after cleaning. While going to a massage spa is expensive and time-consuming, technology has brought this service straight to our bathrooms, it is now up to us on how we choose it, massage shower heads.

What is a massage shower head? This is a shower head that produces water with increased pressure which causes it, the water, to hit you with a thud when showering. This pressure helps massage and relax your muscles in your neck, back, arms, legs and your mid-section.

Other massage shower heads have the pulsating feature, in which the water pressure during shower time keeps fluctuating, increasing and decreasing so as to vary the experience and make it enjoyable. The massage feature is one among many settings in some shower heads while in others, it is the main feature whose shower head is designed for.

Owning a good massage shower head has many benefits. Here are some of them;

  • In most cases, the features of a massage shower head are built into standard, all-round practical shower heads. As a result, you have a shower head with a special setting for massaging and relaxing your muscles, at no extra cost!
  • If you are a work-out person, going for morning and evening runs or doing yoga, a massage shower head can do you a lot of good. Tired muscles and tendons need to be relaxed and the more intense water pressure will do just that.
  • Installation of massage shower heads is quite simple. Unless it is a special design, their installation is just like the regular shower heads or even easier.
  • Massage shower are fun and therapeutic.

With other shower heads still on the market, choosing the best massaging shower head isn’t an easy thing. There are special considerations which you must take as you are choosing a type of shower that will offer you comfort and luxury. Some of them include;

  • Massage settings. You need a massage shower head whose settings allow you to adjust it to what you prefer. They do not necessarily have to be very many settings, but stronger options.
  • You need to adjust the massaging shower head to direct it to where you need to massage. To be such adjustable, check whether it has an adjustable ball joint.
  • Some nozzles are self-cleaning while others need cleaning. How easy is it to clean and maintain it?
  • Handling hard water. Hard water is known to cause blockages and other problems to shower heads. Go for a massage shower head whose material will withstand hard water.
  • Some massaging shower heads are handheld while others are removable. You should consider a massaging shower head that is versatile and gives you freedom to move.

You should also consider if it has a hose, its length and the overall value of the showerhead.  Besides, you should also check the other properties that you would have checked if it were a regular shower head, like size, material and other add-ons.

To make it easy for you when looking out for a massage shower head, we researched and reviewed 5 of the best massage shower heads.

Review of the Best Massaging Shower Head

  1. Our Best Massaging Shower Head: Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 3-way 2 in 1 Combo

This is a dual massage shower head consisting of a fixed and a handheld shower heads. Hydroluxe boasts 5 high power settings which include power rain, pause, stay-warm mist, water saving economy rain and the main one massage setting.

Switching of the heads to use during shower time is easy as well as it has a 3-way diverter with an anti-swivel lock nut. You can also adjust the shower head using the overhead bracket. A three-zone click lever dial allows you to adjust the shower head to where you prefer. The two shower heads can be used separately or together.

Installing this shower head is easy too since you do not need any tools. You only need to hand-tighten the conical brass hose nuts with which it comes, and use a plumbers tape to avoid any leaks. Besides, you also get a 5-foot super-flexible stainless steel hose.

The shower head has rub-clean jets which means it won’t be difficult to clean.

Hydroluxe comes with a limited 10 year warranty.


– It has 5 high power settings

-Has a large 4-inch chrome face

– It is easy to clean due to the rub-clean jets

– Comes with a 5-foot stainless steel hose

-Installation is hassle-free

– Has 24 massaging water patterns



– Only has a limited warranty of 10 years


  1. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Shower Head

This is a ultra-traditional shower head usually mounted to the wall directly. A serious contender for the #1 spot, Culligan is one of the simplest and most affordable shower heads, besides being very affordable.

One useful feature of Culligan shower head is that it filters up to 99% of the sulfur odor and chlorine from water, thanks to the WHR-140 filter cartridge. This will in turn help better your skin and hair, especially if the water in your area is hard. The filter can be changed after six months. or after using about 10, 000 gallons of water. Water impurities can result in a itchy dry scalp and damage your hair follicles.

The shower head also has an adjustable water pressure regulator which is removable for high or low water systems, and anti-clog rubber spray nozzles. For more clean water Culligan shower head also has a patented filter media bacteriostatic which limits growth and passage of bacteria hence a great safe shower experience. The treatment it gives water does not only benefit your skin and hair but also solves rust issues in your bathroom.

Installation of Culligan is not difficult either, since it is tools-free. This is an adjustable wall-mount shower head with five spray settings. The head comes in a chrome finish and its design is standard, something that is appropriate for quick showers. Despite the small size however, it has a flow rate of 2.0 gpm which is enough to maintain a continuous solid stream.

What about its design? The Culligan wall-mounted shower head has a chrome finish which makes it suitable for almost any bathroom. Comes with a limited 5 years warranty.


– WHR-140 filter cartridge filters the chlorine and sulfur odor from your water, making it safe and clean

– Has an adjustable water pressure regulator

– Anti-clog rubber spray nozzles

– Easy tool-free installation

– Comes with five spray settings

– It is heavy



– Some customers complained that it was difficult replacing the filter after six months

– Has a limited 5-year warranty


  1. Niagara Conservation 2.0 gpm handheld shower

This is a handheld shower head that is indeed a masterful design exhibition. A great and affordable alternative, Niagara offers a full massage feature. Due to its flow rate of 2.0 gpm, it saves up to 20% of water compared to other handheld shower heads.

Niagara Conservation massage shower head features 9 jet turbo settings, ranging from gentle to forceful flows. It also has non-aerated sprays which means that temperature loss is very minimal and as a result saves maximum energy. Included in the package is a tangle-free, 72-inch hose which has a non-removable flow compensato.

The shower head is entirely made of chrome, although the end being screwed to the shower arm is metallic since it might crack when tightening were it to be left to be plastic as well. Besides, Niagara massage shower head is self-cleaning as well as maintenance-free. While many shower heads come with 5-foot hoses, this one comes with a long and flexible hose which gives you so much versatility and freedom when in the bathroom.

You can adjust the shower head using a ball-joint, although it is relatively stiff not to wander by itself. However, the shower head won’t twist left or right since it is held in an oval-shaped slot in the shower arm bracket.

The spray adjustment of this shower head doesn’t have preset options from the manufacturer like most shower heads. The face rotates seamlessly, clockwise and anti-clockwise to give you the type of spray you want. If extreme anti-clockwise is too forceful for you, you twist it clockwise a bit to get a more gentle spray. Extreme anti-clockwise gives you full massage while twisting it back clockwise a little bit will give you a mixture of regular spray and massage. This setting is quite great and easy to use rather than having options.

This is a great affordable massage showerhead, relatively cheap compared to other shower heads.


– Quality construction

– The spray adjustment is quite easy as the face itself seamlessly rotates

– Has a long super-flexible 72-inch tangle-free shower hose

– Saves up to 20% of water compared to other shower heads

– Provides a powerful and even spray

– It is quiet, considering how strong it is

– Easy to install


– Does not come with a Teflon tape to help when installing


  1. Vida Alegria High Pressure Spashower

Maybe you just want a standard fixed shower head. Vida Alegria Spashower is a simple shower head that comes in three different colour options; Brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and Chrome. This might not be such a big deal but it surely gives you options that can match with your bathroom decor.

With a flow rate of 2.5 gpm, Vida Allegria offers a continuous high-pressure stream without any disappointment. It also offers 5 settings; Drenching rain, gentle rinse, full rotating massage, mix of drenching rain and gentle rinse, mix of gentle rinse and hard rotating massage and a bonus drizzle mode which will save you more water. Switching from one setting to the other is so easy, doable with just one hand.

Vida Alegri boasts a high power, stronger spray, awesome style, luxury relaxing and superior quality. The Hi-tech ABS Face repels hard water and will stay clean without looking dirty all the time like most chrome-faced units. It has silicon jets which flick to declog.

A solid brass connector and ball joints are so compact and strong that they do not leak. In case of low water pressure, you can remove the two-way water restrictor and enjoy a high-pressure flow of water.

If you would like a massage shower head whose face is ever shiny, is simple and easy to install, then you definitely have to try Vida Alegri. With it comes a step-by-step, detailed and illustrated steps to follow when setting up and a free Teflon tape  to help during installation.


– Has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm that offers continuous and strong high-pressure stream

– Has 5 spray setting, plus a bonus water saving mode

– You can navigate between the spray settings using one hand

– Its Hi-tech ABS face repels hard water, ensuring the shower head is clean

– The silicone jets flick to declog

– Has a two-way restrictor which you can remove when you need to enjoy high pressure showers

– Comes with a user manual having step-by-step instructions on how to install



– Some customers complained that the spray was relatively narrow

– This shower head is so noisy


  1. Waterpik SM-653CG Handheld Massage shower head

This is a handheld shower head but one of a kind, nothing similar in the market currently. The first thing that will grab your attention is its easy access setting valve plus the dynamic nozzles. Waterpik is technologically enhanced and that can be seen in the settings which ensure maximum water flow and powerful performance.

Famously known as a massaging and pulsating handheld shower system, you are likely to enjoy many rejuvenating properties you would have missed in other shower heads. The settings range from massage therapy to full burst mode with a variation of modes in between them.

Although this shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm, it uses OptiFlow technology to enhance maximum water flow and powerful performance. Likewise, Waterpik also comes with a 5-foot long shower hose to make it more versatile that you can use it externally to even wash your kids or pets.

Adjusting and positing of this shower head is quite easy, thanks to its adjustable-angle bracket. Waterpik has a chrome finish and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


– Waterpik uses OptiFLOW technology to enhance the flow of water and its strength

– Has easy access setting valve and dynamic nozzles

– It also comes with a 5-foot long shower hose

– It is handheld, which means versatility and multi-functional, together with the 5-foot hose

– It has an adjustable-angle bracket which makes it easy to adjust and position

– The chrome finish fits in most bathrooms

– Comes with a lifetime warranty


– Some customers complained that it is cheaply built

– There are complaints that the flow rate of the included hose is low

– Does not work well with hard water

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