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Best Latex Paint Sprayer

What is latex paint, you might ask? Latex paint doesn’t necessarily contain the actual latex but some of its components. These paints contain synthetic polymers which work as binders making the application stronger. Some of the common binders include vinyl acrylic, styrene acrylic and PVA. These polymers look like natural latex but their chemical make-up is totally different. However, both of them (natural latex and synthetic polymers) share many similarities like looking milky when wet and flexible and clear once dry. They are water-based hence a bit easier to clean with mere soap, easier than oil-based paints. They also have low odor and are durable. Due to their convenient use and smooth application, they are a favorite to most of the professionals.

Latex is great for almost all types of projects, whether indoors or outdoors. Latex paints are usually durable and can’t be affected by environmental factors like dust and humidity. Besides, they sit well on almost all surfaces; interior walls, furniture, doors or even masonry.

Latex paints have a myriad of advantages;

  1. Latex paint provides users with a versatile water-soluble solution that can be quite easy to clean up should mistakes or spills happen.
  2. If applied with the best latex paint sprayer, the end result is a surface that looks beautifully smooth and wears consistently over time.
  • Non-toxic, has low odor issues when being applied and dries quickly.
  1. Comes in gloss, stainless, and flat finishes.
  2. It is non-flammable
  3. Can be used on almost any surface, especially suited for painting sheetrock.
  • Spots can be touched up easily.
  • Sometimes a prime coat is not needed.
  1. Often can be washed, depending on type.

On the flipside, they have their difficulties too;

  1. May have to wait for 3o days before washing and does not clean as well as oil-based paints which must be sanded between coats on new woodwork.
  2. Not as durable as oil based paints and may rust metal
  • Sometimes does not adhere to glossy surfaces and some brands yellow with time.
  1. Must be stored where it will not freeze and may become brittle and chip.
  2. Generally cannot be used on metal and wood.


Working with latex can be some real headache that trying to get the suitable sprayer will be a herculean task itself. However, the best sprayer type when it comes to spraying latex is an airless paint sprayer. This is because, with their varied nozzle and high horsepower, you are likely to cover a large area within a short period of time. But what do you consider when shopping for one> Here are the factors;

  • Ease of use. Your own convenience comes top whenever you are buying a tool that you intend to use. The same applies here. Look at the ways in which this latex paint sprayer will make your work easier, not too tricky or complex.
  • You do not want to spend your whole lifetime painting a small section, you want a speedy and efficient sprayer. Pick a latex paint sprayer that is fast, has adjustable control features and is light so that you won’t be fatigued.
  • Your work will be judged with the finish, and it is the precision of a paint sprayer that will enable you achieve this. Get a sprayer that will give you flawless finishing and access to the otherwise difficult-to-reach areas.
  • The best latex sprayer you choose should be economical too, offering relief to your budget. Look at the price of the sprayer and if it will cost you by leaking paint.
  • It should be versatile and flexible. A sprayer should give you different spray options and allow you to move around.

To make it easy for you, we sampled five of the best latex paint sprayers, reviewed them and below is the write-up.


This is an airless paint sprayer which you can use for small to mid-sized jobs. Graco Magnum X5 helps the DIY homeowners and handy men to perform their painting works with its high speed performance. With its high pressure, you can spray unthinned paint using its stainless steel piston pump. It also has the following with it

  1. 25ft DuraFlex hose
  2. SG2 Spray Gun.
  3. Pump Armor
  4. 515 RAC IV Spray Tip

It has high speed performance and its cost efficiency along with swift and skillful work.

You also get a powerFlush adapter that is linked to the garden hose with which you can enjoy fast and easy cleaning. If in any case it clogs, then you can keep on spraying by just reversing the tip due to RAC IV switch tip.

You can check on the clog tips by the help of SG3 metal spray gun which will give great results with also help of the in-handle filter. Graco Magnum X5 is ideal for painting all interior projects, decks, siding, fences, and small houses.

You can choose this type of sprayer when you want to paint on a quarterly basis. It is equipped with a long-lasting, stainless-steel piston pump, which helps you spray more projects annually.

You can spray wide variety of coating from stains to heavy latex with ease.

Here are its main features include an easy to adjust pressure to have ultimate flow, a flexible suction tube which spray directly from 1 gallon paint containers, a power flush which connects to the hose for a fast clean-up and a Reverse-A-Clean spray tip which quickly clears tip plugs with a twist.





  1. Economical as per the features
  2. Has adjustable pressure controls
  • It reaches areas that are otherwise difficult to reach for some sprayers
  1. Easy to handle and use
  2. Easy to clean and maintain.
  3. Comes with a long hose




  1. It’s preferable to use for low to medium jobs


  1. HOMERIGHT C800766

It’s the best seller rating among power paint and HVLP sprayers which sprays a coating through the air onto the surface.

It can paint anything and any surface which involves fine painting skills majorly in professional fields. It serves the best purpose for refinishing, repainting, restyling, up cycling, renewing, revamping and refreshing furniture and other materials.

It’s very easy to use and install and can change the look of your modular kitchen and provide it a refreshing and shiny look. It is so light, weighing only 1 pound hence can’t tire your arm. Besides, it is versatile sprayer, as it works perfectly well for painting furniture or rooms without disappointing. This just goes ahead to show what a quality paint sprayer this is, easy to use and fun too.

HomeRight uses three different spray patterns; circular, horizontal and vertical. If a user wants to spray upwards or downwards, they can put vertical settings. These are indicated diagrammatically on the sprayer in respective directions. In order to spray at specific angles, settings angles and therefore the paint flow can regulate.

Additionally, HomeRight comes with a modified air brush which help in producing interesting patterns. It hosts adjustable pressure control system which means that the amount of pressure with which the        paint comes out can be regulated hence giving you adequate precisions. A brass spray needle with longer durability due gives efficient performance to the work. This is a sprayer that provides a flawless fine finish. In order to change spray pattern, you can adjust the trigger knob well within 1’’ to 6’’ wide and thus obtain desirable pattern.

HomeRight can also make a double of coating and give 50% overlap. Like the spray coatings are evenly spread without any brush marks. To spray uneven surfaces, you simply set the tab to a specified 45-degree angle and thus can also attain maximum control over the paint flow.


  1. The sprayer settings involve a high volume, low-pressure technology. This means that the volume of paint oozing out is quite larger than the applied pressure which gives a beautiful finish to your work.
  2. The low-pressure system also serves another important purpose that is less overspray. This facility of less overspray is not present even in many advanced paint sprayers. The sprayer will lay a professional finish for your work that will leave the family and friends stunned! They have many household purposes such as painting furniture, staining patio items and decks, remodeling kitchens and woodworking.
  • HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer offers a variety of patterns which come with adjustable three-way pattern system. It gives consistently good results without back rolling. Moreover, the established control over the spray gun gives a very smooth finish to your work. The paint that you should use can be any including the latex paint. One doesn’t need to filter or screen the paint before using it to prevent clogging, but the paint can take straight away from the can.
  1. The brass needle that the sprayer houses is another benefit as that doesn’t need changing too often. It is long lasting and never fails in giving consistent results. Another benefit is the instant adjustment and installment of the sprayer which relaxes the user and eases the job. It houses high velocity low pressure system that provides your work a professional outlook. Moreover it prevents the problem of overspray as the paint coming out in a single coating is way too much.
  2. The adjustable pattern system serves an easy way to do the work. The degree with which the paint needs to be done can be specified easily.
  3. It is handy and versatile and serves latest advanced technology for various purposes
  • This serves a useful purpose for the DIY’s and the craft workers



  1. At times clogging may occur in HVLP sprayers while using thick latex paints so it becomes a need thin it out
  2. The difference array of patterns that it offers, horizontal, vertical and circular also sometimes interfere in the machinery of the system thereby clogging.






This is a High Volume Low Pressure paint sprayer that offers a powerful turbine spraying both latex and thinner materials like stains and lacquers. It is considered one of the best latex paint sprayers and its efficiency justifies this. A front ending allows you to pour out the paint without having any trouble and the device itself is so light. The air pressure is adjustable thanks to the variable air pressure control which prevents over spraying. It is also a convenient option for extended reach as it has a flexible 20-foot long air hose.

Detachable parts of the Wagner control spray max makes cleaning of this paint sprayer easy after use. It also is easy to use and portable for its light weight and has the ability to cover large areas within a very short time. The professional-grade metal cup guarantees a good finish, coupled by the balance brought by pressure and volume. A viscosity cup lets you measure how dense a paint is so that you can adjust the spray pattern as needed.

Wagner Control spray max offers three different spray patterns, giving you options to choose the best for your job. It also comes with two cups, one being a 1-quart metal with the other being a 1 ½ quart plastic cup. This makes it suitable for any painting job, big or small. Despite being light, this is a powerful paint sprayer that is also easy to set up. What’s more, it has two air filters that prevent dust from damaging the finish.

It measures 12 x 19 x 12 inches and weighs 10 lbs.


  1. Has 3 different spray patterns
  2. Comes with a flexible 20-foot long hose.
  • It is relatively cheap, but has great value.
  1. Easy to clean up after use
  2. Comes with two cups that make it suitable for large and small jobs
  3. Has two air filters that prevent dust from damaging the finish


  1. May not be the best for indoor jobs due to some over spraying
  2. It can leave a splatter finish




  1. GRACO 17G180 MAGNUM PRO X19

It’s the leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, maintenance, construction and processing industries. Property maintenance pro, remodelers and general contractors turn projects around smarter and faster with the ProX19.

It tackles all interior projects, rentals property and large homes.

It supports at the larger tip size allowing you to spray thicker materials. The ProXchange pump replacement system allows you to replace the pump on the job with no tools, eliminating downtime and keeping you spraying while extending the life of the sprayer.

It is available as a compact stand or portable cart.

Maximum Pro X19bundles comes with ¼’’ airless DuraFlex hose.

Here are some of the sprayer’s features

  1. ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump – For greater reliability and long life
  2. ProXChange Pump System – Eliminates downtime with quick, no-tools pump replacement on-the-job
  3. DC Motor – Supports longer extension cords and up to 150 feet of airless hose
  4. PushPrime – Fast and reliable start-up every time
  5. SG3 Metal Spray Gun – Premium spray gun with hose swivel making it easy to manage longer hose lengths
  6. Reverse-A-Clean Spray Tip – Quickly clears tip clogs
  7. Convenient Cart – Move paint and sprayer around job site
  8. Adjustable Pressure – Easy control of paint AA tip clogs from debris in the paint
  9. Power Flush – Connects to garden hose for fast and easy cleanup


  1. Versatile sprayer that works with light to medium coatings
  2. Heavy but portable with wheels
  • Doesn’t need much maintenance
  1. Easy to clean and repair
  2. Performs well



  1. Can make a lot of noise
  2. Initial setup takes a while.



This is the least expensive gun so far in this list. Actually, it isn’t a typical spray gun as it is an all-purpose easy-to-clean gun with an exclusive air valve design. With a 1 quart capacity dripless cup and an adjustable wide fan control, Austro 4008 is so effective and will handle anything; from acrylics to contact cement, primers to top coats and car doors to picket fences.

Austro will work on any surface. It has a wide range of use, including wood working, body, production and cabinet shops besides industrial and marine. It is also important to note that this sprayer minimizes waste hence saves you money, with its features likely to increase your productivity.

The nozzle size is 1.8mm and the sprayer has an operating pressure of 50-60 PSI while consuming an average air of 7 to 12 CFM.

It attaches to the standard air compressor with no extra valves or gauges required. When you do some basic thinning, it does a lot of great latex job. It also comes with a one year warranty.


  1. Austro is ludicrously cheap
  2. Works well for laying thick coats, which is what you want with latex
  • It sprays at low pressure and higher volumes
  1. Good for all purpose projects
  2. Spray tips are relatively cheap and easy to change



  1. It needs thin latexes
  2. Meant for small projects only
  • Comes with poor manual


Buying a latex paint sprayer should not be more difficult than using the product itself. We hope with the information above, you will be better placed to make the right choice and buy a latex paint sprayer that will suit you, will be fun and will be value for your money.

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