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Best Kids’ Shower Head

Your kid at some age will require to be introduced to showering by themselves. It is important because that’s a path to adulthood and it gives a kid a sense of growth and responsibility. If you want to make shower time to be fun, an incredible experience and something that they look forward to, then the best thing to go for is a shower head. Trust me, first shower experiences determine the attitude the kid will have towards subsequent showers. That’s why you need to think and go for a kids’ shower head, not your regular one.

A kid’s shower head is both fun and functional. Mostly, they are designed and modelled in a fun shape like an animal or a cartoon character.  This is usually and normal-functioning shower with some additional plastic or rubber   featuring one spray pattern and a lower flow rate that is comfortable for children.

Introducing your kid to the shower is quite important, and like we said it is phenomenal in how he’ll take showering subsequently. Here is how you should introduce your kid to showering and make them continue by themselves and love it through to adulthood;

  • Join them in showering. Benjamin Franklin popularly said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. The same applies to introducing your kid to showering. Before you buy them their own shower head, you can tag them along to your bathroom, shower with them. They’ll see how you do it and do the same. Help them where they seem to get problems and guide them like washing their hair. They will feel proud moving from being bathed to showering by themselves. However, ensure you reduce the water pressure as it might hurt them.
  • Once you are confident that they know how to shower and you have bought them their own shower head, accompany them to their first showers. Remember they have never showered by themselves so the excitement might take a toll on them. Besides, this is a new shower head with a whole new features which they might not know how to use. Supervise them and when you’re a hundred percent confident about their ability to shower without any hitch should you leave them alone.
  • Lower the shower head. You can do this by getting a lower shower head already, or have it installed in a lower level in the bathroom. Water falling from 6 feet above a child can be painful and scary to a kid. If you can’t get your kid during the time of installation, you can sit on the floor and approximate the distance.
  • Get a fun shower head. Like we said, the first experiences of a kid’s shower determine how he responds to the subsequent showers. You can start by making them fun, and the best way to do it is by getting a fun shower head. Most, if not all of the kids’ shower heads, are. Kids love colour, and will be used to playing with all their toys in the bathroom. Without these, you will make the shower boring and you won’t see them rushing to wash.
  • Use non-slip mats. Kids are so hyped up and once in the bathroom, there will be so much running up and down. Consequently, your kid is likely to slip and fall, blame it on the soap and maybe a slippery floor. But you can avert this, have a non-slip mat in place. Besides, you can tell the kid not to rush in and out of the bathroom. These measures will help you avoid little accidents.
  • Encourage your kid. A single word of encouragement can do wonders. Tell your kid that you’re proud of him. Now that they’re showering alone, tell him/her that he or she’s now a man/woman. Kids want to impress and such words encourage them even more.

How do you find the best shower head for your kid? It is not quite easy. As an adult, you might think that it is the same process like you did when buying your regular shower head. Well, not exactly so. Kids need to be introduced to shower heads, taught how to use it and be kept doing it. Besides, their preferences are different compared to yours. But bas a parent, this should not worry you. You know your kid. Here is what you should consider to get your kid the best shower head, one that he/she will love and enjoy.

  • Colour. Kids love color, bright stuff and anything that catches their eyes. You should pick a shower head which has plenty of shouting colors in it. It might look awkward to you but you’ll see what it does to your kid. If you realize that your kid loves a certain color, then it is advisable that you look for a shower head of that color.
  • Funny-looking/design. Your kid probably loves cartoons. And he/she has a favorite cartoon. How about getting a shower head with the cartoon’s design? The more a shower head looking recognizable, the more they get connected to it. There are many designs which you can choose from.
  • We mentioned that the best shower heads for kids are low. An adjustable shower head is the best for your kid because it enables mobility and grows with the child. A high shower head will cause discomfort for your kid, while a low shower head will be useless once your baby grows taller than it.
  • Safety of your child. As a parent, the first thing you consider before buying your kid anything is safety. Ensure the shower head you’re buying your kid is strong, durable and sturdy that no part drops off easily to hurt your kid. Likewise, be mindful of any small buttons or parts that your curious (kids are curious) might insert into his mouth or holes which he might poke his finger into.


That said, choosing a shower head for your kid seems an easy task, till you get to the shop and find that there are hundreds of kids’ shower heads which appeal to you. It is therefore important to do more research, comparison before you settle on a specific one. We made it easier for you by reviewing five of the best kids’ shower heads in the market currently. Take a look.


  1. Rinse Ace My Own Shower

Any parent will be greatly impressed by how their kids respond to seeing this shower head. This shower head comes in different animal designs but the most popular one is the one with a dolphin design. It is a little shower head that is set up to give your kid a fun experience in the bathroom. Its main feature is all-round child-friendly design.

Rinse Ace kit includes a water diverter valve which allows you to switch from your regular shower head and vice versa. Besides, it has a quick-release detachable hose which enables you to remove it in case you feel it will be unsafe and hazardous if you won’t be around. This enhances more safety.

Rinse Ace sprinkles water in a milder stream, which means it is comfortable against a kid’s delicate skin. This is an adjustable height shower head so you don’t have to worry about your kid outgrowing it. It is largely made of plastic, and measures 4.5″ x 5.8″ x 8″. Installation too is easy since it easily hooks up to your current fixture.


  • Its storage is easy, thanks to the detachable hose
  • The friendly and warm dolphin character helps stimulate your kid’s imagination and relieve any phobia he might be having.
  • It is detachable
  • Rinse Ace turn shower time safe and fun
  • Installation is hassle-free
  • You do not need to remove your regular shower head to install this one.
  • Compared to other detachable shower heads for kids, this is cheap
  • With your kid having control over his private shower head, it promotes a feeling of self-sufficiency.



  • Rinse Ace is mostly made of plastic, which means you have to be extra-careful when fixing it. It also means you have to be keen so that it is not spoilt by your kid as plastic is very vulnerable to destruction
  • – Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the suction cup, saying it wasn’t tight.


  1. ConservCo Fun Kids Shower Head

This shower head is quite similar to Rinse Ace, except for the plastic diverter which switches between the regular and the kid’s shower head. It however takes the fun and enjoyment of a shower to a whole new level. ConsevCo not only has an improved and more fun experience but also has a great set of features that will benefit you and your little one.

To start with, the shower head is made in the design of a frog and comes in different colors and different animal imprints. It has 51 spray jets which are great for rinsing and give that rainy-feeling on your child’s skin. The 1.5 gpm spray is so gentle that you can use it on an infant or toddler without any worry.

Conservco can be attached to the existing regular shower arm or you can use a water diverter that comes as part of the package. The package also includes a 6″ hose which reaches even the back of standard tubs. This is one easy-to-install shower head, which also has a handheld shower head. With the extra 6-foot shower hose, your child ought to enjoy more mobility and freedom using a handheld shower head.

What makes installation even more easy is the fact that whatever you need to install is included in the package; the shower hose, a plumber’s tape, a 2-way water circulation ABS diverter and washers meant to prevent leaks and spills. Suction cups give you the freedom to place the shower head wherever you feel okay.


  • This shower head is perfect for washing your kid’s hair. Likewise, they won’t have issues with a hard spray shooting water into their nose and eyes.
  • It makes showering for your kids fun
  • ConservCo attaches to existing shower heads and is easy to install.
  • It is available in many animal imprints.
  • Detachable
  • The height is adjustable
  • Relatively cheap compared to similar products



  • Mostly made from plastic


  1. Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Combo Shower Head

Mickey mouse is one of the most loved cartoon characters worldwide and this explains why this shower head is one of the best-selling among kids’ shower heads. But that alone isn’t enough. This shower head features 15 different spray combinations which are going to be so much fun for your little one, with the help of Oxygenics pressure-boosting technology.

Likewise, Oxygenics Mickey Mouse shower head has a non-slip rubber grip and a comfort control lever which you can use to adjust the water pressure to one your kid will find comfortable. The biggest benefit of this shower head however is the different shower spray combinations and the technology, a really savvy technique which can’t be found on other shower heads. A three-way diverter helps you to use one or both of the shower heads, whichever way you like it.

Measuring 10.5 x 4.5 x 14.5 inches, this shower head weighs only two pounds and is Water Sense certified. The non-slip rubber grip ensures that the shower head is firmly held in the hand of your kid and won’t accidentally fall off. It is constructed with the safety of your kid in mind.

However, it is not very sturdy so when attaching it to the shower hose or removing it, be cautious to keep it from breaking. It is a plastic-made shower head and that calls for more caution. Many customers have complained of this shower head having cracked just a few days after purchase, making it not the best choice if you have more than two children and are seeking for something they’ll use long-term.


  • The different sprays offered by this shower head make showering fun for your kid
  • It is easy to work with and maintain
  • Compared to other models in the market, Mickey Mouse is affordable
  • Has a cozy control lever that you can use to regulate the water pressure
  • The design, Mickey Mouse character is a popular children favorite so it will be easy for your kid to connect with it


  • Like most kids’ shower heads, this one too is made of plastic
  • Some customers have complained that the tape with which it comes is not enough, hence you need more.


  1. Baby Toy- Submarine Station- Battery Operated Water Pump With Hand Shower And More

This is a special battery-powered water activity station and a hand-shower for kids combo. While it doesn’t fully look like a shower head, it is a one of a kind that has an easy-to-manage submarine water-flow pumping system. The water pumping system draws water from the tub and allows your child to spray it safely for fun.

Water, then, streams through the shower head which is designed for an easy grip and activation by your child’s small hands. As your kid uses the spray nozzles in different ways, his motor skills as well as hand-eye co-ordination develop. Subsequently, the spraying actions stimulate your kid’s senses, teaching him cause and effect processes.

Besides that, it also has an awesome activity center with magical water effects. Recommended for kids within the age of 2-6 years old.


  • The water activity station has great features that will interest your child
  • You cant waste water, thanks to the recycling action of the unit
  • Will teach your kid cause and effect processes
  • Encourages your kid’s independent exploration
  • Co-ordinates a kid’s Eye-hand and fine motor skills
  • The shower head’s spraying action will stimulate your kid’s senses of sight and touch


  • This unit too is made of plastic, which needs extra-caution when fastening to other fixtures and supervision
  • It does not come with the batteries that it requires to run


  1. Ginsey 4210 My Own Child

Another great adjustable shower head with great features is Ginsey 4210. With a clown-fish-shaped head, it is a perfect choice for small kids, especially those who have started learning to shower on their own. Some of its features include a smaller shower with a much comfortable spray which most kids will find to be fun. This is a child-focused shower head that you can hook up to your standard shower. It also has a diverter valve which you install between your old regular shower head and your kid’s shower head.  Besides, you get a shower arm for the adjustable shower and a head.

This shower head will be really interesting to for your kid, being a creative duct. It is aimed at older toddlers who are learning how to shower on their own. You do not have to worry about your kid outgrowing it as it is of adjustable height. The shower jets are softer which is quite impressive.

Installing this shower head is quite easy, you use a suction cup to place it at any point on your shower walls. It is light, measures only 12.8 ounces and 2.2 x 6.5 x 9.2 inches.


  • It is adjustable
  • The clown fish shape is so interesting and eye-catchy for kids
  • Its spray is more soft, comfortable and soothing for the kid
  • Easy to install
  • A diverter valve helps you switch from the regular shower head to the new one


  • Made of plastic
  • Some customers complained that the suction cups do not work for long


Once you buy your kid that shower head, you will realize that you have done them a great favor. This is because kids’ shower heads come with very many benefits. These include;

  • A lower height. Kids’ shower heads are designed with the kid in mind. As a result, all the best shower heads have a lower height which offers a more delicate and milder spray.
  • The spray from these kids’ shower heads is less sharp compared to that of the standard shower heads, hence creates a soothing and caressing effect on the kid’s sensitive skin.
  • Due to the lower height, manufacturers have reduced the water flow from kids’ shower heads and made it gentler.
  • The shower heads offer so much fun to the kids. Thanks to their design, kids’ shower heads are eye-catching and interesting. However, the features do not distract the kids completely from showering, like bath toys do when bathing.
  • Independence and responsibility. Once your kid starts using a shower head on their own, they’ll get a sense of independence and responsibility. This is great for their development.
  • It reduces you baby-cleaning stress. Any parent can agree with us, trying to shower a child can be quite stressful. All through as you try to wash them, they are not still, you can’t reach all areas like the ears and the armpits. Having them a shower of their own will ease the pressure from your shoulders.


We know looking for a shower head for you little one isn’t such an easy task. However, with the above information you are best-placed to buy a quality shower head with knowledge of what to expect.

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