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Best HVLP Paint Sprayer Reviews

One of the best tools a DIY homeowner can have in his/her toolbox is the High Volume Low Pressure. Not only homeowners but also professional painters as well as touch-up artists. They are called high volume low pressure because they use very low pressure to put a high volume of paint out, landing it on the targeted surface without losing much of it to overspray and bounce-back. While conventional paint sprayers use compressors to supply the high pressure, while HVLP paint sprayers have the flow rate controlled by a regulator.

In the years gone by, HVLP sprayers were premium technology. This has changed however as more companies have come up with superb HVLP equipment for DIY’ers as well as professional users. As a result, HVLP paint sprayers have become more popular.

Some of the factors making HVLP paint sprayers popular include;

  1. Transfer efficiency. Low pressure causes less viscosity and as a result fog is not easily developed. Due to this, HVLP paint sprayers enhance transfer efficiency compared to the other paint sprayers.
  2. Low pressure means the likelihood of one injecting themselves paint is very low hence no accident. Besides, there is also reduction in the paint reduced.
  3. Easy maintenance. These paint sprayers are easy to maintain compared to the airless and conventional paint sprayers
  4. As we said above, HVLP paint sprayers have regulators attached so that they control the pressure of the paint.
  5. Eco-friendly. The amount of paint from this sprayer that goes to waste is so little compared to those from other sprayers. This in turn helps conserve the environment.
  6. They are light and portable, good for mobile use.
  7. Since you hold the spray gun at a distance from the surface, (6 to 8 inches), reaching awkward corners and places of the project is quite easy.
  8. High Volume Low Pressure paint sprayers paint the exact area without messing with the surroundings

How do you pick the best high volume low pressure paint sprayer? First of all it depends on the requirements of your job. HVLP spray painters reduce overspray but take forever to finish big projects. So it is best for DIY projects like shelves, doors, fences, furniture and other fittings.

Some of the respected brands when it comes to HVLP paint sprayers include Fuji and Wagner. However, that’s not to mean that there are no other brands with great paint sprayers. Here, we reviewed five of the best high volume low pressure paint sprayers to help make your shopping for one easier.


  1. Campbell Hausfeld Gravity-Feed Spray Gun Kit (CHK005CCAV)

One thing about HVLP paint sprayers is that they are a bit expensive compared to others. However, in the recent past they have reduced, and this one is amongst the low-priced HVLP paint sprayers. Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer comes with two spray guns that can be used by most of the decent air compressors besides providing value. The two spray guns are a gravity-feed spray gun with 550ml canister and a touch-up spray gun with a 120 ml canister.

The design of this gravity-fed paint spray is one thing that makes it efficient. It reduces waste of paint while delivering a precise result for an all-out efficiency. The kit includes two spray guns, two adjusting valves, five in-line paint filters, ten paint filters, three cleaning brushes, a PTFE thread tape, wrench, a coupler and a metal file. The carrying case makes this unit’s storage and portability so convenient.

Due to optimal atomization provided by this sprayer, you are assured of an even spray. This makes it one of the best paint sprayers in carpentry painting, automotive painting and other home projects. If in any case you intend to do touch-ups or larger projects, Campbell is fast and easy.

Since everything is flowing to the tip, wastage of any material is highly unlikely. The two spray guns are made of sturdy metal, have brass spray tips which for this price are far much better than expected. Still, it has a 2.1 CFM draw at 40 psi. The larger gun has a 1.4mm tip while the smaller one has a 0.8mm tip. They both have changeable tips which gives you room to expand them from the factory tips once you gain experience.

At the price of this unit, you do not expect to find pressure limiters included, but they are!


  • It comes with two spray guns for the price of one
  • Performs from a standard air compressor
  • Its gravity-fed design makes efficient use of paint
  • Less overspray and bounce-back
  • More versatile since you can adjust the pressure as well as the spray pattern
  • Quality and better built using sturdy metal
  • Both guns have changeable tips
  • The set comes with a host of tools
  • The unit comes well-packaged
  • Has pressure limiters
  • It is affordable


  • You can’t get a professional-grade finish with this paint sprayer.
  • The two cups are made of plastic, not as nice as nylon or aluminum cups


  1. Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray System

In the world of paint sprayer-manufacturing, Fuji is renowned for producing great HVLP spray systems. Fuji 2202 semi-pro was designed specifically for DIY enthusiasts but offers quality that is close to professional, for half the price of a professional paint sprayer.

First of all, this paint sprayer comes with an easy to adjust fan which helps you control the spray pattern. Then, it has a 1400-watt motor. This is a paint sprayer that is so easy to control, making it suitable for beginners as well as professional painters.

Fuji 2202’s non-bleed performance makes it easy to operate. This is adjustable and allows you to select the spray pattern you want based on the paint and your technique.  The size of the cup has also been increased from the earlier versions, hence you can work faster and more efficiently. This is a turbine paint sprayer that has a sturdy metal turbine case and a convenient gun holder. The package comes with a 25-feet hose which utilizes an air control valve aimed at minimizing overspray as well as bounce back.

Here is an ideal paint sprayer for you if you intend to spray your ceiling, walls, cabinets, doors, fences or other furniture pieces. You get a thorough combination of versatility and performance, with the end result being a professional looking finish. Apart from the non-bleed feature, Fuji semi-pro also boasts a dedicated fan control which you can use to adjust your spray pattern size from circular to wide or anything you desire (1” circular to 12” oval).

Cleaning and maintenance is easy and quick as you can disassemble the parts. Also, the multiple cap sizes allow you to spray various paints in different viscosity levels, be it stains, latex paints or tub coatings, with little dilution.

The fluid passage is made of stainless steel so you won’t be worried of wear and tear, making it ideal for waterborne and solvent-based coatings. The 1 Quart bottom feed cup is another great feature, an ergonomic stay-cool handle and the 1.3mm air cap set that is installed to spray medium to thin paints. The gravity feed cup too is 400cc.

Fuji semi-pro comes with a two year warranty


  • Fuji semi-pro has high-quality parts throughout the machine
  • Great efficiency, thanks to the HVLP system
  • The handle is good for comfort
  • Comes with a 25” long flexible hose
  • The fluid passage is made of stainless steel, hence does not wear or tear
  • Adjustable and allows you to select your spray pattern
  • Has an easy to adjust fan for you to adjust the spray pattern size
  • Has a 1400-watt motor
  • Fuji semi-pro is easy to control hence can be used by anyone
  • Gives you a professional-looking finish
  • The multiple cap sizes allow you to spray material with varying viscosity
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty, which is enough in case of any hitch


  • The nozzle may clog from time to time
  • There has been complains about the sprayer having trouble with thicker paints


  1. Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP Paint Spray Gun

If you are looking for a HVLP paint sprayer that is professional and top-end to do a larger job, then this is it. This is one of the best HVLP paint sparyers you can get for a standard air compressor. Developed by Sharpe and their parent company Graco, it features an impressive pattern size of up to 12.5 inches. The nozzles range from 1.0 to 1.8 and this makes it highly versatile for all materials and applications

This paint sprayer is reasonably-priced, well below premium price ranges but provides an even and smooth coverage with a variety of paints. Besides, you can choose the exact tip size that fits your needs. Despite Graco-Sharpe being light (it measures only one pound!), it is very tough. You can easily move it around. The sprayer comes with a 600cc aluminum cup, and comes with a cleaning brush and wrench.

Graco-Sharpe is entirely made from sturdy metal (the knobs, the handle and the fittings) while it comes with an aluminum cup.  This means that all the liquid surfaces are made of metal hence no reason to worry about wear and tear. Add this to better ergonomics and balance then imagine the quality of a paint sprayer you have. Actually, Graco-Sharpe has the lowest trigger pull of any gun, something that only seen in longer sprayers.

Another great feature is the two adjustment knob; one for pressure adjustment while the other is for the spray pattern. There is also an attachment for a pressure gauge/adjustment valve. Although it still has more precise adjustments, you’ll have to buy a separate valve so that you use it properly. The knobs feel smoother since they stay in place more securely.

This sprayer has versions of tips at intervals between 1.0- 1.8mm, which gives you a variety of options. This means that if you do a wide range of painting and coating, then it will be easy to replace the tips. You can spray about anything using this sprayer, depending on the tip that you choose.

We can say this is a compromise between DIYer pricing and pro-grade quality as some people use this paint sprayer for car projects. This is due to the better machining, precision and its superior atomization. Apart from having very little overspray, it is also simple and durable.

This is a quality sprayer likely to satisfy any DIY’er with its professional-like features, well-built, durable but light. It is covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Made of entirely metal, making it strong and durable
  • Extremely light, weighing just a pound, and compact
  • Has an aluminum cup
  • Provides a better and ergonomic balance
  • Has two different adjustment knobs, for pressure and spray pattern
  • Comes with a pressure gauge/adjustment valve attachment
  • Variety of tip options which make replacement easy
  • More precision and superior atomization
  • Less overspray
  • Simple and durable
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Great for automobile painting too


  • Unlike other HVLP paint sprayers, this one comes with no extras
  • Has a small fan pattern
  • You need to buy a separate regulator, which is an extra buck spent
  • Needs a lot more air, calling for a large and more powerful compressor
  • Replacement tips are so expensive


  1. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

Among products by Wagner, this is one of the highly rated by retailers. This is evident also by the number of reviews it has received from its first-hand users. It is a powerful tool which combines the metal spray gun, a variable air pressure control (1.5 to 2.63 psi) and a 2-stage turbine all in one. A variable flow control allows you to transition from large-spray surface to a more detail-oriented. Painting walls and other surfaces is made easier, using latex and thinner materials like stains and lacquer. Wagner Max Sprayer features three patterns and a 20-feet hose which will extend your reach.

Equipped with Lock-n-Go, which is Wagner’s trademark, it is easier to change paints. It also includes two air filters and a 1 ½ Quart viscosity cup and allows users to use a variety of lacquers, paints, primers and stains.

You can use Wagner control spray max to spray your doors, decks, cabinets, stained furniture and other woodwork. Its powerful turbine handles thicker paints with its control reducing overspray of thinner materials. This is a lightweight and very convenient paint sprayer to use. The large air filters that come with it prevents dust from getting into the finish, and this leads to smooth and even results.

The package includes a sprayer, a 1 quart metal cup, a 1 ½ plastic cup, a hose and a user manual to help you set up and use.


  • The Wagner spray max paint sprayer is easy to set up, use and clean
  • Has 3 different spray patterns
  • Comes with a 20-feet long flexible hose
  • It is relatively cheap, compared to other paint sprayers
  • Easy to use and clean
  • You can paint almost any material with Wagner spray max
  • Low overspray
  • Lightweight and easy to paint corners (measures 12 x 19 x 12)
  • Has two air filters that guarantee quality
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance


  • It may not be suitable for indoor spraying
  • It is noisy during operation
  • It can leave a splatter finish


  1. Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer

This is a multipurpose paint sprayer which is able to carry out a wide range of painting both outdoors and indoors from small to medium. It is more powerful compared to Wagner 518080 and is able to paint almost double the same area (8” x 4”) within a period of 5 minutes.

Due to the fast and quick painting, you aren’t likely to be fatigued while painting. In an hour you can paint like 8.4 gallons of paint in one hour. Besides, it comes with a 5-feet hose. It is fitted with an ispray nozzle which is able to spray thick paint with adjustments and a long lifespan. The ispray adjustments include horizontal (vertical) and wide (narrow) patterns.

Versatility is another outstanding feature in this paint sprayer. It has two containers, one for precise finish painting and the other for general painting. The X-Boost turbine provides adjustable control, full spray but very low overspray. Besides, it houses the 11.5-inch air hose, handle and the two nozzle plus cup assemblies. The Lock-n-Go split gun is designed for quick change of nozzle and easy cleaning.

Wagner Flexio 890 comes with a one year warranty.


  • Has two containers, for precise and for general painting
  • It is powerful and fast
  • Comes with a 5 feet hose
  • Fitted with an ispray nozzle which is adjustable
  • Versatile
  • With its X-Boost turbine, it provides an adjustable control
  • Lock-n-Go split gun makes the cleaning and change of nozzle quite easy.
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Flexible that it works with both thick and thin liquids
  • Light in weight hence easy to move around
  • Easy to adjust


  • Would have been better if a larger container (than the 0.5 gallon) was installed
  • This paint spray’s power supply chord is short
  • If you do not properly adjust the sprayer, the paint might be split spoiling your work
  • It is rather expensive

Owning a BVLP paint sprayer gives you confidence that your job will be done well. Despite this, you should be aware of some disadvantages that come with the sprayers.

  1. Despite a High Volume Low Pressure paint spray giving you a quality painting, it actually slows down your work.
  2. You need a very large compressor to operate these sprayers which also are noisy
  • You should avoid using any highly viscous paint with these sprayers


You’ll see that the positives of the HVLP paint sorayers outweight their negatives. You should therefore go ahead and get yourself a high volume low pressure paint sprayer of your choice and budget.

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