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Best High Pressure Shower Heads For Low Pressure

If there’s something that can turn an otherwise good shower to a pathetic experience, it is slow-flowing water, courtesy of low water pressure. Sluggish flow of water can be caused by other conditions which can be worked on. Water pressure however, is something that can be beyond your control. In that case you need a strong shower head whose pressure settings allow you to enjoy equally strong jets of water.

What are the causes of low water pressure?

Like we said before, water pressure can be slowed down by something that you can control. It can be;

  • Build-up debris in the nozzles and in pipes. This can be something like lime deposits on the nozzles or clogs in the pipes. This can be corrected by getting use of clog cleaners like plungers, drill or, in case of the lime scale, use of chemicals.
  • Water restrictors. Most shower heads come with water restrictors which tone down the pressure of water flowing through them. Removing these restrictors allows the water to flow freely.

Sometimes there is none of the water-slowing mechanisms we spoke about above, the shower head just has low pressure. Or, the water from the pipe is flowing at a low pressure. In this case you need a high pressure shower head.

A high pressure shower head is designed to draw water from the pipe source and bring it up in speed, even when the water from the source comes at a low pressure.

High pressure showers are quite something and if you get yourself a high pressure shower head,  will help you in different ways;

  • Have a better bath. Low pressure water makes you feel like you’re not having a shower. It is like some dirt is pouring on you. You do not enjoy at all. The same can’t be said with a high pressure shower head
  • With a high water pressure shower head, showering is something quick and easy. Hard-hitting water easily scourge out the dirt and soap from your skin. You won’t spend much time cleaning yourself, but in a slow-flowing water with low pressure you will have to repeatedly clean yourself.
  • High pressure shower heads are economical. Have you ever imagined how long you would take in a bathroom if your shower head was quicker than it is? You would spend less time, which would mean that you will spend little water and power. The more you spend in there, the more water you spend.

A high pressure shower head can be any, fixed shower head or hand-held shower head. Settling on one isn’t such easy, one needs to research. Below we go through five of the best high pressure shower heads for low pressure water so that we can make it easy for you as you try to check out which is the best fit for you;


  1. Best High Pressure Shower Head For Low Pressure: The Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza massager Shower Head

This is a high pressure shower head that features a pressure-increasing massage head. The head also delivers water at high velocity making up in case of low water pressure situations.

What you probably will enjoy most, besides the high water pressure, is the versatility with which it comes. Fire Hydrant Spa Massager shower head has three unique settings which are responsible for its versatility. These include a deep rinse which will help you flush out those deep, hard-to-reach cracks and crevices in your body areas and the regular setting offering laminar flow jets that cover your whole body than you could expect from other shower heads.

If you still need more water pressure, you can remove the water restrictor, although this might lead to excessive use of water and consequently a hefty water bill at the end of the day.

The design of this shower head is quite similar to the high-rated Speakman, made of quality chrome. It includes some of the latest upgrades in the market currently, and works whether you have municipal or well water.

You get to enjoy many reviving spray patterns, a strong, stimulating massage or a combination of these with Fire Hydrant shower head. Speaking about versatility, you can easily position, aim and change your spray angle thanks to a solid brass ball joint connecting the shower head to the shower arm.

Fire hydrant is a great high pressure shower head which is a great alternative to Speakman.What makes it stand out is the latest upgrades that it has, plus its versatility. It comes with one year warranty.


– It is easy to install

– A strong and sturdy shower head made of quality chrome

– This is a very versatile high pressure shower head, with the brass ball joint connecting it to a shower arm.

– You do not have to worry whether you will get rid of the dirt hidden deep in your hair or any crevices, this shower head penetrates deep

With a basic design, this is a great money-saving alternative for high-end shower heads

– The setting options are such a great feature

– If you are dealing with low water pressure, Fire Hydrant’s difference is immense


– For you to enjoy it fully, you have to set it on the pulsating jet mode


  1. Speakman S-2005 HB Shower Head

Speakman S-2005 has a myriad of benefits that range from saving your money and energy to the environment. It has a self-cleaning nozzle which deprives you the worry of cleaning the inner or outer workings of the shower head. To add to this, it is resistant to scaling and other contaminations.

The shower head features a patented technology with the Anystream 360 degree design which provides full-body sprays. A durable and resistant wall-mounted shower head that is likely to last you for a long time, it is not just a good value for your money but also health-minded as it removes harmful chlorine and other mineral impurities from the water. It does this by neutralizing the chlorine hence you’ll have cleaner water which will result in softer and youthful hair and skin. Less mineral build-up also means there will be less to be done on maintenance.

It has five different spray settings which will allow you to create up to 50 water jet streams with 8 pulsating massage sprays. A rather customized and invigorating shower experience.

Constructed using high quality polished chrome, Speakman S-2005 comes in four different colors; brushed chrome, brushed Nickel, polished brass and chrome. It also has a water restrictor, which you can remove in case you feel that the water stream is becoming weaker.

This is a great shower head with various spray options and a great design that can add flair to your bathroom. It is also affordable and economical, with a limited lifetime warranty.


– It has self-cleaning nozzles

–   Easy to switch through the five spray settings

– It is wall-mounted leaving you convenient and hands-free

– Has fifty powerful nozzles

– It removes chlorine and other impurities from water

– It is resistant to scaling and any other contamination

– Made of quality material and great finish



– The shower head’s face is small, hence a narrower spray compared to other shower heads


  1. Delta 75152 Shower Head

The adjustable and water-amplifying Delta promises top notch performance during shower time as well as water-economy without compromising the performance. To begin with, it is quite easy and quick to install. It is aesthetically pleasing with a modern vibe and technology. Made of sturdy and strong durable materials, Delta has a polished chrome finish with a sleek look that is likely to fit in any bathroom style and other faucets.

Delta 75152 has two main settings that are likely to meet everyone’s needs. Featuring H2O kinetic technology, water is stored in the shower head before it is pushed out through the microjets. The stream of water from these microjets is incredibly strong that it gives you a great showering experience although using minimal water. Delta 75152 has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm but the showering experience feels like you used more than that.

There are many choices to make when using Delta 75152, with features like eco-modes and spray patterns. You can also choose either the standard water-saving water stream or restrict water use and as a result save up to 70% of water as well as cut down your bills. Although Delta has a gpm of 2.5, you can restrict it to 1.85 gpm but still be comfortable with the type of spray albeit less robust.

The four spray settings in this shower head include; massage, full body spray and a pause setting. Instead of turning off the shower head, as you lather or shampoo your hair, the pause setting helps you save water during that period. It also has swivel ball that makes the head rotate 360 degrees.

Delta75152 allows you to customize your bathroom, cut down the costs of water and power while you enjoy the best shower in the simplest way possible. Besides, it is easy to install as it comes with a user manual and a Teflon tape. It needs no tools during set-up.


– Delta 75152 shower head has a great modern design

– It uses H2O kinetic  to make the water jet streams strong and robust

– Easy to connect to standard plumbing systems

– The arm mount has a 360-degree shower rotation

– Comes with a limited lifetime warranty



– Delta is a fixed shower head, hence limiting your mobility during shower time.

– Has only two shower modes.

– Some customers complained of narrow water dispersal.

– It is made of plastic, which means you have to handle it carefully


  1. WantBa 6-Inch massage Shower Head

WantBa showehead has 57 laminar-flow jets which are the ideal mix of a rainfall and jet shower head. It’s stream coverage is so wide, has a diameter of 6 inches, that it covers your whole body. You can also fully adjust it to suit any angle and can easily and quickly be disassembled for cleaning.

With 2.5 gpm flow rate, WantBa 6 inches has the highest limit possible and a very impressive performance. Just like other regular fixed shower heads, this shower head also features a metal swivel ball which makes it easy to angle the shower head and simply aim the water to any point in your body.

Do not worry about low water WantBa offers a consistent and powerful spray just like you will find in hotels. It easily fits standard plumbing systems. The ease of disassembly of this shower head makes it easy to remove and clean any debris and deposits that have settled in the shower head.

The material, high grade ABS, and the rubber nozzles, the laminar-flow jets, the versatility and the ease of disassembly make it one of the strongest and top shower heads. You can easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up, and the shower head solves hard water.


– This is a high-rated shower head which performs well even in toughest conditions

– The water coverage is really wide and good

– It is easy to install

– This is an affordable shower head

– You can easily disassemble this and clean easily as well

– Solves hard water issues



– WantBa is a very noisy shower head

– It doesn’t feature individual settings


  1. Speakman 2252 High Pressure Shower Head

The key feature of this shower head is its rotating shower head. This is the go-to shower head if you want a shower experience that will last with you the whole day. It has a patented Anystream 360 degree technology which makes it versatile and unique. The adjustable head will let you adjust spray patterns in any direction.

Speakman S-2252 is made of a durable and solid brass which guarantees you quality with that chrome polished finish to complement any bathroom design. Due to the strong material, it is likely to last longer than most shower heads. It also has a patented plunger system and self-cleaning nozzle which ensures you don’t have to go through difficult time trying to clean it, as well as averting any lime and mineral build-up.

Speakman is a beautiful shower head with six adjustable jets which will give you 48 different sprays. Besides, it has enough power to give you a massaging intense spray, a consistent spray or even an indulgent soaking drench pattern. You can combine the individual streams to experience a full spray coverage with each specifically positioned plunger.

Speakman S-2252 features a traditional and timeless design which includes technological upgrades. The brass construction is long-lasting and you will not regret having this in your bathroom. It also comes in different colours, aimed at giving you options for your bathroom.


– Most customers have expressed their satisfaction with the jets

– By all means Speakman S-2252 is not overrated, considering its solid durable construction

– It features Anystream 360-degree which makes it unique and versatile

– It has a patented plunger system and self-cleaning nozzles

– It has six different adjustable jets and 48 different sprays


– The spray patterns don’t quite match the diagrams  on the box

– It has a flow restrictor which can be necessary to remove so that you achieve the higher pressure.


All the above-reviewed shower heads are great, reason they made it to the top five. If you research more you’ll realize that Speakman is highly-rated. However, in our reviews we considered everything, material, versatility, features as well as the price. When settling for a high pressure shower head for low pressure, dig deep, go beyond the brand name to get specific information about the shower head. Get what other customers who have used it say.

To ultimately enjoy a high pressure shower head for low pressure, you also need to make other considerations. Which type of streaming are you looking for, Aerated Shower Heads or Laminar-flow? Do you want it fixed or handheld?  Then the look of your bathroom and the type of finish you are looking for. Typically, there are five type of finishes; Gold-plated, nickel brush, chrome-plated, ceramic and white (plastic) finishes.

We hope the above information will help you settle on the best shower head.

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