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Best Hand-Held Shower Heads

Everyone wants the best shower experience, we all agree on that. Early in the morning as you prepare to go to work, you need to wipe off that sleepy face, as well as coming from work with the intention of washing away the day’s fatigue and refreshing. All that we achieve after a good shower. For a good shower, there are necessities in your bathroom that you need to have. One of these is a shower head.

What is a shower head? Unless you’re thinking dirty, a shower head is the part of a shower through which water flows out (in a layman’s language). Technically, it is usually from a perforated nozzle. There are five types of shower heads; wall mount (as the name suggests, it is permanently mounted on the wall), body spray (swivel heads mounted on the wall at multiple body levels just in case the other shower head isn’t enough), rain shower heads (large heads mounted on shower ceiling or wall) or hand held shower heads. A hand-held shower head, as the name suggests, is a shower head that you hold by your hand when using.

As you might have noticed, all of these, except one, are fixed shower heads. It is only the hand-held control whose movement you completely control when having a shower. There are many good things about hand-held shower heads that we can like.

A handheld shower head, apart from providing you more versatility when showering, gives you offers you many other privileges. These include;

  • Handheld shower heads help you clean the shower. Yes, imagine if you were using a fixed shower head, you would have to go for something else to clean your bathroom. But with this type of shower head, you use the shower head itself to clean the bathroom.
  • You can easily clean your kids or pets using this shower head. A handheld shower head is flexible, versatile and very portable, something that makes it a good option when washing your kids or pets. This is not something you would do if you had a fixed shower head!
  • You get better control over your shower experience. Well, fixed shower heads might have control buttons while others do not. However with a handheld shower, everything is a consequence of your decision. You get to decide how much water you use on your hair, when to pause and lather, where to use more water and other decisions.

Purchasing a handheld shower head is an easy task, just picking one and paying. But the question is, will you be happy after the buying? That’s why you need prior knowledge, research and information to guide you into making the right choice. Some of the factors you should consider include;

  • Material of the shower head- It is important to note which material is used to construct the handheld shower head as this spells the strength and durability of the shower head. Plastic shower heads easily get spoilt and we advise you to take caution when buying them.
  • Length of the hose– The shower heads usually come with hoses. While it is easy to repair and modify a shower hose or buy a new one all together, it is advisable that you go for a shower head with a long shower hose. This will help you use the shower head beyond just bathing. The hose should also be strong and flexible. Go for a metal hose.
  • Ease of installation. How easy will it be for you to install the shower head?

Here is a compilation of five of the best hand held shower heads, reviewed with their pros and cons to help you make the right selection


  1. Best Overall Hand Held Shower Head: Ana Bath 5″5 Handheld Shower heads

This is a combination unit with two shower heads. The first head is fixed at the end of the shower arm while the other, which is hand-held, is clipped onto the side. This gives you three options to use, with the third one obviously being the combination of the two. In switching from using one shower head to the other, the shower unit comes with a three-way diverter which allows you to select between the two. There is every reason to have this shower unit on the number one spot.

Both heads, the fixed and the handheld, have an equal number of function sprayers, 5, from which you can choose any of the three spray functions. The three spray functions are; saturating spray, massage spray and bubbling spray.  You can also mix saturating with massage, or saturating with bubbling to create a shower that you prefer.

The unit is made of sturdy metal that ensures strength and longevity. With its sturdy metal fittings, a 5-foot hose that it comes with, a strong and high-pressure water flow and its unique design, there is no reason to deny this unit the top spot.


What we liked about this shower head;

  • The brushed nickel finish, which also extends to the hose attachment, is perfect and sits well with any bathroom
  • It has an anti-clog feature that gets rid of calcium deposits and other dirts, preventing them from clogging and slowing down your waster
  • Sturdy connectors, made of brass, allow you to adjust allow you to adjust the showers to fit your position without it wearing out soon
  • With two shower heads in one, you have the option of using any or both of them without a drop in the high pressure.
  • You also get five separate settings from which you can choose to modify your shower and enjoy
  • The shower head is wide, having a diameter of about five inches


What we did not like;

  • This shower unit lacks temporary shut-off, just in case you want to lather up in between the soakings


  1. Delta 75700 7-Setting Handheld Showerhead

This is another powerful handheld showerhead that will allow you to have a better shower under amazing control and flexibility. The Delta handheld shower head has soft rubber touch-clean spray holes which you can easily clean by wiping the lime and calcium build-up away. By just the use of your finger, you will have cleaned your shower head’s spray face.

The only negative of Ana Bath handheld showerhead was that it lacks a temporary shut off to give you room to later, Delta rectifies that. It has a pause feature which you can use to reduce the water flow to a mere trickle as you lather, shave or do anything else during shower time. As the name suggests, Delta 75700 has 7 spray settings. These are full body spray, fast massage spray, fast spray with massage, full spray with massage, drenching spray, soft drench with full spray and soft rain spray.

If you need to soothe your itchy muscles, this shower head’s sprays offers you highest review of the massage settings with strong and easy-to-manipulate flow of water. Delta 75700 is easy to install and operate. Its non-slip feature also ensures that you enjoy soapy hot water without losing grip of the spa experience.

Delta 75700 also comes with a 6-foot long shower hose. It has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm and comes with a 15-year warranty.

What we liked about this shower head;

  • It has 7 spray-settings from which you can choose
  • Installation is quite easy, even for basic DIYers.
  • The cleaning of this shower head is quite simple, just wiping the shower head’s face
  • There is a pause function to allow you pause your showering for whatever reason, be it shaving or lathering, or catching a breath if need be
  • The unit includes a 6-feet tangle-free shower hose when buying
  • With the high power massage setting or spray with massage setting, you can enjoy a spa moment
  • Comes with a 15-year warranty

What we did not like about it;

  • Some customers have complained that the hose attachment is not very flexible, arguing that it should be angled downward
  • The fact that it is made of plastic compromises its quality
  1. Aquastar Elite 3-in-1 High-Pressure 48-Mode 7″ Shower Head Combo

Often, shower heads clog and after days of use the water pressure is lost. That’s what makes Aquastar Elite 3-in-1 outstanding since there is no clogging.  The shower head features anti-clog nozzles which are also anti-microbial, made with advanced microban technology that inhibits growth of mildew, mold and bacteria. This high quality hand-held shower head is made of stain-resistant chrome-finish which will not peel off, chip or fade.

Besides, when you buy Aquastar Elite you also get an extra-long hose (measuring 5 feet) that is reinforced to offer a longer reach and superior mobility compared to any other hand held shower head. With this feature you can freely wash your pets, irrigate your flower bed, clean, bath your kids and use it up-close.

While other shower heads experience leaks at some point, Aquastar Elite 3-in-1 has solid brass metal hose nuts with inner inserts which ensure a strong leak-proof connection which will never strip or crack, coupled with an extra-thick heavy duty inner hose that makes the hose tolerate high water pressure.

Of importance is the 3-in-1 feature.  As its name suggests, you can enjoy three types of showers therein; a luxurious extra-large 4.3″ shower head, hand shower or both together. Also, it comes with six different settings in each of the shower offer with 48 combined flow patterns. The settings include pulsating massage, mist, power rain, water-saving pause and multiple mixed settings. A latest design of this shower head features an advanced high-power dial, a patented 3-way water diverter with an angle-adjustable bracket, dual-zone anti-clog/microbial jets and has a mirror-chrome finish over the entire surface.

And how long does the shower head last? With the quality and the materials used, you can judge by yourself that this is a long-lasting hand-held shower head.

What we loved about it;

  • Aquastar, unlike other shower heads, has anti-microbial nozzles which also are anti-clog
  • The chrome-finish is stain resistant as well as doesn’t peel off.
  • It comes with a 5-feet long shower hose, making it so mobile and far-reaching.
  • With an inner extra-thick heavy duty hose, there are no fears of high pressure tearing it up
  • 3-in-1 feature, where you can have three different types of showers
  • 6 different settings
  • The shower head is extra-large, measuring 4.3″ diameter.

What we did not like about it;

  • To begin with, this shower head is damn expensive. You have to dig deep into your pockets to have it
  • Some clients complained that since the plastic-made shower head loosely held onto hoses


  1. YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld shower Head

With a 2XP turbo charging technology, YOO.MEE High pressure hand held shower head should be your go-to shower head if you want to get the most out of your little small pressure water. The turbo charging is an upgrade by water conservation working principle. Even in the lowest pressure settings, it works incredibly well.

YOO.MEE has three separate functions; powerful shooting function for a quick effective shower, the massage function which relieves tiredness from your muscles and then the mixed function which allows you to enjoy a combination of the two. The spray shooting is notably powerful, and its water pause strength high enough to relieve muscle pains. However, that is not the only thing that sets it apart from other shower heads. This shower head comes with a 79″ long stainless steel hose! With this hose, you can reach anywhere around your body as well as outside your bathroom for other functions.

When you order YOO.MEE hand held shower head you also get a stainless steel hose, a water-flow regulator, two extra washers, a Teflon tape to help you in installing and a user manual. On the flipside, this shower head is made of plastic, with a chrome finish.


What we liked about it

  • Has an attached long shower hose
  • Does great in delivering a high-pressure stream
  • Has three functions, powerful shooting, pulse massage and a mixture of the two
  • The hose is strong, made of stainless steel
  • The package comes with Teflon tape and user manual instruction to help you install and use

What we did not like about it;

  • It is made of plastic, hence easily broken
  • Some customers complained that the hose loses color and starts to rust at some point.


  1. AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting Handheld Shower Head.

Yes, you read it right, 6-setting showerhead; Power Rain, Pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, rain mist and water saving pause mode. To change from one spray setting to the other, you have a click-lever dial. Cleaning of your shower head is pretty easy and effortless, thanks the rub-clean jets. Easy to ignore but important to note is the fact that Aqua dance has an ergonomic grip handle which makes it easy to handle, control and operate.

When you buy the Chrome-faced shower head, you also a super-flexible stainless steel shower hose that is five feet long. Besides, there is also a Teflon tape, free washers, an angle-adjustable overhead bracket and a user manual with easy-to-follow instructions that will help you install your new acquisition.

The shower head measures 3.5″ with a flow rate of 2.5GPM. You don’t need to call a plumber as it fits on any standard shower arm. The angle-adjustable overhead bracket lets you point your handheld shower to where you want it to clean while the rub clean jets also prevent lime build up.

Lastly, you have a limited lifetime warranty once you buy AquaDance high pressure 6-setting handheld shower head.

What we liked about this shower head;

  • You can set to have six different showers, Power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, rain mist and the water saving pause mode
  • The showerhead’s grip handle is ergonomic and makes it easy to hold and handle.
  • Rub-clean jets prevent mould from growing in and around the jets while cleaning the shower head
  • There is an adjustable overhead bracket to help you angle it down to where you need the sprays
  • It comes with a 5 feet stainless steel shower hose
  • Comes with a limited life warranty
  • Has a three-zone lever dial which you use to switch from one spray setting to the other
  • Easy tool-free installation



What we did not like;

  • Some clients complained that it lacked much force when pumping water, low pressure
  • Some settings are similar


While all these are great shower heads with some great features, Ana Bath tops the list. Why? You will realize that with all the great features that each shower head has, Ana Bath is more than just a handheld shower head since it has two heads, a fixed one and a handheld one. Besides, it offers you five separate settings and sturdy connectors to adjust the shower heads whichever way you want. What’s more, it is cheap compared to other handheld shower heads.

Making a good choice of a handheld shower head gretly depends on your preference. We hope you will use the information above to do just that, as you steer away from purchases that might disappoint you thereafter.

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