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A Review Of The Best Rain Shower Heads

Forget about that soap opera you always rush, trying to beat traffic so that you can watch in the evening after a hard, long and tiresome day. What are the three things that you look forward to in the evenings? A good shower features somewhere, right? After a hectic day, you’re tired, feeling stuffy and sweaty, maybe some muscle pains and all that, you do not just need a shower but a good shower.

After a good shower you not only feel clean but also rejuvenated, fresh relieved from fatigue and very calm. After some working out, you might need a shower and some massage. How about a combination of the two? Yes, showering while being massaged. Trust me, some shower heads offer that, especially a rain shower head.

What is a rain shower head? Having a rain shower head is like having a raincloud in your bathroom. Imagine the feeling of being rained on, a personalized hot rain or whichever way you prefer it. That’s how a rain shower head is designed, to give you the experience of showering in the rain.

Rain shower heads are in most cases designed to give you multiple forms of rain showers. It always is a square or round head with many small perforations through which water from the shower hose/arm can steadily flow. However, some shower heads have used technology to include more than that, as we will see in some of them. Drenching rainstorm for instance, pulsating rain massage which will give you a spa-like treatment and the usual water-saving trickle shower are some of them.

Here is why you need a rain shower head;

  • It will give you a gentle, relaxing shower. What do you prefer between rain droplets and sharp water jets? With the rain shower heads you get to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable shower, under your own personalized rain.
  • Rain shower heads are usually wider, compared to other shower heads. This is a rain shower head, which has to rain on your whole body. The shower heads are usually wide, with very many nozzles compared to other shower heads.
  • They have many options. Modern, advanced rain shower heads have multiple spray patterns from which you can choose.
  • With the rain shower heads distributing the water on your body evenly, the likelihood of using much water is low. You are likely to use less water, compared to other shower heads.
  • You can use it for some other functions. Think for a minute, what else requires rain? Or showering? Well, with the evenly distributed nozzles, you can use the shower head (with the use of a shower hose) to water your flower bed or even wash your flower bed.

To get the best rainfall shower head, you need to consider a number of factors;

  1. Size- If you want to enjoy your shower, go for a big shower head. Most of the rain shower heads have diameters opf between 8″ and 10″, while most of the squared ones have lengths of 12″. A big shower head will cover you easily.
  2. Do not buy a brand (although brands are important as they have reputations) but rather buy a quality shower head based on your research and what other people have experienced with the same.
  3. Shower arm fit- Consider whether the shower head is designed to be fitted on the wall or ceiling, then decide whether that’s what your shower arm needs.
  4. Spray design and settings- There are rain shower heads with more advanced spray settings than others. If you are looking for a simple design, or a sophisticated one, check out for one with similar qualities.
  5. Technology- Some rain shower heads have used technology to modify your shower experience into something else.
  6. Style and finish- This is important as it determines how your bathroom will look like. Ensure you buy something that will commend your decor.


There are many great rain shower heads out there in the market, that making a choice can be a jaw-breaker. We took our time and compiled five of the best rain shower heads here. Have a look;

  1. Our Best Rain Shower Head: Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower

Moen S6320 Rain Shower head makes it top of this list for a number of reasons.  To begin with, this is the only rainfall style shower head which has been given thumbs up by Consumer Reports. This shower head gives you a rainfall experience over which you have control.Thanks to its large 8-inch diameter, the water coverage of Moen Velocity is exceptionally wide.

You also have two options for a shower mode by switching between full spray or concentrated rinse. The concentrated mode has only 30 of the shower head’s center nozzles activated, something that results in the water’s high pressure while the full spray has all the 100 nozzles open, expanding the shower to a rainfall-like experience.

If you have a family with varied shower preferences, then this is it. As if that is not enough, it is also equipped with immersion technology. This is a self-pressurizing system which makes the flow of water intense continuously so as it delivers a thorough rinse whenever you are having a shower. The stream of water is very steady with Moen having a flow rate of 2.5GPM.

Just like other products from the same manufacturer, Moen, this one is another top class rain shower head. It is made of a metal spray face, with a finish that always has a mirror-like polish which makes it easily fit in any bathroom.  It however comes in different colors, Chrome, Antique bronze, Brushed Nickel and Oil rubbed bronze.

Moen S6320 comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


What we liked about this shower head;

  • It has two different modes, unlike most shower heads, which can be a relief to those household members that do not prefer rainfall showers
  • Its construction is great, it is strong
  • The shower head is very wide, having a diameter of 8 inches
  • The different color choices offer you an option that can sit well with your bathroom’s decor.
  • With a velocity of 2.5 GPM, Moen will save you so much water than older shower heads
  • The finish is corrosion and flake-resistant


What we did not like;

  • It is pretty expensive, let’s start from there.
  • It can’t offer a calming and self-pressurized showers at the same time.
  • If you do not have sufficient water pressure, this shower head won’t help increase its flow


  1. SR Sun Rise 12-inch Rain Shower Head

Even under low water pressure, you’ll get to enjoy a consistent and powerful rain-like shower under this shower head due to the air energy technology that it uses. Besides, advanced air injection technology offers more water while saving more water. This is arguably one of the most advanced rainfall shower heads.

The first thing that catches your eye once you see this shower head is the design. SR Sun Rise shower head is ten-layered, chrome-plated and even with years of use it will still look new and stay strong. The stainless steel will provide more safety for your environment and your skin, bearing in mind that it doesn’t have lead. The SUS 304 stainless precision is corrosion-resistant, anti-rust, smooth and bright.

The nozzles are made of silicon and are heat-resistant. They also are anti-clogging, easy to clean and prevent the shower head from aging.

Between the shower head and the shower arm is a ball-and-socket joint which enables you to angle the head to wherever you prefer.  The shower head body is ultra-thin, about 0.08 inches, offering more water pressure.

What we liked about this shower head;

  • Uses energy technology to add power to the water flow, making it a rain-like shower
  • Advanced air-injection technology offers more water while at the same time saving more water
  • Its design is so unique and modern
  • SR Sunrise is made of high quality SUS 304 stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and lon-lasting
  • It is safe to the environment and your body as it has no lead
  • The nozzles of this shower head are made of silicon, hence heat-resistant
  • The shower head is ultra-thing, offering more pressure
  • It is anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, smooth and bright
  • The nozzles are anti-clogging and easy to clean


What we did not like about this shower head;

  • Well, if you are looking for a quiet shower head, then this is a complete no. It is very loud.
  • It is so heavy, you need a heavy duty shower arm to contain it


  1. SomovWorld Rain 6″ Shower Head

This is a universal product which is likely to fulfill the needs of your whole family. The durable and long-lasting showerhead is outstanding in quality construction, its modern hotel-style look and the super-functional high pressure that it has.

In case you need slow-flowing water, then you have it but in case you want it strong, you can remove the water restrictor which will let the water flow freely with strong sprays. The shower head has 90 self-cleaning nozzles which are also anti-clogging. The silicone jets prevent lime and any hard water deposit that might slow down the flow of water.

Installing SomovWorld isn’t difficult either, as all you need to do is follow the instructions in the user manual that it comes with. The shower head quickly connects to any standard shower arm. The package comes with an additional water filter and a Teflon tape to help you during the tool-free installation.

SomovWorld Rain Showerhead is chrome with a similar finish.

What we loved about this shower head;

  • It is easy to install
  • Somov shower head is universal, can cater for any person
  • The showerhead is durable and long lasting
  • Its design is a one of a kind modern hotel-style with super functional high pressure
  • Comes with a flow restrictor which you can remove to enjoy strong water jets
  • Self-cleaning nozzles which are also anti-clogging


What we didn’t like about it;

  • This showerhead lacks any pressure or massage options
  • Most customers complained that it didn’t have sufficient pressure
  1. Waterpik RPB 173 Drenching Rainfall Showerhead

If you are a fan of flood-type rainfall rather than those strong stinging needle-like jets, then you’ll surely love this. Waterpik will not only offer you that but do it affordably, perfectly combining performance and style. This classic model can easily be mounted on the bathroom wall. Its 6-inch rain face will elevate your shower experience, since the face is wide enough cover your body fully.

In case of different user heights you can adjust Waterpik RPB 173 accordingly, thanks to its designer adjustable arm, something that other rainfall shower heads rarely offer. Another positive about Waterpik Showerhead is that it is booted with Optiflow technology, making its performance superior, high-pressure and full-body.

Waterpik RPB is always in one color, Chrome, has a 2.5 GPM flow rate and a lifetime warranty.

What we liked about this showerhead;

  • This is one of the most versatile showerheads
  • It is budget-friendly
  • With optiflow technology, the water jets come at a high pressure
  • It also offers a pulsating stream and full-body power sprays
  • The adjustable arm is protected and long-lasting
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • It is durable
  • The flow of water can also be increased by removing the flow restrictor and vice versa


What we didn’t like about it.

  • Many clients note dryer skins after using this devices’ stronger and harder bursts
  • The finish wears off after some time


  1. NearMoon 12-inch Rain Shower Head

This is another 12-inch shower head that is made of heavy-duty and high quality stainless steel. With a PVD multi-layer plating process and a thickened joint that prevents breakage, the last thing to worry about on this shower head is how long it will last. The multi-layer plating makes it glossy, smooth and mirror-like, which is actually so easy to clean and matching with any bathroom decor. To ensure your safety, it has a filter gasket meant for secondary filtration of the water.

Nearmoon has a water flow rate of 2.5GPM which saves up to 30% of your water. A second after you turn the tap on, water starts dripping while it stops a second after you turn the tap off.

Just like SR Sunrise, Nearmoon is ultra-thin too, only 0.08 inches thick, while it measures 12 inches by 12 inches. You get to experience strong and high pressure during showers, thanks to the combination of air-in and ultra-thin technology.

The quality solid stainless steel used to manufacture this shower head ensures that the latter doesn’t rust and is durable. Soft rubber gasket and Teflon tape are used to help you avert leaking.

While you have time to worry about your cleanliness, you have no time to worry about cleanliness of the nozzles, which is also vital. Nearmoon has self-cleaning soft silicon nozzles which help keep you safe health wise as well as save your time.

So, how do you install this shower head? Easy, you just unplug the old shower head from the shower arm, then plug this. It also has a 2 years’ warranty.


What we liked about this shower head;

  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel which is a heavy duty material,
  • Flow-rate of 2.5 GPM saves up to 30% of your water.
  • Installing this shower head is easy as you do not need any tools.
  • There are extra filters to ensure that the water is clean and safe for your use.
  • You can adjust the shower head 360 degrees, thanks to the swivel connector that rotates for your adjustment.
  • Ultra-thin design and advanced air booster technology helps in offering powerful rainfall shower even when the water is under low pressure.
  • It is air-powered

What we did not like about this shower head;

  • It is so heavy, you need a stronger and heavy duty shower arm to support it
  • Two-years’ warranty is rather a short duration, since some shower heads have more than five, up to limited lifetime warranty


These are five of the best rain shower heads. As you have seen, some have sophisticated features, using technology to make your shower experience more than just a shower. In rating the above shower heads we took into consideration the features, the material used to make them, the quality and of course the price. Moen is the best since it is strong, wide and corrosion-resistant. However, the most important feature in Moen is that it is the only rain shower head that has been recommended by the Consumer Reports. And to add to that, it comes in different colors, something that gives you a variety of options.

All these rain shower heads are great. You need to consider your bathroom, your health and of course the amount of money you are willing to give, then go for what you think fits you. We hope you will use the above information to get what you want. Good luck!

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